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  1. 1) Legend of Korra (?
  2. Sorry to have abandoned this, but all my free time has consumed by Final Fantasy XIII lel Soon will the third design, and with it will come : Platinums: #17 Lollipop Chainsaw #18 Sleeping Dogs #19 Resident Evil 5 #20 Metal Gear Solid 4 #21 Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers #22 Resident Evil 6 and #23 Devil May Cry HD
  3. Yeah! Is a SSS combo, brodah (?) Jajaja, thank you very much Ichi! If you have problems with that plat, I tell you the secret: SPAM. Spam that spammers and you win :v The gun guys in this game make my nightmares Now seriously, try and try, good luck!
  4. 10/10
  5. Simple, but cute? 8/10
  6. That's a pretty long name for a trophy check-list, lol!!

    1. AlexisAguirrez


      And another pretty long post name is my gallery lel

    2. ZeroXOF
  7. IN CONSTRUCTION It's like a gallery, but with more bread and S´s. I hope end the third design for the Trophy Checklist and this post, the day 1 of September. Come that day for news! I will update occasionally with the avatars and signatures I used and previous designs of my Trophy Checklist. TROPHY CHECKLIST DESIGNS (Click in the picture and you can see the full design with all the plats and 100% I have in that moment. Only from desing 2 onwards.) SIGNATURES
  9. Nicolas Cage in 10/10 is... 10/10? :0
  10. HQ is gone, but still like what I see 10/10
  11. Plats #17 Lollipop Chainsaw, #18 Sleeping Dogs and #19 Resident Evil 5 have to wait to join until after the new design lel