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  1. I couldn't imagine a whole film crew doing an hour and a half worth of scenes just to have them not be used. Maybe they'll make a sequel starring a woman. Paige would be a good storyline to follow.
  2. You mean Saffron? Shaina is probably the best choice all around, Paige and Saffron grew on me on later dates.
  3. I wouldn't consider having enemies spawn right in your kill zone fun but to each their own, I guess.
  4. Did I use the word cheating? Classic sociopathic response changing my argument into something you think you're right about. 👍 I honestly love the ganging up/defending of these tactics instead of just owning up to being a dirty player. Shows just how toxic you all really are. 😅 I'm not mad, accusing anyone of cheating and am really just pointing out my argument and explanation of how toxic the game has become and you all jump on the defense with your "wah wah"s "u mad bro"s and "git gud"s further proving my point of the game's toxic levels. LMFAO because infallible requires skill and not quitting out of the game before you die 😅😅 Meanwhile, you're over here talking "skill" with your Platinums in games that require literally no skill unlocked across multiple regions. Go get some real single player platinum trophies like Bioshock, Shadow of the Colossus and Catherine or 100%s like Little Nightmare and Limbo that require real skill and not just getting carried by a squad/quitting when you think you're going to lose and then come talk to me about skill bro. I don't plan on getting infallible because I would rather just get it without boosting or exiting the game whenever I hit a team game, a game I think I'm going to lose or whatever you all did to cheese Infallible. Odds of legitimately 5 games in a row are pretty low and I'm not lowering myself to your standards to get it. I play for like 3 or 4 hours a week and I have 19 legitimate wins which is probably more than a lot of you can say who probably play this game religiously. @Darkette it's funny you bring up the one thing I said I don't even care about (A+ on reading comprehension) because 90% people end up getting themselves eliminated trying to do it. Doesn't make it any less cheap or toxic. You all are really defensive about being called out being toxic, aren't you. Gotta love the gaslighting.
  5. "Intended Purpose" I bet the "intended purpose" for parties were not so friends could play together but so boosters could cheat to get wins I bet the "intended purpose" for diving was so clowns would dive around in games that literally don't need diving to fuck up the hit detection and make everyone lose control of their character. I bet the "intended purpose" of the obstacles in slime climb were for people to just stand there I bet the "intended purpose" of the finish line was for people to just stand there and grab people trying to finish the race. I bet the "intended purpose" for the grab wasn't so you could grab tails in Tail Grab, no, it was definitely intended for dirty players to try and trip people as they jump over hurdles. The only reason the last one doesn't even bother me is because it's funny to watch people try to trip you but actually end up falling off themselves. Have you ever played a video game ever? There are exploits in literally every game. They get banned in competitive tournaments and sometimes even get banned in speedruns (glitchless). The difference between using exploits in a single player game and in a multiplayer game is that when you use exploits online, you are making the game less fun for everyone else, but I doubt you care about that since you are trying to defend toxic behavior, so you clearly are a toxic player. Next time actually know what the hell you're talking about before you reply. I'm sorry you're so bad at a simple platformer that you need to abuse game mechanics, and boost with friends to try and gain an edge. Kick rocks, scrub.
  6. I haven't had too many issues with lag but I find the servers incredibly toxic now. I don't know if it's trolls or boosters, but it's exhausting constantly getting grabbed and sabotaged by players every time you play.
  7. Just wondering if anyone else played the two minigames and unlocked all the jars. 150 points in Flappy Mayo and 90 points in the moving platform game. It didn't take me long to do, but just wondering if anyone else noticed the extras and went for them.
  8. If they remove the exploit, the should remove the trophy from all the people who used the exploit to get it...
  9. It was a genuinely interesting game and I bought it in the NA store. Thought they would have a translated list. Thank you though!
  10. Does anyone have the trophy requirements in English? 😅 I wasn't expecting to get a list in a different language.
  11. Stop assuming, lol. I'd check it out. I am currently playing Coffee Talk, and it looked more interesting than it is gameplay wise because it showed you mixing drinks Cook Serve Delicious style, but it literally has no gameplay. I'm still enjoying the story. I definitely agree that indie games really shouldn't have platinum trophies, but I still played them back when they didn't. I've gotten 100% in some hard as heck PS3 games. How is this any different from someone getting the platinum in Hannah Montana or other terrible PS3 titles with easy platinum trophies?
  12. Hmmm maybe we should make a Jackbox discord? Always sucks not haven't enough people.
  13. No. You are buying a visual novel with a platinum trophy. Whether people buy it just to skip through it and get a platinum is really none of your business anyway. It doesn't affect you at all.
  14. The original game was pretty tough. I couldn't do all the levels in one life.