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  1. Do you mean max the skills on the left side (like level 25?) Or max their passive? I can't fathom you playing that many matches without running into at least 1 clueless group. I've played about 10 matches now as a demon and have a few wins...I would say if it's this bad for you, see if you can boost it. Or wait till it's a plus title and come back the month it releases and stomp on all the casual people trying it out. Best of luck!
  2. There are people on Reddit and discord who you could coordinate with for extra attacks to your base if you're really having issues - I haven't done that but just letting you know that. A few points I'll share that may help...make sure you fully log out of the game each time by hitting 'return to title screen's from the waiting room. It seems to have issues with incorrect shut downs. The more active you are in TDM I believe the more likely you are to appear as a target to attack. Also you are more likely to get defenses in wars if you have people your level attacking you and you have some higher level weapons. For example, once I was able to get the butterfly knife, red hot iron +, metal bat A, etc during those wars I could get 5 or more defense wins in that time period. The War level scaling I'm not sure on. Some of the wars I have appropriate levels to attack, other times I have only levels 3-5 which usually have the naked default Defenders that can't be stunned. I'm just trying to struggle through the captures. I can take down players in the 50s or even 70s on occasion even with my grade 1 fighters but just haven't gotten as many stuns the last week.
  3. That all sounds solid...I've been focusing on the TDM trophies first as well. I am around 70 defenses now, up from like 30 just a few weeks ago. If you keep plugging away with your attack efforts, you should eventually start to get sor better 2 or even 3 star blue prints which will help a lot for attacking, examples including butterfly knife, pulse stun gun, etc. I am at 20 captures now and it's definitely more efficient to focus on this when your clan is in a war with another as it will give you more appropriately ranked fighters, which are easier to stun and not as difficult to defeat. Even with only my grade 2 fighters I can beat players into the 30s at times. Captures will definitely take a long time still. I might push more in the tower, we'll see what happens. Keep hunting, man! I personally really like the game. Love the soundtrack and combat feel.
  4. Poop. Well, I know I bought a lot of the Sonic digital only games and my backlog is probably big enough for two lifetimes so...oh well.
  5. Anyone know if they have already been removed? I meant to double check if I was missing any and forgot to and can't get to my system at the moment.
  6. Hey! I was in the same boat not that long ago and got some advice from someone who did the 100% that I think would ring true with you. Don't be afraid of the trophies, there's definitely more just time needed rather a skill cap or anything. I already have circle Crusher and I've only been able to get 16 or 17 captures, so you're doing really well already! I have missed out on several as well due to a full bathroom I forgot to clear, timer running out, and misclicking. I am about halfway to my defense wins as well. If you keep farming the tower for good blueprints (or get someone to drop a weapon to you in TDM ) you will eventually outpace enough opponents to be consistently winning and having chances for captures. Its just RNG as to if the enemy will get dazed/stunned or not. The best weapon to get is the Red Hot Iron so once you get the blueprint for that you should be good to go.
  7. I would imagine it would save after qualifying (hopefully) but I'll try to be on the safe side today. I did just to see if I could force it. I got the 10 wins trophy during the tip toe event and have been pushing the last few days and to my knowledge won 2/3 the first day, 4 the next and 4/5 last night. I should have at least gotten 10 between those days but no pop yet. Update: Got it with 2 wins tonight! Thanks for the responses. Sending good vibes to anyone still aiming for race wins. This was a frustrating one for me.
  8. Uh...crap. I've been waiting for most of them and try for the next race if it is a race mode but if it hasn't been I've been quitting out. I emailed support and like others only got the "the requirements have not been fulfilled" but pushed back at them and then got a "should unlock shortly" anyone have any experience with checking with them and what happened after receiving that message? Did you get it on the next win? I will have tonight free to play but that's it. I won't have all day to try. Cutting it so close ☹️
  9. If I win the race and then quit out after it still counts right? It should pop immediately after winning the last required round?
  10. I'm at 7kish points so far. Battles are kinda rough even so far. Have bought several tier 7s already just for the stats to keep up.
  11. I didn't want to start my own thread so I guess I'll necro this one. Just as a fair warning to anyone wanting to still get the online done...servers are pretty terrible for me. I'm self boosting this and I get the disconnection error every other match. I can do one match with no issues and then my next match will 99.9% of the time give me the disconnection. Repeating that pattern as long as I'll tolerate it. I am about 9 titles shy now of being done so hoping to power through it but just wanted to let anyone else possibly looking into this of my issue. I'm not sure if others have had the same experience.
  12. I've been playing often since this whole debacle started. I missed the last day of the Tip Toe event otherwise I would have finished the race wins...any chance we get that coming back? I've never had Tip Toe come up on a normal queue. I'm often in the top 5 on several race tracks but still haven't pulled off a single win outside of the Tip Toe event. This is hell.
  13. I'd love to help contribute to this - as my project lately has been obtaining all MP/online trophies from my PS3 collection and also acquiring new titles as physical copies and reselling them down the road. If anyone wants to collaborate on this, let me know
  14. Still holding out hope for this. I think we definitely need to message otherwise they won't care to do anything. If they come back on I swear I won't neglect these manuals again.
  15. I just need the pattern but also a celebration to make its way into my store