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  1. Yeah that one can be annoying and you definitely have to redo that. I played both ps4 versions back in 2019 and mp was pretty dead, so it was possible to boost, but i heared they added crossplay later on, so i have no idea how populated the mp is nowadays.
  2. Apparently there is progress transfer and the difficulty trophies and the trophy for all perks do autopop on ps5. You have to do everything else though. All stats based trophies are reset and i heared they overhauled the weapon progression system. That's probably the reason for the weapon upgrade trophy not autopoping. It will still be a grind (100 pve matches, 25 pvp matches, all weapon upgrades), but definitely less grindy than your first version.
  3. DLC levels are definitely the hardest except for synesthesia. You should definitely aim for 3 stars there. In the main game i'd recommend going for all 69 stars, even if a few of them are quite tough like shard 1 and atrium 1. I did a speedrun going for 100% trophies recently and recorded the whole thing. You can see in which chapters i didn't get the 3 stars. The time trial section starts at 1:11:20...
  4. I assume Hitman 1 and 2 get delisted, so you can't get all the trophies there anymore (don't know if there are any discs that include all maps). I assume hitman 3 will be the only available game left, but with easier ways to get the hitman 1 and 2 maps (dlc trophies for the hitman 3 list)
  5. I'm curious if you will still be able to import your hitman 1 and 2 saves for hitman 3 (was done via io interactive website). Would be a shame if you would be forced to redo these episodes, especially if you have already done hitman 1 twice.
  6. As a huge star wars fan, i loved that they brought us such great worlds. Even if their only "new" planets were bogano and zeffo (can't think of any other source prior to JFO). Story was entertaining but your adventure was almost pointless because you end with almost the same situation as you started. That was obviously due to the limitations disney gave to respawn, they didn't want them to have an inpact on canon. Maybe they allow them to take more risks in the sequel. Combat was good even though i prefered force unleashed's combat system. Good SP star wars games have become very rare so jedi survivor will defintely be a day 1 buy for me.
  7. Funny that EA doesn't even know the releasedate of their own game lmao. This game released in 2010.
  8. Of course it would be ideal to have a trophylist with most bronze trophies, followed by silver and then gold, but that would be only the cherry on the cake. Let us not forget that a lot of developers (shown in different interviews) don't like trophies and achievements and put very little effort into it, just because they are mandatory to release a game. You can clearly see which devs thought about their trophylist and which just made a generic one just to have one at all.
  9. That was never a rule. Terminator Salvation released in 2009 and had only gold trophies and one platinum. Game was not amazing but still fun to play. The trophylists aren't the main problem here. If the game itself is fun to play, the "quality" of the trophy list is not as important. You can still be disappointed that games like sony exclusives for example have trophy lists that make it kinda easy to get the platinum but this is not as big as an issue as these shovelware games and even shortgames from ratalaika and co. You wouldn't come far leaderboard wise (only reason for shovelware to exist) if you'd only stick to easy AAA platinums.
  10. This game was announced as ps5 only.
  11. Did you do it with the estonia grind?
  12. Exactly. Definitely impressive scaling and very impressive last gen versions even on their native machines.
  13. 120hz output but not 120fps just to clarify this.
  14. If you play both versions on a ps5, the ps4 performance mode should be quite similar to the ps5 performance mode with 60 hz output. Ps5 Version has slightly better graphical settings but in terms of resolution and framerate, they are very similar. If you go for fidelity modes, there is no way you can play the ps4 version in native 4k
  15. Is this really relevant since there are players who have everything but the level 150 trophy? So you need to grind anyways.