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  1. This shouldn't be an issue. They should not be penalized for it.
  2. This! I read your reply earlier but only now was able to check. It was indeed sitting at the very bottom of my download list (but on my main console it was at the top.) Could have easily checked last night but thought there was no way it would be at the very bottom. Thanks for your reply
  3. That sounds amazing...however, completely new problem. Literally just bought the game tonight. Loaded it up on my main ps3 and was able to connect to EA servers by first accepting server regulations with an install of SSX. No issues there. I go to download Blitz onto my secondary ps3 from my main account...and it's not listed on my download list. I go to the store and hit what should be the "buy" button and it tells me the product cannot be purchased at this time. Did they just delist the game tonight? Anyone else able to test this issue that has 2 ps3s? I shouldn't have any issue seeing it in my download list and being able to access it. I did just that for my main system.
  4. Can anyone clarify a few points for me here? I have 2 consoles, can I self boost everything needed for online? For the blitz team ones am I using a Player 1 and Player 2 locally for each console to allow self boosting team matches? Any insight or tips for these online trophies will be greatly appreciated!
  5. Anthem...
  6. Nice! Will need to snag these. Really wanted to play TWD game but never pulled the trigger at higher price points.
  7. I just started this game up and forgot to check here...haven't earned a trophy yet. Anyone got thoughts to share? Should I keep playing and pray for a patch? I'm not sure if I have the time to tinker with the 1.00 method and don't wanna plunk down more money for a physical version. Bugged trophies are the worst.
  8. Lots of conflicting reports in here between necros being good and being bad. Who do I believe?! I started a paladin and am currently at level 14. It's extremely slow. I made an Amazon and the playstyle even with 2 skills unlocked at level 4 seems way better. I also always liked Druids and Necros in other games...guess I will just have to play around with everything.
  9. I definitely think it's their response to someone who mentioned trophy hunters that irks me on this. I know it's an extenuating circumstance but that should also call for out of the box or an extraordinary solutions to trophies and players that had the rug pulled out from under them. We need some people to keep pestering these devs..
  10. Hello all, With 2 kids under 2 I found myself with a lot less time to game but still time to check in on my phone intermittently and had started back up with Pokémon Go. Digging through info on Reddit for that game led me to finding a game that has totally supplanted Pogo...called Orna. It has the similar GPS features that pogo does but it's far friendlier in terms of paying to advance (really there's not even that much to buy...just play the game!) It also offers a pretty neat guild feature as well. I have been playing it daily and really surprised I had never heard of this gem before and browsing this site I couldn't find any threads on it so sorry if one does exist. Is anyone else here playing this game? I am just here to strongly recommend this mobile game and also offer up my guild if anyone is interested down the road, you would need to be in the Earthern Faction. Feel free to pm me anytime 😁
  11. I had literally started LBP1 the day before it happened. This is fucking bullshit, man.
  12. The lowercase 'badass' really irks me.
  13. Don't care about trophies, been seeing this one advertised through kickstarter on Facebook all the time and can't wait to play!
  14. So I'm gonna necro this thread instead of making a new one...this is on sale at the moment, still over $20. Haven't seen it on sale before that I can recall. I watched the show as a kid but wasn't a super fan by any means. As someone who enjoys hack and slash and the general aesthetic of the game/show and is also big on this worth it at the discount? I feel like this won't be on sale much cheaper given the higher base cost. Opinions?
  15. I was about to say the same thing. The effort you put in contemplating the pros and cons is equal to the miniscule amount of time most of the miscellaneous trophies take. Sounds like you really need a warm cup of milk and a...