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  1. Does the ps5 version come with an option to transfer your savegame from ps4 to ps5?
  2. No. All DLCs were included in the season pass. I don't care if it was a preorder dlc in the beginning, because it doesn't matter. This thread is about the fact, that the european and japanese sportspack dlcs are not included in the season pass. The season pass of ride 3 included all the dlcs.
  3. There were some occasions where i just had 1 event available. If I'm not mistaken it happened just before i got one of the dlc trophies.
  4. I just wanted to say, that the season pass was enough for ride 3. You didn't have to buy anything seperately. In Ride 4 you have to...
  5. Yeah but Ride 3 didnt have trophies for the preorder dlcs...
  6. Definitely not. I already finished the ps4 version and hat to run the game afk for 10 more hours. Probably 5 if you play active. People were saying that you finish the career with around 600-700 miles.
  7. Well i assume that no that many people tried to go for the 1000 miles trophy before, since you already noticed that the majority of trophies was glitched and this trophy doesn't come naturally while playing through the carreer.
  8. No, i assume that this trophy doesn't unlock if you fullfilled the criteria before the update. You might be able to get platinum if you didn't play that much before the patch.
  9. 2015 seems a bit extreme. I have an alternate acc from early 2016 and this one works fine. But yeah, we agree on the fact that the age of the account is what matters for that problem. Renaming counts as a new account.
  10. No. That's a problem with almost all of the last gen cod servers. CoD4, Waw, MW2, Bo1 and i think even mw3 are resetting your rank if you have an account who hasn't played before 2017 (don't know the exact deadline). All accs newer than that are always resetting the rank, once you leave the multiplayer or get disconnected. You have to get the combat training and wager match trophies in one session now. Older accs, for example you started the game in 2012 and didn't play since then are completely fine. Your rank updates frequently and you won't get a reset.
  11. Actually i think they are focussing on the wrong parts. Weapon ballancing in a singleplayer only game is kinda pointless in my opinion. They should set their focus on the performance on base ps4 and ps4 pro. It was almost unplayable from a framerate perspective. Can anyone confirm or deny that this has changed?
  12. Why are you guys talking about a xbox series x or ps5 version. It's just the pro version of ps4 and one with some tweaks. That's just regular backwards compatibility. The real next version releases next year...
  13. I actually really enjoyed this game. One of the few "shortgames" i had fun with and it wasn't just for the platinum. Took around 5 hours iirc.
  14. Pretty funny i think there are always two sides. This discussion about trophy value has been going on for years. There were some notorious trophies like "i am bad company" in battlefield bad company which required you to get all the online awards and it was only a bronze trophy. On the one hand it doesn't really give you the credit you deserve for this requirement but on the other hand you can still achieve 98% instead of 91% if you don't succeed and get the trophy.