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  1. I don't remember this specific trophy giving me issues, but a few of them did. What seemed to work for me, unfortunately, was deleting saved data and replaying up to the point of a trophy and meeting requirements for it. I think I did 3 full play throughs of this game...I was pretty bummed.
  2. I miss that game so much. Probably aside from the fact that it's my rarest plat, it was also my greatest sense of progression. I started playing when it was only hardcore players left and I got good enough to hold my own and get all of the trophies legit.
  3. Dariusburst!
  4. Sure, I'm positive my girlfriend won't care at all when I tell her my plans for this day now 😇
  5. Yeah they must have. I just went and looked on ebay and they were all 50 or more it seemed. That's a bummer.
  6. I remembered this thread and went to the Ps3 storefront and I do not see a discount. I know it said "most" platforms but was just curious if anyone can confirm it did not receive a discount for ps3?
  7. The amount of whining for something you don't HAVE to do in the game is astounding. I really liked hunting the crowns with my buddy. We would always see who was right in guessing if it was actually smaller or larger by appearance. And they added all the events and there was plenty of helpful videos in measuring monsters. All that as an aside, I am super stoked they made this an entirely new plat and can't wait to see the new content.
  8. Ouch. That hurt.
  9. Far Cry 2! I'll even help you since I plan on doing that game soon Haha
  10. Hellblade, been meaning to play that game forever!
  11. A few of my friends and myself are not able to start matches. The game loads but when selecting a match type it kicks back a network error message. Anyone else having this problem, found a workaround, or heard anything?
  12. Lurking...have a Vita and would be curious to see what's feasible in this.
  13. Just recently started getting back into this. Would like more people to give/receive gifts from. Also maybe interested in trading with those from other countries. I am a pleb North American. Edit: Trainer code, duh. 5671 8977 8543
  14. Anyone able to tell me if it uses motion controls or DS4? Or either as an option? Would maybe start this, depending on controller layout and how it visually is as a VR game. Anyone with information on that would be appreciated!
  15. As far as I'm aware I don't think there are enough variants to have unlocked that 72 variant trophy...but I could be wrong maybe by now, with events that have been out, it's obtainable. Technically you can rubber band the controller and keep it on to make progress on things as well, by like you said, you still have to swap over adventures, etc.