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  1. They haven't announced anything yet. Most of the games are downloadable 2 days prior right? That would be tomorrow
  2. Well they already fucked up in releasing the trophy list early Im curious if we will see anyone or Hangar 13 posting it before the 24th. That's the date when embargos get lifted and i already know about a few youtuber, who will reveal the list then at least.
  3. There was already a threat with this topic. Amazon posted this date already a month ago:
  4. Crysis Remastered has nothing to do with EA. Crysis was always property of crytek and this time they even published it themselves.
  5. I heared about a lot of problems with pro consoles. I haven't encountered big problems with my regular ps4 tho. Game is running on pretty stable 30 fps except for some encounters, which are notorious in this game (school in level 2 etc.) Definitely not the great remaster experience a lot of people expected but overall a noticable improvement over the last gen console version.
  6. That's known and was already the case on the last gen version. You have to kill every single enemy in that area, otherwise the trophy doesn't pop
  7. Looks like it. I guess the game will be in the ps store for us germans at 01:00 am then.
  8. Hating Harry Potter or games related to it because of 1 interview of JK Rowling would be absolutely stupid. You don't have to like her personally, just appreciate the world she gave us.
  9. Can someone explain to me how you are able to do the glitch when you did your first playthrough on a current patch version? Since the savegames are not compatible, how are you able to do chapter select when you reinstall the game on 1.00? Shouldn't be the mission progress gone with a new save?
  10. Well this is kind of a clickbait title. You just know the amount of trophies, not the names or requirements.
  11. Yeah that's a good decision in general. Difference between Mafia 1 and 3 is, that nobody received early copies or previous builts before release, because 2k knew, that the game wasn't polished at all. Mafia 3 was set to release at the end of 2017 but 2k forced hangar 13 to release it 1 year prior. I really hope that this game will be a great success (for the players and in sales), so we can get a mafia 4, which will be as good as mafia 1 and 2 were...
  12. Mafia 2 was from a complete other developer than mafia 3. I would just refer to all the gameplay and preview stuff that is already out there. Refering to that, it looks very polished so far (6/20 missions were playable) and 39,99 is not that a big risk to take in my opinion.
  13. Yes it's the yellow one. But iirc you can only reset all 3 together. It's a bit annoying that you have to reskill everything everytime you want to get back to full health, but it's worth it. You can put in the codes, remove all upgrades and put in the codes again and you will have lots of skillpoints to waste on that trick.
  14. I think you are taking it a bit too far there... seriously The gaming industry is fucked up anyways. Games with bugs are the last of my problems there^^
  15. Well of course you have a point, but wating 6 months when you really, really want to play the game is kinda hard haha. I actually don't care that much about little bugs. I was disappointed when i played mafia 2 on ps4 but i even enjoyed that. The game itself is awesome thanks to 2k czech.