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  1. Platinum #135 Mastered the Jungle Far Cry 3 Still a very good Game and I enjoyed most of the time i spend with it. The co-op trophies where a bit tedious. I read somewhere that you could Solo them but apparently not at my level of skill. Gaming Sessions FTW!
  2. Initial thoughts #4 Game Tokyo Jungle Another PS Plus Game from my List. Humankind has vanished and the animals take back the city of Tokyo and struggle for survival in this strange little Game published by Sony in 2012. The game has a story mode and a survival mode but the survival mode is the main attraction of this Game. The story mode so far has been more of a tutorial. At the beginning of your survival run you can choose the animal you want to use during the run. Then you have to find food, fight for survival and procreate to start the next generation. At the start you have two animals you can choose but you can unlock more through in-game challenges. The gameplay itself feels pretty dated but somehow that also is part of the Charm. The game sort of feels like a PS2 Game. There are things like a Highscore and the strange electro music and soundeffects that never let something like immersion be a thing for this Game. But as i said it's a fun experience so far, it's pretty straightforward in it's challenges and so i look forward to play some more.
  3. Final thoughts Game #3 Monkey Island 2 Special Edition Monkey Island 2 Special Edition is a Remaster of one of my favorite Adventure Games. It's from the Golden Age of Lucas Arts Adventure Games and is certainly in the top five of my favorite Games from that age. The remaster certainly was part of the learning experience for Tim Schafer to bring these old Games to console and let to my absolute Favorites of that time (Grim Fandango and DotT) beeing remastered for console. It already has the ability to switch between old and new textures and it also has an Audio Commentary. In the game you play as wannabe Pirate Guybrush Threepwood. You have just defeated the evil Pirate LeChuck and are now stranded on Scabb Island. In your attempt to escape the island you somehow set things in motion that lead to the resurrection of LeChuck who now seeks Revenge. The game certainly is a long adventure Game. If you don't use a Guide this game will take you some time. I played through the game with audio commentary turned on and i played mostly from my memory but used a guide when I got stuck. In the end I got all Trophies except the speedrun Trophy. Sadly the Game doesn't feature a Platinum, so going back just for that one bronze Trophy isn't too enticing. The game holds up very well and i enjoyed every second of it. I mainly used the old school graphics for the added Nostalgia. I played for about 8- 10 hours and I got 11 of the 12 Trophies for an A Rank.
  4. I feel you. I played outcast a few weeks ago and i had the exact same reaction to it. Just so many things have moved forward since then. Back in the day when it released the game was groundbreaking in so many ways. The Game did not only revolutionize open world as a Genre, it was the first Game to have a full orchestral soundtrack, it had 3D sound, which in itself was just mind-blowing to me and in the German synchro, Slate was voiced by Manfred Lehmann who is also the voice of Bruce Willis. Oh the Nostalgia is strong with this on. Sadly the game really didn't age well. But THQ Nordic just bought the IP so maybe all hope is not lost.
  5. Final thoughts Game #1 Handball 16 (PS3) Since i got the Platinum yesterday i'm going to write my final thoughts. This game was bad, I mean really bad. It is the objectively worst game i've platinumed. The gameplay is very clunky and oftentimes you simply don't now what just happens or why the opponent and not your player picked up the ball. And they made some very odd Design choices, for example, in career mode you can upgrade your Player but when you upgrade him the changes in the stats won't show up on the pre match screen until you are transfered to another team. But for all the misstakes i still liked my time. It's this strange thing that sometimes kicks in when you're going for a platinum. When playing the game itself somehow becomes unimportant and its just this ticking off boxes thing that keeps you going. It took me about 10 hours to get the Plat and there was nothing too difficult to the game after i learned how to score easy goals. The guide here on Psnprofiles [email protected] really helpful so thanks for that.
  6. Initial thoughts Game #2 This game is really bad. It manages to look even worse than my previous Game. The Game comes with 3 Game Modes. Exhibition Games, a Season mode and a Career mode similar to the become a pro modes of modern times. There is no difficulty setting so the AI basically stays the same no matter what. Some of the trophies are tied to the career mode so that's where i started. I played for about 3 hours and i got 13 of the 26 trophies. It all seems to be rather easy and it has an ultra rare Platinum Trophy so it got that going for it, which is nice. And somehow I even enjoyed my time so far although it is an objectively bad Game.
  7. Final Thoughts Game #1 Hitman Contracts I continued and finished 9 of the 12 Levels with a silent assassin rating on the highest difficulty. I played for about 9 hours and I got 12 of the 29 trophies for an A Rating. I can't recommend this game because it really didn't age well. It's not Graphics alone but also the A.I., controls and the abysmal Story. If you are a fan of the Series take a look at it since it's easy enough to Platinum if you use a Guide. The Platinum shouldn't take more than 12-15 hours.
  8. Starting stats for this event 310 Games played 129 completed 55.1% completion 5834 unearned Trophies So when i started my PS3 the first thing it did was ask for an update and after that it didn't boot properly anymore. At first i thought that all was lost and that i have to pick five new games but after a couple of reboots it suddenly worked again. So fingers crossed that my PS3 doesn't completely Brake during this event. Game #1 Hitman Contracts I decided to start things of with one of my favorite gaming franchises and that is Hitman. Hitman Contracts is a 2013 released HD Port of a Ps2 Game. The original released back in 2004 and is itself a partial rerelease of the first Hitman Game. The premise of the story is kind of a weak excuse to replay old levels. Basically you are shot and while you are bleeding out you reminisce over past Contracts. That's it, but Hitman Games aren't known for their intricate stories. The Trophy Lists for the Hitman HD collection Games are all pretty similar and actually quite good. You have to play every level and get a Silent Assassin Rating on the highest difficulty, you have to collect all weapons in the game and then you have some miscellaneous Trophies like finishing a level while killing exactly 47 people and a few level specific Trophies. I played the first two Missions and while they where fun I have to say that the game shows it's age pretty clearly. I played for about two hours and i got 6 of the 29 trophies for a D Rank. Current Completion down to 54.94%.
  9. Stocked! I've decided to go with the 5 Game Option again and play some of the PS3 games that i have on my download list. My list: Handball 16 Port Royal 3 Tokyo Jungle Hitman Contracts Monkey Island 2 Special Edition I don't know if I'm necessarily going to kill my completion with this list but i think it's a good mix of Genres. Happy to read all those reviews again.
  10. PSN : ImBossy83 I play all sorts of Games from AAA to Indie Titles and from Sport Games to Puzzle Games. I also have all necessary Consoles from PS3 to PSVR. My favorite games are Adventure Games so i tend to play quite a lot of them but I will also play anything else that comes in my way. I like to add friends to maybe play some games together and talk about trophies or gaming in general. I won't accept blank friend requests. Multiplayer/Co-op: Currently it's Far cry(4,5, new Dawn) other than that i would like to play Borderlands 2 to 100% one of these days.
  11. I currently have : Batman Batman Enemy Within Detroit Become Human Life is strange Season 1 Life is strange before the storm Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Tales from the Borderlands The Walking Dead Season 1 The Walking Dead Season 2 The walking Dead Michonne The walking Dead a new Frontier The Wolf among us And Guardians of the Galaxy That makes 12 Games Plus Guardians of the Galaxy and the Tiers "Space oddity" and "the quicker man".
  12. Platinum #125 Detroit Become Human I'm a big fan of these kind of of interactive adventures and Detroit Become Human certainly is a Prime Example. The controls are a bit jankie some times but other than that i really liked the experience.
  13. Initial thoughts Game #5 Death Road to Canada From time to time i like to delve into these rather obscure Titles. With only 588 Owner and 5 Platinum achiever on this site Death Road to Canada is one of them. The game premise is that the world is overrun by zombie's and apparently Canada is the last Safe place. So our goal is to reach Canada. On the way you have to fight against zombie's, loot places, make decisions, recruit other survivor's and find enough food to feed everyone. The style is your typical Indie 16bit pixelated look. On your way you also can earn Zombie points. With those points you can buy new Perks after you finished your run. I played for two hours and didn't earn a Single trophy but I still liked it a lot. Playtime: 2 hours Trophies: 0/66 Rank F Enjoyment: 8/10
  14. Final thoughts Game #4 Yakuza Kiwami Again i like what i saw. The story is this strange mix of really serious themes with over the top silliness and the Graphics where much better than i anticipated. There's "only" a Japanese voice over but it's pretty good. The only problem is that you always have to stay focused and read the subtitles unless you can understand Japanese. I played a bit over three hours and i have barely scraped the surface of the game. I don't know if i will ever invest the 100+ hours that are needed for the plat but i will complete the story when i find the Time. Playtime: 3.5 hours Trophies: 4/55 Rank E Enjoyment: 8/10
  15. Final thoughts Game #3 Resident Evil 7 VR I wanted to play Resident Evil 7 in VR because it always gets pointed out as the AAA Game in VR. I was a bit hesitant because I'm not a big fan of horror Games but since i wanted to get some use out of my PSVR i decided to try it out. There are a bunch of optimisation options for your VR experience, you can for example switch on this white Grit that moves with you and is supposed to give you a better sense of depth. You can decide how the turning shot work, for example you could play the game with 30°turns or smooth turning. But since i always had strong VR legs i decided to play it pretty much as it is when played without VR. The feeling of horror was intense. I think this is probably the most scared i was in a long time. For me it all was a bit too intense. Moving and also the first fighting scene and shooting worked well and it was a really convincing experience. The second time i played ended with me getting a knife stuck in the head and that was the moment i decided that i quit playing this game,at least in VR, because getting a knife in the Head in VR is not something i want to happen to me again. Playtime: 2 hours Trophies: 5/59 Rank E Enjoyment: 5/10 Initial thoughts Game #4 Yakuza Kiwami I don't have a lot of experience with Yakuza Games, I only ever played Yakuza 0 for a couple of hours, but i must say i really like the beginning of this Game. The basic gameplay is a kind of mix between open world and fighting game. The story so far is fun and the first few fight where great. I don't have much else to say but i like it so far. Playtime: 1 hour Trophies: 1/59 Rank E Enjoyment: 8/10