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  1. In terms of Galactic Assault and Heroes Vs Villains (which are the only two modes worth playing), the servers are still very active. DICE is still releasing content for the game, such as Count Dooku who just came out, and they're releasing Anakin and a new game mode next month. So no, you shouldn't have any problems finding matches.
  2. Don’t forget Crash Team Racing!
  3. Yes, that's it! I completely forgot about that area. Thank you!
  4. I’ve been trying to get the Tech It to the Max trophy for maxing out my gizmo supremo points in the new DLC, but I appear to be stuck on 19/20. I’ve managed to find all the Manuals of the Maiden for the Ding Dong Discipline, but I just can’t seem to find the last Mechanic Manual for Gizmo Supremo. I’ve completed the labyrinth on hard, I’ve bought the manuals from the shopkeeper outside the labyrinth, I’ve looked in every cave, dungeon and city for NPCs that have a manual on them. I found a few in Ding Dong Dell and Broadleaf marked by an exclamation point on the map, but there are none left. I’ve checked everyone in Evermore, the swift solutions guy, all shopkeepers, the research tab in my kingdom. I can’t think of where else it could be. Unfortunately there’s zero information about it online so that’s why I’m posting here. Can anyone give me any clues?
  5. A glitch that happened for about five matches in a row exclusively to the same two players. And funnily enough, once they'd acquired the heroes, their scores didn't increase as much. Whatever it is, it definitely shouldn't be happening.
  6. I was playing Battlefront II today, and I thought I noticed something extremely odd related to two particular players on my team. About two minutes into a match of Galactic Assault on Naboo, both players had earned around 32,000 battle points with literally zero eliminations between them. Their score somehow went from zero to 32,000 in that short amount of time. I took a screenshot for proof... Now consider that this was right near the beginning of the match. If the screenshot isn't enough, I've also uploaded some video evidence to my YouTube account. I will post the video below. Please note the two players at the top of the screenshot above, as they are who I'm referring to. Watch the SCORE bar on the screen increase and then tell me if I'm wrong. Now I understand posting this on here isn't going to solve the issue, I'll need to contact EA for that. But I was interested to hear if any other Battlefront II players on this site have ever encountered anything similar. Are they hackers or am I just getting confused? I've been playing the game since launch and I've never seen this kind of battle point accumulation in such a short time frame.
  7. It's not like all easy games have high completion percentages anyway, and vice versa. I platted Bloodborne, which I personally thought was rather challenging, and yet 22% of people on this site platted it also, which doesn't even make the trophy rare, let alone ultra rare. Then Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (which admittedly doesn't have a plat) contains an ultra rare trophy despite the trophy in question not being difficult in the slightest.
  8. At least this means I don’t have to grind through another tedious Comrades update.
  9. I have 6 TR platinums now plus Temple of Osiris, so I think that makes me Tomb Raider.
  10. Still Toro's House, which I've had for years. I've preordered the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, so when that comes out I'll replace it with a Spyro theme. Unfortunately I live in the UK so preorder bonuses aren't available until release.
  11. I just play games that I enjoy and like the sound of. I don’t care if they’re easy or hard. Unfortunately, a lot of the games I’ve been interested in over the last few years have had easier lists.
  12. No doubt it would an honour for you to see mine as well... a great honour. 😌
  13. Perhaps on easy mode it's possible. I always just played on normal and saved it for my second playthrough, which is needed for platinum anyway. You only really need things like attack and heavy slash for steadying the stagger wave and making sure it doesn't fade too quickly. What you really need is a mix of spells like firaga, fira, blizzaga, blizzara etc. Make sure that not all of your spells are top tier or your ATB gauge will run out too quick.
  14. It’s not really necessary. Fang won’t do much to help stagger him, which is what it’s all about. You just need to make sure Lightning has the right magic spells. Also, don’t bother trying to fight him until you’re on a second playthrough in new game +. It’s insanely difficult otherwise.
  15. I wish they'd stop with the generic enemy dialogue. It's always the same in every game. And why do they ALWAYS sound American? This is supposed to be set in Mexico.