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  1. Seems like more and more AAA games are getting a new trophy stack after several months. Refering to the only player of this version atm, it's japanese or at least an asian version. Edit: Ok the japanese version was just released today.
  2. Ok so for clarification: With the latest patch (20th nov.) you are now UNABLE to get trophies for completing NY, Jerusalem and Moscow on any difficulty, all missions on any difficulty and every mission on insane or above. So the trophy difficulty is pretty much the same as it was, before mutators were introduced. It's now shorter for sure, because you can easily level up all classes and grind cash on extreme difficulty with mutators being active. You get the 100 pve match trophy just fine (got it yesterday) and all other trophies except for the ones i mentioned as well. So you can get the platinum in under 100 hours now even without being a madman and playing shitty classes on extreme difficulty with all the special zombies being a big pain in the ass.
  3. when did he get the trophy? A few people said, that it isnt possible since nov 20
  4. Are you sure about that? I can't check it rn because i already got the trophy, but it definetely counts towards the stats. I get the same amount xp and cash with mutations.
  5. No there is no need for that. Sometimes the matchmaking takes a bit longer, but there is no need to boost anything in this game. 2 trophies in pvp require a bit of skill and the domination is way easier with team work. Just play in a group of 2 or more player and do it. It's not that hard
  6. You have to press a button as an input, otherwise you will get kicked
  7. You don't have to worry about anything ruining a run. Game became so easy with the latest patch that you won't fail anything especially with other people. I did insane in 5 hours with low rank weapons, no silencer and low rank fixer (solo with AI teammates) But yes, the grind is real. With crosssave ranks and unlocks this version would have been a 3/10 difficulty 10 hour platinum
  8. Ok now i can confirm this. Mutations don't disable trophies and they make this game a joke. The mutation for removing all special zombies alone is OP. Also you get the same amount of cash and xp so you can grind with them turned on as well (Keep in mind, that you need special zombies for a few trophies though) Edit: Ok wow i literally completed all missions solo on insane difficulty with 2 retries total. It's incredible easy with the mutations. I did a few of the missions with level 5-10 and no weapon upgrades. Platinum difficulty has decreased to a 3/10
  9. I did it 2 months ago and it wasn't a problem. It will become even easier, when they add crossplay next year.
  10. Yes, mine hasn't arrived either. Play asia told me, they will start an investigationm, when the game hasn't arrived by nov 14.
  11. Ah shit. An older request was accepted now. I have to rejoin now haha
  12. @Jaia2442 I sent you an request
  13. Yeah i started speedrunning it on a laptop. Just watch some professional speedruns on speedrun.com, than you'll know what i mean. The movement is waaay more fun on pc. Didn't expect that back when i played it on ps3
  14. Couldn't agree more. @PooPooBlast Just play the pc version. Personally I'd love to get another 100% in this game but since i started to play the pc version, the console version is so inferior. Even with 60 fps. You need a mouse to constantly pull of all these precise advanced techniques. Never thought i would ever say that (cause I'm a console player for everything else), but a controller is a big handicap in this game.
  15. Yes it does. That's the same thing i did Update: Platinum has become way easier (not shorter) with today's update. Players health has been increased by 20% and zombies health was reduced by 25%. Also they added custom mutations for private matches. There are 3 which make the game easier: 50% more health for every player, you can find more special weapons and amound of zombies in hordes is divided by 2. I already asked the developer if this affects trophies and it doesn't. Unfortunately you have to complete all 14 missions now (2 more) on insane difficulty if you play on the latest patch. Oh and the new perks, which were added DONT count towards the "all perks" trophy, which is great because it would have increased the time for platinum by at least 180-200 hours.