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  1. Thanks for this answer. Lets hope its a fase and it comes to an end at some point. The top players in the leaderboards are gaining plats at a faster and faster rate. I'm sure most won't care. And overall I feel the trophy hunting community has gotten better the last couple of years (triple A games seem to do trophies better, more ways for players to find other players thanks to things like Discord), but the crazy region stacking that started 2 years ago is the biggest negative I would say. The overal perceived value of a platinum used to be higher.
  2. So this has 3 regions...what does Sony require for it to be able to be in different regions? Like how does it work. Do we know the rules/limitations? Don't mind easy games, but do I want to see 3 plats as a reward? No. Feel like it is totally unnecessary for this game to be in 3 different regions (we all know it) and does not benefit the players.
  3. I still don't see my question answered. How are they getting away with the different regions? Forget easy or hard. The stacking with the regions can not be how PS intented it. I feel like it is extra work to get different region releases, so obviously Ratalaika is abusing the region rules a bit to sell more copies. Can we atleast all agree that the exact same game should not give 3 plats?
  4. Can someone explain this to me. When does a game get a different region? I feel the stacking is problematic. Big games hardly ever have different regions (yet are sold worldwide). They don't even have EU and NA seperate. I get it makes people buy the game several times, but what are the requirements that Sony puts on it? I feel there's no difference when it comes to these easy games. Do they somehow by pass Sony's requirements to be considered a different region? Or are the requirements super minimal to begin with?
  5. Can confirm, got it at 20k including gold from bounties.
  6. Tip: restart the game after every trophy. I failed to get new ones every single time when it came to the themes, 3 in a row and the one win in under 10 sec.
  7. Got it at 60km. 57km of that with the Vortex wheels.
  8. It is very unlikely to hit 80 km with 121 matches. By playing normally you get +- 0,55 km per match. If all you do is drive around in circles while turbo boosting for 5 minutes, you can get 0,8 km. You should be close though.
  9. I had a similar experience. I got the Sweet Tooth car after having one win with each car. Might be luck, but on my last win the reward for the match was actually Sweet Tooth.