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  1. i also had a crashing issue when i played the ps4 version a couple of weekends ago, but I was able to resume from the point it crashed as it was constantly auto-saving between the various cutscenes. so if your able to load into the game, you could try just skipping all the cutscenes until you are able to make the final choice as the trophies would pop after the choice and on the cutscene right before the credits roll. For some reason playing the ps4 version on ps5, the game cant keep up with how fast the ps5 is moving.
  2. It wasn't working my 1st time doing it when attempting to do it, but could of been the psn servers might of still been having issues at the time Just tried it again and they popped after loading in the save file, closing the game, reopening it, and they all autopopped on the main menu PS4 version of Godfall is broken as well only pops 1 out of everything [and that 1 is for doing the tower to Trial 20] after loading into any mission and rest are like Wreckfest where they dont want to pop even if you redo them. Thank you for the suggestion it worked I rented the ps4 version on disc and used the ps5 version so it should work with the save file I had on the ps+ cloud.
  3. yes along with all of the rest of the trophies [shark growth, collectibles, etc.]. Since I had already started up a save on the ps5 earlier in the year, all I had to do was reload my ps5 save from the cloud to get back the progress I already had obtained.
  4. It works like the save transfer in Wreckfest where it'll transfer your save if its on your ps5 but it doesn't auto-pop any trophies
  5. Character progress, gear, etc does carry over, but the only trophy that seems to want to auto-pop is the one for Reaching Wave 20 in the Ascended Tower of Trials (only when loading into a mission) and the rest are pretty much unobtainable without resetting everything as all character info is stored server side or so it seems.
  6. I cant speak for WD Legion and Borderlands 3 yet, but Spiderman is 1-way ps4 to ps5 only for auto pop and in the case of AC Valhalla it works both ways but its picky on what actually wants to auto pop at times as i tried with my current progress (ps5 to ps4) and everything popped of the few trophies i had except for a lvl 3 settlement trophy.
  7. that doesnt really confirm backwards compatibility as being completely real because in the early days of the ps4 you could upgrade some of your ps3 games to ps4 for a "small fee" meaning i can still use a ps3 copy of assassin creed black flag on my ps4 but yet cant play the digital copy of black flag i have without that ps3 disc unless i buy an "official ps4 digital version". i can see that being the same case until proven otherwise.
  8. Does this work for the 2 treasure trophies as well?
  9. So if I'm to understand correctly. The "new" way to unlock the challenge trophy is to complete the things such as "complete a strike", "complete a crucible match" , etc? as those are the only yellow icon stars that I am seeing on my game.
  10. Does anybody have any good tips for racking up skill points (excluding completing challenges), I seem to only be getting 40-80 skill points per win on a 2-star team. Is that about all I'll be getting per match or is there a way to get more per match without potential losing it?