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  1. Ouch. That hurt.
  2. Far Cry 2! I'll even help you since I plan on doing that game soon Haha
  3. Hellblade, been meaning to play that game forever!
  4. A few of my friends and myself are not able to start matches. The game loads but when selecting a match type it kicks back a network error message. Anyone else having this problem, found a workaround, or heard anything?
  5. Lurking...have a Vita and would be curious to see what's feasible in this.
  6. Just recently started getting back into this. Would like more people to give/receive gifts from. Also maybe interested in trading with those from other countries. I am a pleb North American. Edit: Trainer code, duh. 5671 8977 8543
  7. Anyone able to tell me if it uses motion controls or DS4? Or either as an option? Would maybe start this, depending on controller layout and how it visually is as a VR game. Anyone with information on that would be appreciated!
  8. As far as I'm aware I don't think there are enough variants to have unlocked that 72 variant trophy...but I could be wrong maybe by now, with events that have been out, it's obtainable. Technically you can rubber band the controller and keep it on to make progress on things as well, by like you said, you still have to swap over adventures, etc.
  9. Finally finished my hard core run for Dead Space 2, still shaking just because that mode gets me wired. I hadn't really tried it in maybe a month now - so possibly that break did me some good. The last time I tried I died on the final flight bit, which was really frustrating. Going to finish up the DLC today as well and then on to #3 sometime in the very near future :)

  10. Shadow of the Colossus, own it on PS3 but never tried it.
  11. Still having issues - seems to be a bit more lucky when doing Co-op. However...this is still very annoying. Hope they are able to look into it. When searching online I saw a thread complaning about this problem about a year ago that they had a patch for.
  12. Wow, you supplied quite the's like you're an author or something. Wait. But seriously, this was very entertaining to read. Good on you.
  13. Yes, I was getting that last night - I didn't really find a good solution. I was able to fit in one match before it started giving me that as well. I "tweeted" at Robot, but didn't get a response. Not sure if I will, hopefully this doesn't become a trend.
  14. Game just had an update today I think, or yesterday. Perhaps they will catch wind of it and fix it. You could reach out to them to make them aware.
  15. My buddy is having his trophies pop instantly when finishing matches if he has completed the requirements whereas mine are taking their sweet time. That's unfortunate yours haven't popped yet. I wouldn't be surprised if they do, though. My first one for finishing the prologue took a long time, so much so that I thought it was glitched and almost wasn't going to start this madness.