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  1. If you have your race style put into expert than you unlock additional settings for all types of settings. In the career settings you can increase the amount of events, the amount of xp earned and the amount of research points you earn during my team.
  2. Yeah i got it during the 2nd season. Completely luck based then. I already increased the amount of the events.
  3. What do you have to do exactly? I have played through an entire myteam season and had a bunch of Department Events, but the trophy didn't pop in any of them.
  4. yes i do as well! But [email protected] is ps4 pro standard not ps5. Should have been [email protected] at least.
  5. Xbox series and one share one list so it might have something to do with it, that last gen versions autopop (xbox one and ps4) and current gen don't. Did you transfer your ps4 progress to a series console or what did you do exactly?
  6. Since the ps5 is not selling as good as ps4 was in the same time period (due to production shortages) i'm quite certain that the ps4 will have longer support than the ps5. Especially since PS4 games are perfectly playable on a ps5 and not as obsolete as ps3 games.
  7. Can you actually avoid the autopop? Do you have to actively transfer your ps4 savefile or does it get migrated anyways?
  8. False information. RE 2,3 and 7 already ran at 60 fps target and managed to get the perfectly on ps4 pro or ps5 bc. Only base ps4 had a few drops into the 50s and sometimes 40s. There is no RE game with the current engine (2,3,7,8) that has a 30 fps cap or specific 30 fps mode on any platform. Only difference to the ps4 version is the resolution and raytracing implementation. Resi 2 and 3 ran at 1600p on ps4 pro / ps5 bc .
  9. It is confirmed that the Remake has NO MULTIPLAYER. It's only the singleplayer of the main game + Left behind. So you won't have to play any multiplayer for platinum / 100% and the ps4 multiplayer won't shut probably. They might add a speedrun trophy (maybe as dlc?) because it is confirmed, that the remake will have a seperate speedrun mode.
  10. Also most PS4 Versions (especially on base ps4) run very poorly these days. You might not need a ps5 for exclusive titles but to run cross-gen titles properly
  11. you mean the original of 2005 right? Most Wanted 2012 was not even close this masterpiece.
  12. We did but it doesn't make a difference. You get 10 points per kill no matter if you marked the enemies yourself or another player did it for you. I'd recommend that another player uses the drone, because he will get additional 20 assist points on top of fuze getting his 10xp. So other players can earn some xp as well.
  13. The starting post needs an update since a few of these games like GTA5 or the bond games are shutdown officially now.
  14. Thank you i got it yesterday 55k in Anthill might be possible as well if fuze does all the kills and gets bonus xp from Lion and Finka after they activated their abilities right before Fuze starts killing. We were able to get 53800 XP, but maybe you can bump this number up if you grind kills after leaving one nest alive for a bit.
  15. Can you just do the same assignment 5 times or do you have to do 5 different events?