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  1. I don't know why but I've become weirdly obsessed with trophies in recent years, whereas I never used to care. I blame Skyrim. I try to keep 100%, but I'll never have as many platinums as some people, since I refuse to play games like Hanna Montana to boost my count.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if they added multiplayer trophy DLC, seeing as it contains the main game's multiplayer. I really hope they don't though, that survival stuff was torture.
  3. A game hasn't made my hands sweat this much in years. My controller is now covered in all kinds of funky shit. 😷
  4. Hi, I just need somebody to trade me a rare item. I have four rare items at the moment and I'm not having any luck acquiring a fifth. I can trade a very rare rocket trail in return if you like.
  5. It's probably gonna have a trophy for completing the level with a gold relic. Ugh.
  6. It's a good thing there's no trophy for obtaining platinum relics, because I just started the first game, and even some of these golds are pretty brutal.
  7. I just got a Switch at last, but I only have Mario Kart 8 so far. Add me 😀 SW-4192-1814-5520
  8. I just ordered a Switch from Amazon, but I'll have to wait until June 27th for it to arrive. 😢 I've only bought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe so far, and I'll probably get Splatoon 2 when it releases. I was thinking about Breath of the Wild, but I've never played Zelda before and I don't know whether to believe the hype.
  9. I used Fang as party leader, with Vanille and Hope as backup. Start out in a SYN/SYN/SYN paradigm, and make sure protect, faith, and bravery are cast on everyone. Do this as quickly as possible, then shift to COM/RAV/RAV with Fang as COM. Attack one of the legs briefly, then immediately switch to RAV/RAV/RAV to create the stagger. Once the leg is staggered, go back to COM/RAV/RAV and use Fang's Highwind special ability to take out the leg. Sometimes Highwind takes out the leg in one go, other times not. Use Highwind as many times as necessary. Chances are you'll need to heal with a MED/MED/MED paradigm at some point during the stage outlined above. Once the first leg is down, repeat the same process with the other leg - don't worry about reapplying buffs, as hopefully they should still be there. When both legs are down, the Adamantortoise will collapse. Immediately switch to SAB/RAV/SAB, with Hope as the lone ravager. Make sure deprotect, deshell, slow and imperil are cast on the Adamantortoise. When they are, switch to RAV/RAV/RAV and stagger him, and make sure his stagger percentage goes above 900%! When he's staggered above 900%, switch to COM/COM/COM and let him have it.
  10. I own an Xbox One, and there wasn't really anything in Microsoft's conference in the way of triple-A exclusives that got me excited. AC Origins looks great, but then that's coming out on PS4 also. Other than a few indie games, what do Microsoft really have in terms of exclusivity? I'd like to use my Xbox One more, but I've barely touched it this year what with the barrage of great PS exclusives coming out every other month. The latter half of 2017 will seemingly be no different.
  11. Please almighty Sony gods let it be CTR!!! I'd happily fork over my cash for a chance to play that again.
  12. About to finish Nier: Automata, then I'll complete Gravity Rush 2 and Rime. I'll get the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy when it comes out, and then I'll have 49 platinums!
  13. Sometimes I just had to stand the boy still for 10 minutes in the right sort of position and not touch the controller until it worked.
  14. It's 3 separate games so there should be 3 separate platinums. I was hoping it would work this way. Same principle as what they did with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.
  15. If I hear a certain game has an insanely hard list, I'll stay away from it. I probably shouldn't, but what can I say, my trophy OCD has taken over my good sense. Luckily for me though, practically all the games I really want to play have easy lists.