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  1. All I can say is that SEGA re-registered the copyrights for Shenmue prior to the announcement of Shenmue III at E3. Now, the rest is going to sound circumstantial but in the intro video at E3 where Shenmue III was announced, you could see a back ground image of Ryo Hazuki and upon his chest were 3 petals. Now, whats that you ask? A petal is a symbol of a Shenmue game, and each of the 3 petals had pieces cut away from them, with 1 cut, 2 cuts and 3 cuts respectively... each to symbolise one of the 3 Shenmue games. There would be no reason or need to show the Shenmue I and II petals if only Shenmue III was coming out... It is the little things we see, and the little things that Yu Suzuki says or hints at that makes the rumours so loud... Up until now all of the speculation has proven accurate. Let us hope this trend continues.
  2. I should point out that whilst it is not yet confirmed, that there are very strong rumours surrounding the re-master of Shenmue I and II for the PS4. As I say this is unconfirmed as of right now but the 'noise' is as strong as the original rumours were of Shenmue III, so there well be something in this. Personally, I believe it is 90% likely that Shenmue I and II will be re-mastered, for several reasons, not least for the fact that we showed our support with our cash (we basically put our money where our mouth is) into a game that is aimed at an Autumn/Winter 2017 release, it takes a lot of loyalty to invest into a video game that no-one knows how it will turn out. I believe the re-masters would be out in mid 2017, to help drum up more publicity for Shenmue III and really get the circus rolling, new fans will be created and old fans will be reacquainted. I am very excited if I am totally honest with you. This of course does not factor in all of the people who did not back the project but will still buy the game when it releases world wide hopefully in 26 months time.
  3. Here is the latest update regarding how Shenmue is coming along... I hope this link works for you (I know it works for backers of the project). Please let me know... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ysnet/shenmue-3/posts/1336892 PS: Sorry I should have posted this last week but I have been away.
  4. This looks amazing and right up my street.
  5. Yes it is free, with advertisements. Or paid subscription, with no advertisements. I have had no buffering issues personally.
  6. Yes this is available in the UK. I found it under apps. If you search for crunchyroll it should show up, really worth checking out. I also downloaded it on the PS Vita too, for people who have one.
  7. I am watching the drama shows. To get these press the O button the controller and choose 'drama', you can alsways switch back to anime at any time.
  8. Great news for trophy hunters I guess.
  9. I have an English/EU account so I don't think so?
  10. Turned on my PS4 this morning and I see there is a new app to download that allows the user tons of anime to watch, so far I am only watching on my PS4, which means it should work on remote play with the PS Vita too. Not sure about PS3, have not tried that yet. It is 'free' with advertisements enabled, or you can pay and get it with no advertisements.
  11. I was watching a 30 minute video of Yakuza 5 only yesterday, the game features arcades where you can play SEGA classic games, the whole of Virtua fighter being just one. Edit: This is the video I was referring to.
  12. I have not played it myself so it is hard to comment, but I have watched a lot of people playing on Live from PlayStation over Twitch and I would say 90% of them have had major problems with the randomness of the game, and most streamers end their streams quite quickly which tells me frustration kicked in for them.
  13. I drove all night - Roy Orbison. I drove all night Crept in your room Woke you from your sleep To make love to you Is that all right? And... Judy Tsuke - Stay with me till dawn. Is this a game you're playin' I don't understand what's goin' on I can't see through your frown First you're up Then you're down You're keepin' me from someone I want to know But I need you tonight Yes I need you tonight And I'll show you a sunset If you'll stay with me till dawn.
  14. You should try finishing it to find out.