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  1. I already have one. 😎
  2. Yeah, that definitely looks like a bug. Unless someone's hacking, although I didn't think that was possible on PlayStation servers.
  3. Another Ubisoft open world game? Yawn.
  4. Don’t really see how it’s much different to previous iterations, despite the supposed overhaul. The combat is different, true, but not better. They took one bad system and replaced it with another. Every boss in the game pretty much can be defeated with exactly the same tactics. It feels like a clumsy attempt to recreate a SoulsBorne system. Oh, and the mini-map is littered with pointless shit like usual. I played it on Xbox one btw.
  5. It’s only saying that the rumour about it being announced on the 15th March was fake. That’s what the guy made up. He didn’t make up the story about there actually being a game. That was reported initially by Kotaku, and all the signs still point to it being real.
  6. Smart and friendly ps player from generation y. 

    I wish you luck and convenience for your unearned platinums. Much love to Britain btw.

    Cheers, mate! 

  7. Okay, here’s what you should do... Make sure your strength for Noctis is at least 650. Make sure you’re wearing the ring that upgrades his armiger attack. Equip a pair of daggers (zwill crossblades are best) and then equip Sword of the Father, Axe of the Conqueror and Trident of the Oracle in the remaining slots. Also make sure you eat a Golden Tail soup that guarantees critical hits before leaving Hammerhead for Insomnia. Now for the fight... 1. Use zwill crossblades on his legs to build up your armiger bar. The crossblades won’t do any damage, but that’s fine, because you’re only using them to build up the bar. 2. When the bar is full, have Ignis cast Enhancement on Noctis. This is very important, as it allows you to deal more damage. 3. Activate your armiger attack, and immediately warp strike the antenna on his head. Once you’ve hit it, just keep pressing circle so Noctis will stay up there and keep hitting it. Before long, he will activate the red shield and paralyse you. Make sure you let this happen! Don’t try to avoid it. If you let it hit you, it will cancel your armiger attack, which means it won’t take as long to build up the bar again. 4. When he goes into rampage mode, avoid him until he stops and goes vulnerable. Then immediately use your zwill crossblades and start building up the armiger bar again. It should already be roughly half full if you let him paralyse you. 5. When the bar is full again, rinse and repeat. Cast enhancement, use armiger on antenna, etc... When his health is low enough, he has a one shot kill attack that simply can’t be avoided, so make sure you bring 99 Phoenix downs. Also bring 99 elixirs, hi-elixers, potions etc... Also make sure you bring at least 30 remedies, so that you can cure confusion. Ignis won’t cast Enhancement if he’s confused. During the fight, only worry about Noctis and Ignis. Don’t waste items on reviving Prompto and Gladio because they’re useless and do jack shit. And for the love of Shiva, don’t step or warp out of the combat zone (the red circle on the mini-map) even for a second, because if you do, he’ll regain a ton of health. I hope this strat helps you. I was struggling big time until I tried it, but it worked perfectly for me. EDIT: And I forgot to mention, use Sword of the Father for when you attack the antenna. Axe of the Conqueror and Trident of the Oracle are only there to increase your stats. And also, at some point during the fight, you’ll notice he starts teleporting and reappearing a lot. Make sure you wait for him to teleport and reappear before using your armiger. You don’t want to activate your armiger, only to have him immediately teleport away. He doesn’t do it at first, but he will when his health is low enough.
  8. Have you tried deleting the game off your console, and then tried going onto the store to see if it lets you download it? That’s the only thing I can think of.
  9. I had about 1100 attack and 1450 defence, so you might want to raise your stats, especially defence a little more. I used the fierce sigil, and when he got into his second phase, I only ever attacked him with warp strikes. It took a while, but as long as you keep zipping around it’s hard for him to hit you. Just be careful not to get knocked down too much by his fireball attack, because he can hit you with his sword before you get back up.
  10. Spyro Year of the Dragon is my second favourite game of all time, so I really hope this rumour is true! It will be my most anticipated game of the year!
  11. I did it on Xbox. I'm not sure about the base game counting towards the trophy, but by the time I had completed every new camp in the DLC, I had unlocked the trophy. Just do all the camps, and in many of them, there are rebels to free. Also, the camps will respawn all rebels and guards if you leave and come back later. The camp where you have to assassinate the overseer (which is one of the three story targets) is a good place.
  12. It’s not that bad in comparison to many other games. Trying filling in the sphere grid in Final Fantasy X... *shudders*
  13. This is the comment on that gave me the most help, and is the strategy I followed... "Okay, after changing up my tactic a bit, with a little help of Marcelpfs1's video, here's a more or less foolproof way. Did it on my first try:Just use your flame daggers and spam "circle", even if Noctis attacks. If he counters you, press "square", once prompted and parry his attack with the special "circle"-prompt attack. And rinse and repeat. I cannot understate how IMPORTANT that counter of yours is. You cannot miss it even once, since you get your health back AND do good damage, if it hits.If you somehow fall below "counter-health" (that certain area, where your health left is just not high enough anymore for you to do a "square-circle"-prompt counter and get into the "dying" state) use a potion.Once Noctis gets on top of hammerhead his attacks become fiercer, but DON'T change your rhythm. Just stick to the same things. Spam Flame-dagger-circle-attack until he knocks you down, use your "square-circle"-prompts and counter his attacks. EVERY SINGLE TIME! It's not hard. Once you get knocked down, wait a second and press "square". It's extremely telegraphed. And don't worry even if you use up all your items. I just did it twice on A+ ranking, both times almost using up all my items, and still managing to get it.Oh, and here and there use your Two-bar-special. If you are lucky you will get the double-damage on the flame-daggers. And if your "Total Clarity" is full, just use it every time you have the chance to get some extra damage in.If Noctis uses his Special attacks just dodge, dodge, dodge. You can use the "High Jump"-one-bar-attack as well to avoid it.If he uses the ring of Lucii, just get in range and hammer him cold.I hope this helps." And here's the video in question... Just remember to use Ignis' high jump ability the second you see Noctis doing his armiger attack. Then when you land, use it again immediately to fully dodge the attack.
  14. You should be able to do it in the first open area if you target every enemy with Total Clarity. Before heading to the boat, just roam around clearing all the districts, that's how I got mine.