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  1. @DeftonesBand come on man. Please do me a favor and show us the trophy list of the two assassins creeds. It would be a great start into the weekend
  2. Yes i wanna know if the dlc trophies are included into the maingame like in the ezio trilogy. Trophy list for liberation remastered would be interesting be too even though i think its gonna be the ps3 list.
  3. I did all the 3 scenes in a row without reloading, i even had 100 bullets left in the last section but the trophy didnt pop. I hate that trophy
  4. which bike did you use? never mind got it. For everyone else: I used the rhino
  5. The first skill game challenge with the explosive barrels is very easy for a diamond medal. Perfect for people who havent that much experience in trials. Got it after 20 minutes of grinding.
  6. are you refering to the fact, that there is no list on psnprofiles yet or did you start the game already and it comes without trophies?
  7. in which store? Im in the german one and i dont see it
  8. They announced big changes for zombies next week. Maybe it includes a trophy patch as well. I hope it does
  9. very funny that treyarch responsed on november 15th that they are working on a fix. 18 days later they are still unable to do it. What a pile of garbage
  10. Ok i was wrong about gk but i think you cant compare it to big leagues. iirc big leagues was an intended shut down. Very unfortunate move but not a bug
  11. Yeah but GK got fixed 1 month ago. There are several achievers since october 27th
  12. i dont care about people leveling the weapons with the custom mutation glitch. I just think this should be mentioned in the platinum rating because it saves so much time. I leveled 24,5 weapons to max level (to prepare until the patch is out) WITHOUT the glitch and it took me 75h and 8 minutes.
  13. yeah sure.I had it already several times if the requirements had been changed earlier
  14. item is probably still extremely rare
  15. Its not possible to play online without the latest hotfixes and patches. And blackout cant be played local