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  1. It's so obvious when someone is using these in an online match. They take forever to respond and then come up with a response that doesn't even make sense as part of the survey.
  2. Very true. The opponent changes to the AI and I got the achievement for 1 win, so I assume it doesn't change for all 10 wins, but I just think it's lame that people leave not realizing they haven't lost yet lol
  3. I've only managed to get into 3 online games and every time the person who lost has rage quit. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but you can still win the game if you get more top answers/points in Fast Money. The person who won the main game just goes first.
  4. Hahah I appreciate it. I was definitely trying to get it without looking anything up.
  5. It's pure RNG, just save pairs and trips until you get it.
  6. The game looks kind of hard at first, but if you just flick the lamp on and off every 30 seconds or so, it resets the killer's position. The later levels just take a long ass time to complete. I got everything in about 3 hours, but I have to play through the game from start to finish without dying. Pretty easy 100% but very monotonous.
  7. 😅😅😅 "elites"
  8. That's not very reasonable considering what you need to do.
  9. You would be surprised. And they're 1.50 in Canada.
  10. I'm waiting for them to go on sale.
  11. Nobody earned it legit. lol Nobody gets it "legitimately". People have definitely tried harder to get it illegitimately, but no one has gotten it legit.
  12. of course there's gonna be some bull spitter that claims they got five wins in a row without using the "exit game" glitch. You'll get it when you log back into the game
  13. Level 8 in the Time Trials will freeze and you won't be able to complete the level, let alone in time. Save yourself the hassle if you're going for 100% completion.
  14. As soon as I saw this game appear again, those were my exact thoughts. Here we go again with people complaining about something that doesn't affect them at all.
  15. So was Corpse Party originally. RPG Maker games can be pretty decent. I don't think they should have platinum trophies though if there is literally no effort other than pressing x but that's my prerogative. Ten years ago, people thought The Telltale Walking Dead game was absurd.