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  1. so, server status? Because I've the game and my idea is start from Online Trophies.
  2. Ps + Effect?!?!? Really,?!?!?! are you the owner of the Gaming World?! hahaahhaha, btw this game was in offer u$s0,89
  3. Thanks Man, I've first win online, also this trophy is online or offline? Photo Finish!
  4. I don't use to find player, I asked about server status. so do you have any idea?
  5. Hey guys!! what's up? I need to know the status of Table Top Racing Servers, When i choose online, I can't found anything. So If the trophies are boosteables please send me an invite!! thanks.
  6. Hey guys! i'm from Argentina, my question it possible get the platium trophy? I need to boost the online trophy anyone can help me? best regards, MentalAsylum-182
  7. you rocks man!! Thanks a lot! My Psn Profile is working properly now
  8. I've for life account, but today I won a few trophies of Shadows of mordor and the system of Psn profile is not working properly. I made the update 3 times and I can not see my last trophies
  9. me too man, I hate my lucky
  10. So, this update will be free, that's a good news for us
  11. I was checking at PSN Store US but I didn't see anything regarding this DLC...