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  1. Hi guys, The servers have been offline for a long time and most Match Day trophies are no longer playable. But what about the Getting Real trophy? Single-player games also count here. Can anyone confirm that you actually have to be logged in to the EA servers for the kick-off matches you play offline to count after saving them manually? I also have a save of older match day data on my PS3. Can this help? If not, are the people who still get the trophy here and on other sites really all hackers? Big thanks!
  2. Two hours was just a reference. But I get you. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, How were you able to get 700,000 coins overnight? Did you do something special? I only get roundabout 45,000 coins in two hours with this new method. Thanks in advance.
  4. I am pretty sure that I have to collect all the pick ups. So one is missing for me. It is the Samurai Head. Does anybody know where to find it?
  5. And how can you achieve "Cloaked in Triumph" now while you got "Snappy Threads" instead? I got the same problem. I think I have to find them nonetheless to get all trophies. They will just pop up randomly.