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  1. It was a genuinely interesting game and I bought it in the NA store. Thought they would have a translated list. Thank you though!
  2. Does anyone have the trophy requirements in English? 😅 I wasn't expecting to get a list in a different language.
  3. Stop assuming, lol. I'd check it out. I am currently playing Coffee Talk, and it looked more interesting than it is gameplay wise because it showed you mixing drinks Cook Serve Delicious style, but it literally has no gameplay. I'm still enjoying the story. I definitely agree that indie games really shouldn't have platinum trophies, but I still played them back when they didn't. I've gotten 100% in some hard as heck PS3 games. How is this any different from someone getting the platinum in Hannah Montana or other terrible PS3 titles with easy platinum trophies?
  4. Hmmm maybe we should make a Jackbox discord? Always sucks not haven't enough people.
  5. No. You are buying a visual novel with a platinum trophy. Whether people buy it just to skip through it and get a platinum is really none of your business anyway. It doesn't affect you at all.
  6. The original game was pretty tough. I couldn't do all the levels in one life.
  7. I play the games the way they are meant to be played and it takes a few hours. Do you complain about Super Mario Bros on NES being only 5 minutes long with warps too?
  8. I've got it a couple times in September. It's pretty rare. I've gone down to 8 and then it was a 4v4 Fall Ball.
  9. Even with the phone app, there are some decisions that lock you out of something you're going for. I tried to get the backstabber trophy and the happy family trophy in the same run but it's apparently not possible The developers are either ignorant or complete trolls because the game autosaves after every decision and many decisions lock out other decisions. It's infuriating.
  10. It's a trivia game, lol, don't get your panties in a twist about it.
  11. I wasnt able to add points to the occult.
  12. You didn't actually get it though.
  13. These aren't legit 4 win streaks, they be quit scrubbing. lol
  14. I couldn't make it past one minute in. Watching you jump from hex to hex is boring asf. Haha I was spectating you when that happened.
  15. It's been like that from the start. No one is actually where they seem to be on the game. Tail Tag is an automatic loss for me since someone can grab my tail off screen. I'm on broadband and I've literally never had an issue with disconnects. Just you guys with bad internet glitching out the game