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  1. Dude, it's a typo and not the first one in a trophy description. Chill. Game is pretty lackluster though.
  2. The Lion King is insanely hard but you can activate cheats.
  3. I am just sharing this info as I thought I had to replay the entire game as the detective just to get a "collectible" but I wanted to spare others the grief. When you start a new game, you keep all the info, and items you have and can start at any Chapter. Therefore it does have a somewhat hidden chapter select if you miss anything. The only thing you lose is your currency.
  4. I'm just worried that it wont come out before Halloween
  5. I can't seem to get the basement 1-2 scene. The guide says it's for not getting the codes but its not unlocking for me.
  6. What's the medium bloody final? I got something that I thought would be it but the game just crashes.
  7. Anyone know if the arrests, bribes, tickets are cumulative throughout playthroughs?
  8. The other trophies were glitchy as heck too, but I got most of them just by shutting the game off and rebooting the chapter and doing what I needed for that trophy. I assume there must be something that happens in the game that blocks trophy progress, so maybe just shutting the game down and rebooting it, then doing one death from the list at a time will work as well.
  9. It's a good game, but I only got two of the story related trophies.
  10. Your 400 death count on the Magpie chase says otherwise.. haha. I had much more trouble on the alligator one, however.
  11. Yes, that's what I did too. I did the exact same thing the second time and it unlocked, but instead offered the chief as the alternative. Were the girls unavailable in the next chapter? That's what happened when my trophy unlocked. I remember doing the same things but maybe theres more to it. Perhaps harassing the chief after shapeshifting into the girls?
  12. I left Danny alone with Ellis and didn't get the trophy, or do I have to do it a different way?
  13. Yeah, I just spent two hours playing mini putt. This is NOT an easy platinum.
  14. I kept track of the effects of the dialogue option on my many many playthroughs of the game. Keep in mind that only some come up in certain situations that depend on other dialogue options and friendship/trust level but it should be enough to help you alter the friendship level to your desire. Sometimes dialogue is a bit different based on mood/friendship too, but generally means the same thing.
  15. You can backup saves for the 2-6 hour ending and the 6-24 hour ending. Get close to the end around the friendship level you want then back it up and use some of the negative responses that bring your friendship level way down to go a level below. The time will continue to tick in the cloud save though.