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  1. They are within the files of the rockstar game launcher, so it's kinda safe to say, that they are real. These don't necessarily have to be missable trophies. Maybe rockstar adds a chapter replay option like in gta5 or rdr2
  2. I don't care for this game but yeah i think you would do a lot of people a favor.
  3. what do you mean? Doesn't it show up in the game statistics? You don't get a trophy for a single mission on supersoldier only for 3/7 and for all of them.
  4. That's why i said it should be done on recruit.
  5. Reported the issue to my contact at crytek:
  6. even on recruit it takes multiple thrown objects to take down a single soldier (depending on the object size). But you can easily throw the same object over and over again on that difficulty without risking to die.
  7. GTA vice city and 3 might not even take longer, since 100% was already required there and you get most of the trophies on the way to 100% anyways. San andreas on the other hand is a different story but i look forward to spending more time in there. I'm still undecided if i should play these games in reverse order again because i like GTA3 the least. But in chronological order would motivate me more to go through gta3 again
  8. 1. Uncharted 2 2. Uncharted Drakes Fortune (loved the locations. Main reason it's ranked before 4) 3. Uncharted 4 4. Uncharted 3 5. Uncharted The Lost Legacy 6. Uncharted Golden Abyss This series has no bad entry. All of these games are top notch and especially place 3-5 were so close that it was really hard to rank them. Uncharted 3 had my least favorite locations but lost legacy was lacking nate.
  9. 1. Far Cry 3 (Formula felt fresh and new at the time) 2. Far Cry 6 (would be 1st if the formula hadn't been used that often) 3. Far Cry 4 4. Far Cry Classic (completely outdated tech and enemy AI. Would be cool to have a remake) 5. Far Cry New Dawn 6. Far Cry 5 Haven't played that much of far cry 2 and primal so far but since they got me bored pretty quick they are just competing for place 6 and 7. Haven't played blood dragon at all but will do and i hope it's better than 2, primal 5 and new dawn.
  10. I did the exact same in the EU version but without deleting and reinstalling the game. I had my console on english anyways, so i don't think it happens because of that. Weird that it happened to you twice. A backup savegame at the final checkpoint of the system x facility is probably the best advice here. I have email contact to the community manager so i will definitely report that to him together with some minor technical issues i was experiencing. That glitch seem to appear way more often than on last gen.
  11. They do stack, it's just bugged. I didn't get the trophy for completing 3 of 7 missions on supersolider even tho i did. I only got the veteran trophy so i had to delete my savegame and start all over (did a save backup). The trophies for completing the game on difficulty xy unlocked fine.
  12. PC requirements are higher than the GTA 5 ones on pc (except for storage space) so i think we can definitely expect better visuals than the ones we got with ps2 or ps3 san andreas. GTA 5 style controls also sound really promising. God i can't wait!
  13. Zero missions are no big deal, i think the difficulty there was overrated af. I did them for both platinums, because i didn't know they weren't necessary at the time. I think GTA San Andreas is fine, but i'm worried about 3 and vice city. These would be very annoying if there aren't the same cheats as there were in the originals. blowing up 2000 cars without the exploding car glitch would be time consuming and a lot of missions would be pretty tough without health cheats.
  14. You missed one and used the wrong name for one trophy. "horror of santa monica" is for drowning in gta san andreas. The one for sneaking into the base of black project is called "they can't stop all of us" I combined the leak trophy pictures with the names and requirements and uploaded it here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gfnbFol8OJviJBgicBTZsyBaM9iED0Y_?usp=sharing
  15. i kinda disagree. I think an experienced player especially if you played games like wwz etc should be able to beat this game on veteran pretty much from the get go and might need a good built and a bit of experience for nightmare. Don't think the game was too easy in the beta especially since there were infinite spawns without letting you know. It was riddiculous how hard one section became, when you wanted to fight through that instead of ignoring all zombies and just running through them. I don't remember the name of the section tho.