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  1. Battlefield 1 has been an epic game on many levels and im having an absolute blast with it even with the slight lack of weapons and depth Battlefield 4 offered but we won't go into that to much. Anyways I recently created a video for my channel highlighting my funniest and most epic moments so far in the game. So i hope you enjoy and if anyone has any clips then be sure to share them below
  2. Thanks for the help guys. Really appreciate it
  3. Hi, I have a Youtube channel, a small one, but looking to grow it as its just a fun hobby I do every now and then. I do top 5 gameplays of games that im currently playing. Started off with rocket league and now progressed to call of duty but my question is "What is the best way for people to send me clips?" as I tend to just get them off mates via usb but obviously someone around the world can't do that and email attachments are to small. Also if anyone is interested in my channel - Most Recent Top 5
  4. Youtube says that avatars are done at 800x800 then it gets resized how the sizing is done
  5. Artist: cmgravekeeper, if to busy then any is fine Size: 800 x 800 Theme: I need a new youtube avatar. My current one, which you can view at this link you have trouble viewing the link let me know I want something very similar to this but just spruced up. Maybe change up the colour scheme or something. Just make it look less boring if thats possible but keep it professional looking. Thanks.
  6. After successfully doing four rocket league top 5s I have started up another series which is the top 5 call of duty gameplays. Not very original but still fun to do. Hope you enjoy the first video
  7. Episode 3 up for viewing. Including an epic save + my cheesy reaction at the end haha
  8. Episode 2 up for viewing
  9. No no you should definitely submit some as I don't want the clips to be full of my goals but thanks for thinking my goals are decent I'll probably make another one very soon so i'll post it once done
  10. Well this is the first video to get the ball rolling. Just 5 of my goals til I get enough submissions
  11. Hey Guys, Im thinking of starting a rocket league top 5 series on youtube, so if any of you guys score any goals that you feel are worthy enough to feature in a top 5 then send me then Email: [email protected] Format: Just send them to me via attachment. Use USB to extract clip from ps4 Use share feature to capture clip Clip must be trimmed down to show the goal in action and then the action replay and thats it Roughly should be a 30 second clip Hopefully you guys are interested in this Youtube Channel -