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  1. Can confirm, got it at 20k including gold from bounties.
  2. Tip: restart the game after every trophy. I failed to get new ones every single time when it came to the themes, 3 in a row and the one win in under 10 sec.
  3. Got it at 60km. 57km of that with the Vortex wheels.
  4. It is very unlikely to hit 80 km with 121 matches. By playing normally you get +- 0,55 km per match. If all you do is drive around in circles while turbo boosting for 5 minutes, you can get 0,8 km. You should be close though.
  5. I had a similar experience. I got the Sweet Tooth car after having one win with each car. Might be luck, but on my last win the reward for the match was actually Sweet Tooth.