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  1. I don't believe time running out counts. It used to be possible to complete a level and then stay in it with the joystick banded down and it would count all the time but they patched it at some point. Super bummed I didn't finish it back then. I still need about 8 hours.
  2. I am a sucker for any arcade sports title so bought this on site. Not disappointed with game play, not a lot of depth but wasn't expecting much. I played through a season and unlocked all trophies except for "Cheap Shot" and "Exterminator". I think Cheap Shot MAY be glitched at this point as it also has a 0% rare on PSN. Unless the description is misleading, it doesn't seem overly hard to do and I know that I should have met those qualifications, unless it's for one match. Just a heads up for anyone worried about 100% out of the gate.
  3. This happened to me initially too. I went to the settings menu, then system update and did it through there and then it was fine.
  4. I did the bulk of it private with just one other controller in free mode.
  5. Honestly, with all the abilities at your disposal, I don't see solid shooting mechanics mattering as much in this game series. 2 and 3, the gunplay is serviceable, 1 is kind of wonky, as others have said. I really enjoyed the story overall, I think 2 has some of the best character development (I enjoyed Thane and Kasumi a lot). And if you then get into the story and characters, ME3 had that "nostalgia" DLC pack I really enjoyed as well.
  6. Anyone who has earned Oblivion walker glitched in this one like the Original list or is the trophy list free of bugs? Just started today
  7. Hopefully I can maintain my motivation, hah! Thank you for the support
  8. Sign me up, please
  9. Hi all! I am on this site daily, looking things up, reading various topics, posts, all in all just generally creeping. I contribute here and there. I will be having surgery to repair a torn ACL on December 27th and kind of wanted to do something to take my mind off of being nervous about the procedure (I know it's not a serious thing, compared to other possible operations I could be having). I thought of starting a challenge for myself and the offering of this challenge to all you fine folks in hopes of this possibly being interesting to others. I must also admit that I am a teacher and just started winter break today (woohoo!), so I am off of work from now until technically January 8th. With the procedure, however, it is very likely that I will miss some work (and at this point in time I am planning on taking off the first week, at least.) This leaves me with the time-line of December 28th (not going to count my day back from surgery as I have no idea how I will feel) until January 15th (so ending on the night of the 14th). I am hoping, by that time, I will be able to drive and come back to work. I have an extensive backlog and am a pseudo-completionist. I have purchased various digital titles over the past few years when they have been too cheap to pass up. I thought of trying to earn a platinum a day with some of these games would not only boost my completion percentage, it would raise my platinum count, and help reduce some backlog slog. Working from the time-frame I listed above - that gives me 18 days, and at least 18 platinum trophies I would need to earn. I tend to write a lot - so I'm going to stop typing as much and outline how I envision it can look for you all to contribute as well! Rules If entered, you are highly encouraged to provide updates on your progress. If you want to do a daily post, that should be fine. I might do every 3rd day or 6th day or something to that effect. Any system is available, I own all of PS4, PS3, and VITA. Most of, if not all of, my plats will probably come from PS4. You are not limited to how many you want to earn in a day. If you want to pop multiple, that's fine, but the goal is to try and get one a day. For a game to be counted, please have it at no more than 25% completion. Almost all of the games I have in mind are going to be started from 0%. Games should be synched daily, please don't hold off until the last day or something. If I'm going to continue my creeping ways, I want to see your progress! Have fun! In the effort to finally shut-up, I am going to post a tentative list of games I have to choose from. This is more than 18 and is intentional to give myself some flexibility. I am confident in being able to complete any of these in 1 day.
  10. I did my own private game in free mode when I saw my trap counter seemingly be normal. It was glitched in and out as I boosted trophies in private games with a second account. I did do online in between, though, too. I honestly have no idea why it did it, but I just kept checking and got lucky I guess. I don't have a solid answer for you. If that's the last trophy you need, that sucks. I would maybe just play for fun and check after each match?
  11. Very nice of you! Off topic...but why did you switch profiles? Your previous one was insane, man. Would you switch back if we end up getting PSN name change?
  12. Further updates on any glitches: I got the plat yesterday. The only thing that is a possible glitch is with the 1000 trap trophy. I got my 200 trap trophy to pop normally (before I realized there was a 'free mode'). At some point, my trap counter got glitched and it said I only had 22. At that point, no matter how many traps I placed, it would fluctuate between 22-25. Going up sometimes and others resetting to 22. And every now and then when I would look, it would go back to my actual count and it said 311. When I saw this, I immediately went to free mode and built the rest of the 689 traps I needed and it popped. Tl;Dr- if you're looking for trophies only, do trap count in free mode asap. Or don't lose hope on a glitched stat tracker.
  13. Conga Master! Plat number 50.
  14. Yeah I think that applies for both characters and levels because my level trophy popped early. Also the rarity for all characters unlocked was higher than first character when you look at game stats in trophy info through PSN. I wonder if it applies for wardrobe, too, I have only gotten a few pieces of those.
  15. PSN says 2.7 percent of people have unlocked "A new friend appears". I unlocked squirrel and received no trophy. Anybody have insight? Will update if it pops for me. Edit: It popped on my second unlocked character.