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  1. iirc a direct impact grenade launcher shot causes 90% damage so it is literally impossible to kill an enemy at full health by that. When standing behind covers that damage somehow increases and you can one shot an enemy by destroying the cover (wall or something else) he is standing at.
  2. I really hope that the classic maps will be or become available in the other modes as well. Loved bfbc2 and im very excited for valparaiso and arica harbour. Also norshar canals tdm is fast paced and fun. I already see them handling portals as a custom mode without any xp gain or stats progression...
  3. had that with a few games. Some of them could be fixed by just deleting the patch and downloading it while ingame, for a few other games i had to delete and reinstall the whole game. Only happened with ps4 games for me.
  4. If you don't mind the missing trophies i would recommend lego star wars the complete saga. By far the best lego game i've played so far.
  5. The visual upgrade compared to the ps4 pro version is a bit disappointing. Both version run on 1440p, it's basically just the framerate that divides ps4 pro from the native ps5 version (30>60 fps)
  6. Vancouver 2010 (5,03%)
  7. I don't think so. It wasn't introduced as an xbox (time)exclusive game on e3.
  8. Interesting, would be great for me since the october is already pretty full with new games. They are very active on social media but they didn't share any gameplay yet. Hope we will get the releasedate and the first gameplays within the next month.
  9. I could say either CoD Ghosts or Battlefield 4 since they came with an upgrade, First non-upgrade game was NFS Rivals.
  10. As far as i understand it, you have no cross buy in the standard edition (ps4 70/ ps5 80 bucks). Gold and ultimate edition are cross buy.
  11. Which games did you play? My own monitor doesn't support 120hz via hdmi so i couldn't try it myself but i heared about people having issues on r6, wrc9 and bocw. Maybe they didn't change their preferences in the ps5 menu as it is required for a few games.
  12. There are still some games that give you the option to run the games in [email protected] with hdmi 2.0 like warzone. Still you want to select performance mode as your preferred mode in the ps5 settings
  13. Do you have a 120+hz with hdmi 2.1 device? Otherwise most of the 120 fps games aren't available since they don't offer a hdmi 2.0 solution
  14. Medal of Honor 2010 Played a few sports game at the time as well and was hoping that it wouldn't be one of these
  15. Yes that would be great, just without mp tho. I spent thousands of hours in mw2 and 3 online and these are my favroite FPS Multiplayer but these games would never work with todays community. New gens wouldn't survive these ballancing problems and would complain all the time. If you change these things, you would piss off the hardcore fanbase like me, because it would cause other problems instead and wouldn't feel the same. CoD4 and WAW are literally the only remasterable mps of cod and even MWR felt worse than cod4 did back then. Spec ops would be awesome. A really shame they didn't include it in MW2R