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  1. A new trailer dropped today, unfortunately they didn't show any ingame footage. Also we didn't get a release date yet, July is only the date for the next trailer. At least it looks like they kept the spirit of the series and you'll have SUVs in additon to classic racing cars. Also you will be able to play different types of characters and genders. A casino will probably be there as well, even tho i think it was unnecessary in the 2nd one.
  2. This won't happen. By the release of BF6 there will be plenty of people who aren't able to get a ps5 even if they want to. Unless the ps5 is more established it wouldn't make sense to exclude the ps4 from big games like battlefield or CoD. I think it's up to the first party developers to bring us ps5 only games. We will probably get a ps5 only ratched and clank and gran turismo 7.
  3. that's unfortunate, thank you
  4. It is confirmed that they don't include levels the way the were in past leg games. Lego Star Wars the Complete saga (1-6) had 6 level each movie. This game is a complete remake not remaster of these movies. This game will feature 5 levels in each of the 9 movies. Maybe they even create whole new settings (for example: Maybe they replace the level where you enter the jedi temple with the battle between mace windu and palpatine, which wasn't featured in the complete saga). From what i heared this game will feature a new engine. Not completely sure tho. Only heared this in several youtube videos but didn't read a statement about that.
  5. Actually as someone who played all 4 star wars ports of aspyr i have to say that this port is waaaaay better than the one of the jedi knight games. I prefer the jedi knight games over republic commando as games themselves (better story and characters in my opinion) but the controls were an absolute nightmare on ps4. Republic commando feels somehow almost modern. When you adjust the controls as mentioned earlier you have a really nice time with this game. You dont need crouch at all so it's pointless. Toggle aim is unfortunate but hip fire is really accurate in this game so you only use ads for great distances and enemies behind cover. In total i expected less from this port but more from the game itself to be honest. Don't understand why this is called one of the best if not THE best star wars game of the 2000s. Of course it is nice to have a game set in the clone wars but the story was almost non existend and boring for me. Characters felt replacable and lack charisma. Maybe i was expecting too much after really enjoying the clone wars series
  6. I think 25 hours are way too much. I had trouble with 2-3 sections which took me 20 minutes each and had some deaths here and there. Took me 10 hrs to complete hard difficulty + 1h trophy cleanup. Don't see how anyone would need 20+h if he is only doing 1 playthrough
  7. PS5 Version hasn't been tested yet but Series X is struggling to achieve 60 fps in any mode but performance. Quality Mode is around 55-60 and RT Mode 45-55 most of the time. Played the ps5 version myself yesterday for a couple minutes and it run pretty smooth in all modes. Game still stutters when reaching a checkpoint but otherwise it ran fine. I'll probably stick to quality mode now instead of performance as i did at release.
  8. They released a next gen patch for this game. It's now running in Quality Mode: [email protected] (DRS & 60 fps is only the target) RT Mode: [email protected] (DRS & 60 fps in only the target, runs less stable then quality mode) Performance Mode: [email protected] (probably the only mode with consistent 60 fps)
  9. Is the expert difficulty a patch for no additional cost or does it come with the multiplayer dlc, which is already delisted?
  10. Might be added with a later patch. Game already received a day 1 patch for higher resolution on ps4 pro and ps5.
  11. I think Republic Commando has definitely better chances to get a sequel than The Force Unleashed and the Jedi Knight Series. Republic Commando can probably stil be canon, the others can't. I'm still surprised that they were allowed to do these ports, since disney is very canon focussed.
  12. because you have already existing console controls. A lot of these old games didn't have controller support in the pc version. Haven't played myself yet, but from what i heared this should feel a lot smoother than the jedi knight controls on ps4. Better aim assist and controls should feel "very responsive". Don't know how important crouch in this game is. Holding that is pretty dumb, but i assume you play through the game standing most of the time. Aim toggle is also weird, but not a surprise in these old games. Killzone HD (ps3 version which came out 2012) had also toggle aim. Killzone 2+3 also had toggle aim by default, but you could change it there.
  13. As someone already mentioned earlier, it's probably due to the fact, that it wasn't possible on xbox either. These are very low effort games, with a fair prize. Most PS2 classics have the samze prize and are even less polished. I expect we will get KOTOR and KOTOR2 as well, since aspyr already released mobile versions. Really hope they remaster the force unleashed titles in the future, but ps3/360 era is probably too new for them haha
  14. I kinda agree with most of the arguments, BUT shooting mechanics DON't necessarily need to be good. Look at the The Last of Us Series. Shooting Mechanics are WAY worse than they are in the Uncharted Series ON PURPOSE. It's literally the same here. Also driving is set to simulation on classic difficulty. Cars are still more controllable than in the original. If you play mafia 2 on simulation mode, it feels weird as well. I Agree with pretty much the rest, because they removed some important monologue in the remake which makes the character motivation more understandable. Soundtrack is in fact complete garbage compared to the original and mafia 2 probably even mafia 3. Long dying sequences are so little details that shouldn't be noted here. In conclusion i have to agree with that because these arguments don't make mafia 1 DE a worse game than mafia 3 lmao. Mafia 3 is not crap but it's far from being a good mafia game.
  15. I'm pretty sure there will be a separate PS5 trophy list but i don't even know if the ps5 version launches on march 26 as well. Maybe they release it at a later time like cyberpunk or little nightmares 2