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  1. I'm playing on PS4 Pro and only just started the game. It crashed and corrupted my save right after I finished the prologue. Does anyone know if occasionally uploading your save to online storage would enable you to download it back to system storage or does it corrupt the online storage saves as well?
  2. Okay so I need to ask something. There are games I currently have on PS4 (downloaded and on disc), that I would like to continue playing on PS5 simply because I enjoy them. For example, Star Wars Battlefront II. Let’s say I sell my PS4 and buy a PS5, and then decide to install my PS4 disc onto PS5, is that then going to make a completely new trophy list for Battlefront II appear on my trophy page? Even though I already platinumed it once?
  3. Do you have to do bronze silver and gold for the true understanding trophy?
  4. Yes you can play on NG+, I did after I completed my permadeath run. So you can have all the weapon upgrades etc unlocked from the start. And from what I’ve read and heard, accessibility options don’t void anything. I set mine to permadeath per chapter and it was fine.
  5. This game was a 10/10 for me and is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played, so I’m happy to have an excuse to go through it again. It seems from what I read that you can alter the permadeath settings to get a checkpoint between chapters, so it’s not really permadeath anyway.
  6. It's not as bad as it used to be because some of the challenges were patched and made easier, especially the bike ones. They're still quite hard though.
  7. I wonder if this means the console will be white, or maybe silver.
  8. Does anyone who has Animal Crossing: New Horizons want to trade some fruit with me? I wanna plant some cherry and apple trees in my village!
  9. My method was to learn the spell Soul Trap (it’s a low-level spell that can be bought from numerous court wizards across Skyrim) and to cast it repeatedly on a dead bandit corpse. You’ll want to wear as much magic boosting equipment as possible. When you run out of magic, simply wait 1 hour and repeat. As you go along, make sure to claim the perks on the conjuration skill tree, as it will lessen the magic cost. When you reach level 100 conjuration, simply reset to 15 and go again!
  10. I didn’t say it was. But the user in question seemed to be asserting their opinion as fact, which was the basis for my comment.
  11. What’s good writing to you personally may be bad writing to someone else. It’s not that complicated.
  12. It wasn't that long ago they announced the February release date. Not sure why they bothered if they were just gonna delay it.
  13. I hope they're not gonna pull this shit with Elder Scrolls VI.
  14. I already got mini and large gold for Velkhana, large for Namielle and small for Viper Tobi and Glavenus. Maybe the increased rewards equal better chances for a crown.
  15. You will have both trophy lists. Anyone who plays MHW now and installs Iceborne will automatically get both lists on their profile.