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  1. I couldn't make it past one minute in. Watching you jump from hex to hex is boring asf. Haha I was spectating you when that happened.
  2. It's been like that from the start. No one is actually where they seem to be on the game. Tail Tag is an automatic loss for me since someone can grab my tail off screen. I'm on broadband and I've literally never had an issue with disconnects. Just you guys with bad internet glitching out the game
  3. I'll get down to like 8 people and it will still give me Fall Ball. Bleh
  4. I might get it on sale. Sounds interesting.
  5. It sucks but it's part of the strategy. I just try to get them back. Grabbing someone just as they are about to jump really messes them up.
  6. For anyone who is stuck here, it is the door beside the bedroom, it's so dark you can't really see the press X to open prompt, and this will happen in other spots too. I got the Adventurer trophy when
  7. Now you just need to get the new luck based trophies in seasonal slots
  8. Not a hack. Just sad. lol
  9. I got stuck there too. None of the doors seem to open
  10. Is there a 6th ending? I have 5 trophies for each ending but am missing the one for all endings
  11. Nah there's an exploit where you can quit the game if you aren't winning and not break the streak. Frustrating having people drop out in team games because of this.
  12. Too many people have it illegitimately now. Patching it would be unfair to the people who would have to get it legit in the future.
  13. I guess that depends if you're playing for the trophies or for the game 🤷‍♂️
  14. Ratalaika actually puts effort into their games with branching story paths and multiple endings.
  15. A bunch of mine didn't unlock either. Currently uploading to YouTube lol if you want proof of their bugginess. I've been wrongfully flagged for something similar in Rainbow Moon and it was frustrating to deal with.