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  1. Don't ram it. Shoot the front side. Ok i see the name, I'm blind, sorry. here is the method: excuse my noobish hands, I'm in a big hurry.
  2. Do you have chain shot? Just use that to stop the ships and then park your ship near the very front of theirs, line your shot up with the front side of their ship and fire a cannon at it, it will almost always expose the weak spot every time and you don't need to ram at all. It's actually very easy this way.
  3. Did you try using the hidden tooth before the battle to see if that changes anything? By using this/killing yourself, it will allow for resurrection without limits as long as you are able to fill that node with a dragon blood droplet or statue. I do this on hard bosses potentially resurrecting two times in battle without a deathblow as long as you have a blood droplet and statue to fill the node.
  4. You can cheese madam butterfly and also cancel the ghosts from spawning if you run to her quickly before the second phase begins but my cheese video doesn't show the last part although i do have a different video showing it. You can also cheese the headless ape with just parrying but that's more skill dependent so i won't post that video. And you can definitely take two health bars off the true corrupted monk with stealth and the trick to doing that appears to be grappling to the highest tree right after grappling to the first, try to skip the second lowest grapple in front of you, he always sees me if i touch that branch but never when i go directly from the first branch to the third branch. Also if you bait the raging bull into going berserk near a wall, he can posture break himself and just give you the deathblow.
  5. Yeah, you can't use the prosthetic underwater. 😂 I would have reallly felt even more so like a fool.
  6. But before you can poison him, you have to swim by him through a series of structures. I didn't see the door at the top and he kept killing me in the water. And i stupidly searched all places with deep water that he could have gone, i didn't think to go to the waterhole at the time.
  7. Weeeell....i know it's stupid but the giant carp that you need to poison because i kept getting lost in the water and he kept killing me in one hit. Also, i couldn't find his body after, so that was also pretty annoying and a stupidly, personally placed and well deserved (on my part) brick wall. I was stuck there for quite some time. Before that, it was definitely Owl, that guy is ridiculous but in the end, i almost got a perfect off of his first form on NG+. I actually found the one at Hirata to be easier than the first because you get more breathing space to fight him. Also, I'd like to say that the ape was one of the best bosses for me. That guy is just designed so well in my opinion.
  8. I got this email. Pretty much a $10 PSN code.
  9. I agree. I really enjoyed everything they added from the beautiful environment to the legendary weapons you could get. The combat was cool and the side quests had a ton of variety before they looped back into the repetitive state. However, the story was so bland that I don't even remember what happened or what the point of it was other than avenging his son. Didn't one of the bad guys say (I don't think i'd be spoiling anything by saying this because anyone who clicks this thread with the title should already have completed the story. If not and you click it anyway, given the context, then that's what you get.) that his son was pretty much a sacrifice and that killing him was the one thing that he doesn't regret doing? But why though? Did they even explain that? And there was literally not enough obvious tension between his wife and him to just call it quits at that point. The story left me with more questions than answers and for an origin story, I was not impressed. I don't think Ubisoft did the origin of the assassin's any justice at all but the game was pretty good in many other aspects.
  10. You've gotta also save the person at the crash site in the frozen wasteland place. It's a quest and you need to bring him 5 parts that are scattered about the frozen wasteland. Once you do this, you'll earn the trophy. Also, if it means anything to anyone, I was missing one memento. It is the astrologist outside of the Owl Tide library. You must talk to him 2 or 3 times to unlock the purple books. He doesn't have a speech bubble over his head making him very easy to miss.
  11. While it is very cheap and a tad bit luck based, It is nothing that simply thinking and paying close attention can't fix. I actually found this mode to be easier than the story based 21. I found it helpful to farm trump cards on the first opponent. He'll always put up shields so that he takes no torture when he is nearly defeated. I used this as an opportunity to get at least 13 trump cards before i beat him. It also helps to do certain challenges like beat 15 opponents to unlock good trump cards to use like perfect draw+, shield +, destroy +.. Always raise the bar with the 'Two up' cards when you know that you will win the hand to speed things up on the harder opponents. You can't pull doubles so always keep track of which cards are left in the deck and more importantly, always consider which hidden one that he probably has cause he may have the perfect card more than one time in a row and , in my experience, he had it a lot. Perfect draw+ is a good thing to use as well and a good card to start out with once you have 10+ total in your hand when facing the harder opponents but always pay close attention to his visible cards before you decide to use it. If it doesn't give you the absolute perfect card then it means he has it. That is very helpful if said card is hidden because then you know how to perfectly play your if the luck based portion will allow it, you're good to go. If you know you're going to lose a hand and there is nothing you can do about it, use a shield + card but I'd say taking a few shocks to save this for the later rounds is fine too. When your opponent throws out trump cards that increase your torture by an insane amount and you're not sure if you'll win or tie, then destroy those shits or you will have wasted all of that time and effort for nothing. Save some destroy cards for the final opponent as he religiously uses silent and while it can be dealt with without destroying it, that too is luck based depending on if you can get him to bust, if he's dumb enough to bust himself and which trump cards you have. On your tenth opponent, Try not to use your best in the first round (I believe it is the first) because he will use oblivion and void everything you've done to start a new round. After he does this, and you have some perfect draw +' and returns since he tends to hit you with the highest card in the deck. (In theory i guess you could wait until he throws the highest card on you and theeeen use your perfect draw+) If you don't have any returns and he manages to make you go over, it is also wise to have the 24 and 27 trump cards. Alsooooo when an opponent uses the trump cards that will take half or all of your trump cards, do everything in your power to stop this. Use 2 or 3 (Whichever the description says) or destroy it. If you lose your trump cards then you're gonna be in for the hardest time if you can even still win that way, which i doubt. Here is a guide on the opponents that should prepare you for their tactics and help you to develop your own against each one:
  12. If anyone playing this game has figured out exactly how you get the mementos, I'd appreciate the insight. This is the last trophy that I need and have been trying to get the last few mementos but I've not had any luck. I'm pretty sure I've defeated all bosses and I've also completed the game. I've completed all side quests (that I know of) save for the Bibis ones that don't appear to give you anything more than XP and Daler. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. I can't even really say i hated "Little adventure on the prairie" even though it was terrible because i laughed my ass off at that game. And Orc slayers did make my eyes burn but the worst for me is definitely "Albedo: eyes from outer space." Mannnnn that game was horrible. Probably more so because it seems like the people who made it just might have thought that it would be a good play and i feel dirty for having also purchased the EU version in a sale way back. (Still about to stack it though. :D)
  14. I used to always look to complete everything in a game before the trophy feature was introduced. The first game I earned the platinum for was Resident Evil 5 and that was unintentional but the first game I attempted to actually earn trophies in was God of war III. After which, I was just absolutely hooked and that begat my platinum obsession.
  15. Really? Well then that's very helpful. I'd never seen the hide all option.