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  1. You dont need to pay for spins. Just go in and do dailies/weeklies. You'll earn free spins and get it eventually.
  2. So does everyone need to be on the same console to play or can you play via Discord/Zoom/Twitch?
  3. It's not that difficult, but it takes a long time. There are "weekly" sandwich competitions that require you to wait for in game time and they take quite a while but you can look for hidden packages until then. They're pretty well hidden though.
  4. Dropped 200k trying to get this trophy lmao. It's a chip stealer for sure.
  5. Easy trophies? I've never heard of any of these shows. Can't get 10 in a row to save my life lmao.
  6. I was able to do this with only two controllers, one as a "guest"
  7. This is late but its 1999 minigames, where I think it's about 6 minigames per game, so it's probably about 500 games total.
  8. Just the ones people played on my account that I never got around to.
  9. Good Brawling but high brain damage (50%) and then just keep getting into fights until you're down to one player per team. That way you have 6 chances for fatalities but it's still a bit random.
  10. For it's sale price I can get behind it, but it does drag on quite a bit with no story, objectives and the dungeon feeling very similar each floor and minimal changes with enemy attacks. I'm up for the hardcore mode challenge though. I feel like it will make the game a bit more interesting.
  11. Rainbow Moon had a similar issue with me on PS4 and I missed 2 story mission related trophies. I had to replay the game and then someone flagged my account and I was unlisted in the trophy leaderboards for a little bit Be careful with getting story trophies out of order as people are trigger happy with flagging.
  12. I've been stuck on Atomic Memory for hours. It's the only really challenging one.
  13. Dude, it's a typo and not the first one in a trophy description. Chill. Game is pretty lackluster though.
  14. The Lion King is insanely hard but you can activate cheats.
  15. I am just sharing this info as I thought I had to replay the entire game as the detective just to get a "collectible" but I wanted to spare others the grief. When you start a new game, you keep all the info, and items you have and can start at any Chapter. Therefore it does have a somewhat hidden chapter select if you miss anything. The only thing you lose is your currency.