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  1. I don't want to assume anything - but just maxing out school XP does not earn you the style. Successfully using the Style's ability earns you tiny increments of XP for that style. Once the circle becomes full (just like learning a new move from fighting enemies), then you have unlocked the Style. I only need to finish Stagger style now - a good place to level them up easily is at the boss Kuretz - where he spawns many adds. The adds will always do a kick, then a punch. Just block the kick and use the style ability on the punch. Windfall is a duck, Forsaken is a parry, Kahlt is an absorb, and the Stagger is like a drunken whirl/movement. I find stagger to be tougher to do successfully then the others because it's not omnidirectional. Good luck!
  2. Honestly, I would rather Sony follow this suggestion and alphabetize my list that way so I don't have all those "the" games there. On this site, I just use the search bar. But I'd rather my list be reflected better. Also, let me sort my ps4 list. Geeze.
  3. This is a crazy list. So many specific situational trophies. Loved the first game and did my ego trophy legit, ^ didn't even know there were work arounds. Will pick this up for sure but dang, this might take a while. More arcade sports games!!
  4. Hey all, For what is a really great game for hunting achievements - there doesn't seem to be a lot on here for completing activities in this game for us trophy hunters. Yes, the list is daunting - but it's also a great game that has a lot missing without a good group to play with. I've come back to it after about a year since really playing last and am having a blast with new guildmates, family, and friends. I'm still missing a core group of people to play with, however, and that's people that want to earn trophies specifically. For several trophies - Character Faction does matter in terms of being able to group up and collectively play together in PvP instanced areas. My characters are all DaggerFall Covenant. Please message me on PSN or drop your PSN name in this thread if you're serious about attempting and trying to complete some of these trophies. My CP right now is 346 and climbing daily, I run a Templar Healer. Now is a great time to get back into it with more content coming out in the next few months. The guild name is Last Light Liturgy.
  5. It says included with season pass, is that beyond just purchasing the base game? I picked this up during some kind of sale, so don't remember what I purchased. Also, this is unlikely to add any trophies, correct?
  6. Dude, thank you so much. Finally finished it today. Definitely not as easy to do as before but still feasible in smaller amounts of time.
  7. Can we just close this thread? I haven't played a Monster Hunter game before but I knew what I was getting into. There is nothing of value here.
  8. People have to manually send them to you.
  9. Unfortunately, only a leader can send invites and at this point there doesn't seem to be a way to delineate responsibilities (like having multiple admins, etc) You can join someone from your squads session if they are currently online. You can also just send a regular game invite like other multiplayer games.
  10. Hi all, I have done a handful of online sessions and have not received one guild card. Odds are, randoms are not going to even see this function, let alone do it. I have made a squad called PSNProfiles Guild Cards. Add me on PSN and invite me to a session, I will add you and we can exchange guild cards. Once the squad fills out, find people through it. PSN - GunfighterHefty Happy Hunting!
  11. But how? The timer runs out and it kicks you to main menu.
  12. I don't believe time running out counts. It used to be possible to complete a level and then stay in it with the joystick banded down and it would count all the time but they patched it at some point. Super bummed I didn't finish it back then. I still need about 8 hours.
  13. I am a sucker for any arcade sports title so bought this on site. Not disappointed with game play, not a lot of depth but wasn't expecting much. I played through a season and unlocked all trophies except for "Cheap Shot" and "Exterminator". I think Cheap Shot MAY be glitched at this point as it also has a 0% rare on PSN. Unless the description is misleading, it doesn't seem overly hard to do and I know that I should have met those qualifications, unless it's for one match. Just a heads up for anyone worried about 100% out of the gate.
  14. This happened to me initially too. I went to the settings menu, then system update and did it through there and then it was fine.
  15. I did the bulk of it private with just one other controller in free mode.