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  1. That makes sense! Thanks for the clarification.
  2. It was not an UR when I earned it, around the 7-9 percent range if I remember correctly. I earned that several years ago now.
  3. This is a cool set up you have here and we have a lot of similar game interests A lot of ones on your radar are in my ever piling backlog. I would say that Lover's is an easy one to grab, its rarity is helped by the fact that it was a freebie at one point.
  4. Just curious why this states "level 25"? I haven't started it yet but see a trophy for reaching level 40. Clarification appreciated:)
  5. Yep haven't gotten to Nexomon either. And I'm really hoping to get a PS5 in time for Temtem release, I already pre ordered it. Havent been lucky in any way with the 5, unfortunately. I plan on carrying over a guild moniker I use for several other games (Gems of War, Destiny) into Temtem so if you'd be interested send me a friend request! Will have a few players right off the bat most likely Awesome! I'll screenshot that and try to remember it
  6. I've been bemoaning a lack of these types of games on Playstation for a long time. Just bought Nexomon and too hyped for Temtem. Now this as well! I won't even be able to keep up!
  7. this content on Korean store only accessible from a Korean account? It seems like creating a Korean account is one of the hardest ones to do without buying a psn?
  8. I was totally gonna start this series very soon and just saw this post...digging around for more info I stumbled across a reddit post with someone claiming you can get the trophies if someone with the dlc hosts a game in MP for you. They said it works for this and in LBP2 for the Muppets. Anyone here confirm this?
  9. Wait. Wow. Is this the same PS2 game or a new one? I remember buying that game for like 2 bucks and playing it all the time with my buddy back in the day. Will definitely have to get this for nostalgia, if nothing else.
  10. Its good fun but made a lot better when you can play with people you know if applicable. With randoms on a higher difficulty you can be in for frustration. Did the 100% in the first game and getting ready to go for #2 soon with the same group. A lot of fun in that format. At the listed prices, either way, I would recommend it.
  11. Wow. I don't think I've ever been so excited by a game so quickly. This might really push me to find a PS5 earlier than I thought.
  12. It does. I sometimes help my cousins account and his audio settings were different than mine and the sound effects+music nearly gave me a heart attack when my TV volume was way too high and I was not expecting it 😂 I have everything turned down or off because its all terrible.
  13. The arena one can be a pain depending on your choices for troops, now that weapons have been removed. I was able to do it with a team of Alastair Watch Mother Hammerclaw Nightmare Nightmare was totally useless but between Alastair and Watch Mother I had enough armor/health/barrier to survive and rely on skull matches to slog through. Was not pretty but it worked.
  14. Yeah I'm surprised they did it this way. Wonder if it was an intentional move to somehow manage their lists better.
  15. I mean...yeah, this type of game isn't something you can put down for extended periods of time and expect progress? While I don't agree with much of what you have put here - I will say that there is A LOT of information in this game - and while not overly complicated once you learn it - new players will very well feel inundated or more likely just completely be out of the loop to the point where a lot of things seem unfair or out of reach.