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  1. Just dropping in to say...they are very much available (at least in the NA store..) and I just bought them.
  2. Just wanna point out that the survival mode is nearly impossible solo and simply having an alt and 'juggling' controllers is not a viable strategy. If you don't have a human teammate you can consider it unobtainable.
  3. Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants. Bartender takes his drink order and eventually asks him, "so...what's up with the steering wheel?" Pirate says, "Yar, it's driving me nuts!"
  4. Dang, wonder what they'll do with it...I'm still chipping away at Let It Die captures and also had started Deathverse. I planned to try and get everything other than the 100 wins. I don't have enough time to dedicate to that one at the moment. Its a fun game so hopefully they can hammer out issues and bring it back to success.
  5. Picked this up on sale a few months back for just a few bucks and for that price it was definitely a steal. Would recommend this to anyone even remotely interested in it at even full price, it's a really good game. Hoping to see more from the people behind this!
  6. Signed up for the Bingo event...on the off chance people are perusing status updates and want to hit a stranger up with a game recommendation - let's have 'em! 


    Preferably something that kinda fits my taste, which is obviously very easy to pin down 😖

    1. gruffiiti


      Children of Morta

    2. GunfighterHefty


      I have that in my unplayed backlog, definitely seems like a good one! 

  7. Apologies if my formatting is off, never really fussed with images on posts on here. Took the first card generated cause why not. Signed up for the Kaleidoscope event as well. Someone hit me with a recommendation, please!
  8. Count me in! I have plans for this year...not sure if they'll be executed but this would be a fun inclusion either way! Great concept 👌
  9. Obligatory 'Activision sucks' comment. Seriously.
  10. Looks like that's obtainable already then by looking at the trophy guide, if online goes off. Says there's an event related trophy that can take up to 16 weeks to earn. I would assume that's tied to online.
  11. Thanks for bringing this up here. I had Scott sitting in my cart due to its current sale so I went ahead and grabbed it today and redeemed the character. Just gotta knock out the MP now sooner than later.
  12. You either need to get lucky or you need to personally keep your own 3 switches alive, so you need to play really well. I personally tried first going for a lot of takedowns but that didn't seem to help. Just pure racing and staying out in front as the lead car as much as possible seemed to be what did it for me. I played as Outlaw and only died once and won by 4 switches. It was definitely one of the few that required multiple attempts. Take breaks when you need to.
  13. October 15th. 2019. Cool history of giveaways, good for you! 😁
  14. Such a mixture of happy nostalgia and crappy cynicism in one thread. I can't say I really remember these despite playing an immense amount of Backyard Baseball. If they are already bundled or all go on a good sale I'll definitely pick them up.
  15. Right, he did that but said he couldn't find it. Looking for the correct characters or whatever to enter to find it.