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  1. Spyro Year of the Dragon is my second favourite game of all time, so I really hope this rumour is true! It will be my most anticipated game of the year!
  2. I did it on Xbox. I'm not sure about the base game counting towards the trophy, but by the time I had completed every new camp in the DLC, I had unlocked the trophy. Just do all the camps, and in many of them, there are rebels to free. Also, the camps will respawn all rebels and guards if you leave and come back later. The camp where you have to assassinate the overseer (which is one of the three story targets) is a good place.
  3. It’s not that bad in comparison to many other games. Trying filling in the sphere grid in Final Fantasy X... *shudders*
  4. This is the comment on that gave me the most help, and is the strategy I followed... "Okay, after changing up my tactic a bit, with a little help of Marcelpfs1's video, here's a more or less foolproof way. Did it on my first try:Just use your flame daggers and spam "circle", even if Noctis attacks. If he counters you, press "square", once prompted and parry his attack with the special "circle"-prompt attack. And rinse and repeat. I cannot understate how IMPORTANT that counter of yours is. You cannot miss it even once, since you get your health back AND do good damage, if it hits.If you somehow fall below "counter-health" (that certain area, where your health left is just not high enough anymore for you to do a "square-circle"-prompt counter and get into the "dying" state) use a potion.Once Noctis gets on top of hammerhead his attacks become fiercer, but DON'T change your rhythm. Just stick to the same things. Spam Flame-dagger-circle-attack until he knocks you down, use your "square-circle"-prompts and counter his attacks. EVERY SINGLE TIME! It's not hard. Once you get knocked down, wait a second and press "square". It's extremely telegraphed. And don't worry even if you use up all your items. I just did it twice on A+ ranking, both times almost using up all my items, and still managing to get it.Oh, and here and there use your Two-bar-special. If you are lucky you will get the double-damage on the flame-daggers. And if your "Total Clarity" is full, just use it every time you have the chance to get some extra damage in.If Noctis uses his Special attacks just dodge, dodge, dodge. You can use the "High Jump"-one-bar-attack as well to avoid it.If he uses the ring of Lucii, just get in range and hammer him cold.I hope this helps." And here's the video in question... Just remember to use Ignis' high jump ability the second you see Noctis doing his armiger attack. Then when you land, use it again immediately to fully dodge the attack.
  5. You should be able to do it in the first open area if you target every enemy with Total Clarity. Before heading to the boat, just roam around clearing all the districts, that's how I got mine.
  6. God you people are judgemental. We don't know what the online component will be yet, and it doesn't mean Shadow won't still contain an excellent single player experience. Try actually waiting until the game comes out before you jump on the outrage bandwagon.
  7. If he does that, you’re supposed to attack him in order to get him to stop.
  8. I just got it with a 910,000 score, which I assume is just over the threshold needed. I could have gone higher if I'd dodged the armiger attack properly throughout most of the fight. The key is to use Ignis's jump ability twice in a row during armiger - just use it again immediately after he lands and you should be fine. Other than that, I counterattacked throughout the whole fight and used healing items only when I had to.
  9. So is Crash Bandicoot, so hopefully Sony will make a deal with them and make it work like they did for Crash.
  10. OK, good, now hurry up and announce a Spyro remake Sony!!!
  11. People probably got tired of waiting for Trico to stop scratching himself and actually do something useful. The speed run caused me so much rage, it was almost as if he was purposefully trying to slow me down so I couldn't get the trophy.
  12. Esther Rantzen is well known in the UK for talking complete bollocks.
  13. Probably will at some point. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Last Jedi DLC has extra trophies. Although I suppose it will work differently to Battlefront 2015, which had 4 sets of trophies for the 4 DLC packs. I wonder how many pieces of DLC we’ll get this time around.
  14. I must just be unlucky then. And they’re usually on my team as well, so I can’t even kill them to farm XP.
  15. Unfortunately it probably wouldn't matter now anyway, seeing as every session is filled with people rubber banding and running around in circles. Hopefully DICE will patch in a solution for it soon.