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  1. Challenge 12 sounds like it's gonna be a long one.
  2. Hopefully more people will be able to get the outrider challenge done now.
  3. FFXIII is one of my favourite games of all time. I never understood the hate it got. Yes, it’s very linear at times, but I enjoyed the story and characters so much I didn’t care. Then, when you reach the endgame, there are huge areas for you to explore. I also loved XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. If you’re invested in the story and characters and enjoy the combat, they’re worth playing as well.
  4. Maintaining the combo is the hardest thing about this challenge. I think that the actual combo number isn't that important in terms of keeping it going. Obviously you still want a high combo, but it's keeping the little white bar below the score as wide as possible that matters.
  5. Just got around 109,000 three times in a row. Fuck this badly developed, glitchy piece of shit. Edit: Aaaaaand I got it. 110,952. Suck my sausage Sony Bend 😠
  6. Ah shit... here we go again.
  7. So does this count as a bike challenge then? It isn't really a combat challenge. I thought the schedule was horde, combat, bike, ambush camp in that exact order. Maybe they're just doing completely random challenges until the end.
  8. So I already own MHW. If I get Iceborne, will it be a separate entry on my trophy list? I assume it will, because it has its own platinum. But at the same time, it's still DLC that will be added on to the main game. Will it appear under my main MHW trophies but with its own plat?
  9. I assume because he used to have a daughter but she died or because his wife left him and took their daughter with her. Ergo, he bought Alice as a replacement.
  10. Maybe some Telltale games or anything episodic like Life is Strange. You could probably do quick-time events with just one hand in Until Dawn as well.
  11. Phew, I’m glad I did it before the patch. 😅
  12. Anyone have a good spot for trying to get airtime? I can't seem to find one.
  13. I hope it isn't going to require gold in subs as well.
  14. I already didded all d time trials 😌😌😌
  15. It's really not that hard with a little patience. Also, the game is a masterpiece and completely unlike any other game. As for the control scheme, it's a product of its time. Obviously it's going to seem dated in 2019.