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  1. The same thing happened to me after killing Zeus, but it popped the second time I did it. I think there are a few trophies glitched like that.
  2. I have done Dark Souls, Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne on max ng (ng+7 for Dark Souls and ng+6 for Bloodborne). As for the optional requeriments, I killed every optional boss + dlc bosses, didn't summon and got the plat for every Soulsborne game + Sekiro. I love the franchise and I love doing these challenges. It's nice to see other people doing them. As proof I will post a link for one highlight boss fight in each game, but you can watch them all on my channel if you want. Good luck on your attempts. If you plan on making it to higher game cycles, I recommend you start with Dark Souls. It's by far easier than DS3 and Bloodborne.
  3. The special power of the sword when you are wearing the black armor is ridiculous. It slows down time and makes you invincible. It basically allows you to bypass everything the game throws at you and kill bosses with ease. Here is a video of me beating Retrogamer difficulty using this method: