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  1. Hatoful Boyfriend is amazing

  2. You don't need to buy remasters too often or y'all get stuck in the past . Although I heard God of War 3 Remastered has amazing graphics for a PS3>PS4 remaster. Also, buy a $50/£50/E50 PSN card. Borderlands Handsome Collection. 2 games remastered for 29.99. Wut? AMAZING VALUE, if you don't mind me. Also, if you like strange & awesome shit, I also recommend Hatoful Boyfriend because it was recently ported from PC to PS4. it's funny as fuck (Okosan is my baeeeeeeeeee.... don't get me started). Saints Row 4 Re-elected is amazingly awesome + fun as well So yeah, get: God of War 3 Remastered Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Borderlands Handsome Collection Hatoful Boyfriend (recommended, but you may get...... confused about it, get it if you want) Saints Row 4 Re-elected (only 20 bucks) Peace in love, ponies and The Third Street Saints -Crappy-san That game sucked balls!
  3. I still love this thread It got me 121 cool friends total! But mah goal is 2000 friends This account is almost a month old.Wow (as of writing) I'ma brony, anime lover and a very big saints row fan. I also like weird stuff like Filthy Frank No blank requests or I'll beat yo ass. Games (small collecting, but growing widely!) Mortal Kombat X Watch_Dogs Saints Row 4:Re-Elected Saints Row Gat out of Hell Batman; Arkham Knight Dying Light (stuck on the first mission,so can't access matchmaking) Hatoful Boyfriend Borderlands Handsome Collection (literally downloading as I type) PS+ freebies Peace in love,ponies and Third Street Saints! -Crappy-san
  4. Hopefully I will can. If i win, I do not have a PayPal or an US account, FYI
  5. Gonna get Borderlands: Handsome Collection & Hatoful Boyfriend tomorrow

  6. I was actually going to buy LIMBO today, but yay. Thanks Sony for making me save money! LC: ToO has some very cheap trophies, that's good for me. so YAY! Sound Shapes sounds cool and interesting, gonna pick it up..... YAY! Not gonna comment on PS3/PSV games because I sold my PS3 to get a PS4, last August. And I don't generally have a Vita..... yet Peace in love, ponies and the Third Street Saints -Crappy-san
  7. Can't download it as well...... Peace in love, ponies, and the Third Street Saints -Crappy-san
  8. Nothing, it's like Windows 7 mixed with Windows 8, to be honest Peace in love, ponies and the Third Street Saints! -Crappy-san
  9. Gonna rewatch YuGiOh GX. Sick show xD

    1. RalphyLDN


      Classic, love it

    2. Jak


      You damn right its a sick show.

  10. b0ss. gibe me the pusi pls ^w^
  11. They are working for me.... but they pop up randomly like 30 minutes after I 'unlock the trophy' PSN is not down for me though... Peace in love, ponies and The Third Street Saints! -Crappy-san
  12. Add me; xx_CR4PPY_xx I play: Saints Row IV: RE-ELECTED Saints Row: Gat outta Hell Watch_Dogs (rarely play) Assassin's Creed Unity Mortal Kombat X Batman: Arkham Knight Dying Light (stuck on first mission, so can't access matchmaking) PS+ Freebies By the way, I'm a brony.... so if you are one.......... add me! Peace in love, ponies and The Third Street Saints! -Crappy-san
  13. Well.... Saints Row 1 was a XBOX 360 exclusive.. I don't really want Saints Row V (or Saints Row 5) to be Xbox One only, but it will be likely Why do I say this? Well, we are rapidly approaching the Saints's 10th anniversary. What console did it come out first? The XBOX 360. Pretty stupid theory.. If it is true, I'll be crossing my fingers for a timed exclusive, and make the PS4 port come out 3 months later So... yea... I don't wanna buy a Xbox One Just for Saints Row Peace in love, ponies and The Third Street Saints -Crappy-san
  14. Try to do a Brutality in every match in the ladder Hopes this helps Peace in love, ponies and the Third Street Saints -Crappy-san
  15. Saints Row IV...... Killing aliens with purple dildos in a simulation run by aliens?!! YES PLEASE! Also.... hanging with my homie, Johnny fucking Gat! YES PLEASE, again! Peace in love, ponies and the Third Street Saints! -Crappy-san