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  1. I'm still needing several of the dlc trophies and been working on the arcade grind as well. Unreliable people has been frustrating but the trophies haven't been too bad. People say the arcade grind is bad but every run I do I find something that happens to laugh at (character animations, etc) so I've been entertained.
  2. I had the worst damn timing with this...I had literally started the first one the day before all of this started happening.
  3. I still need to grind out the's so tedious 😭
  4. Hi there! If you use discord I'd be more than happy to add you to our guilds for advice and trophy hunting discussion in general. Also always happy to help over PM on psn. Shoot me a friend request I'd you'd like - PSN is same as username here.
  5. Hi all, I was recently able to procure a copy of Lollipop Chainsaw. I started playing the other day with no issues. Last night, I beat the first boss and immediately after finishing the QTE to kill him, it goes to a loading screen. It never advanced to the next scene and I quit to xmb, which caused it to black screen. Couldn't hit anything on the controller or manually turn off my system, so I had to pull the plug. Back to today and I've tried twice to advance in the story but now everytime I kill the first boss I get the load screen until a "disc read error". I did notice there is a scratch on the disc but it really doesn't look like that bad of one. I tried the alcohol method but didn't yield any results. Anyone have any suggestions? Can a corrupted save prompt a "disc read error" or is it just the scratch itself causing the inability to load the next portion? Would one of those 'buffing machines' possibly work? Appreciate any help...super bummed right now 😭
  6. So...this game is otherworldly expensive for an NA copy. EU versions go for significantly less. Anyone know for sure if I were to purchase a EU copy if I would need an EU account to purchase the dlc? Don't want to committ to anything until I know exactly what I'll need for 100% on this game. On that note, is online still up? If I were to have to go through EU route - is there anything tricky with matchmaking region wise? Appreciate any help!
  7. Very interesting subject matter to tackle. Also very reasonably priced, think my curiosity will win out and will purchase this game 😀
  8. So...apparently now this game is super hard to find but I still see "Japanese region free" copies for significantly less money. Does anyone know if these copies are completely played in Japanese or if there's an option to have it play in English...or just any experience with it? Appreciate any insight.
  9. There's an image.
  10. I'm pretty much destined to buy and plat this at some point given my longstanding affair with all things Clerks but I'll still wait for a sale.
  11. Yeah I'm having all of these issues as well. Sometimes if I travel somewhere else on the island for a bit and come back I can access Flamey but the animals that get bugged seem to stay that way for the day (or a restart sometimes helps). If you didn't feel like restarting, you can throw the food at the animals and they can at least eat and you can harvest the next day. The campfire one is more of the pain as you always need to upload or burn something and it becomes inaccessible. If the load times weren't so long it may not be as annoying. Thankfully the devs are active on Reddit and discord and I'm sure working on fixing it soon. Still enjoy popping on and doing dailies but I've been spending a bit less time running around to collect things. Also wish I could buy a little imp to harvest all my fruit and flowers for me. Between selecting the wrong tree/bush or selecting a deer or a bird, harvesting everything is a pain with the controller.
  12. Hm...I'm not super keen on that there any kind of grouping or clan system to ally with others?
  13. This seems like a fun list, I'm probably in the minority but I enjoy collecting resources in games and to have a bunch of them as trophies is kinda cool. Curious for those who have played there persistent PVP in the game? If you get killed by another player, is it permadeath and you need a new run? Any insight into how survival actually works and the pvp combat would be appreciated.
  14. I also think it's a pretty terrible practice but really, epic vault keys aren't that bad to get. My guild is almost all trophy hunters and only a few members who haven't really tried too hard for it don't have it.
  15. Pantsu came up on my app but for $9.09 and Metropolis came up as $2 something. When looking on my vita later, Metropolis came up as 0.99 while Pantsu did not show up at all.