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  1. Pantsu came up on my app but for $9.09 and Metropolis came up as $2 something. When looking on my vita later, Metropolis came up as 0.99 while Pantsu did not show up at all.
  2. When looking at some of these titles on the ps app off my phone, the prices for a few of these I would be interested in are not 0.99. Do I need to look at them on the vita? Any help is appreciated!
  3. Saw the recent postings but I tried to get on and am getting the error message and not able to connect. Anyone else confirm if servers are still down? This is honestly so ridiculous...
  4. Technically this is always available through the disc copy that has this, When Vikings Attack, etc. Wish I would have grabbed the DLC for this back in the day, though. 😔
  5. I'm still going to grab multiple items I wanted as random/unannounced delistings are a real thing.
  6. I wanted to jump back in here and say I haven't had any issues with poor performance on PS5.
  7. From reading other info on Reddit, trying to revert back in time can glitch your file pretty badly. I can't speak from experience, however.
  8. Oh no - I wanted to get this right it that bad?
  9. Hi all, I was trying to find an answer to my question online but I didn't get exactly what I was looking for. I know technically a vita can only have one account on it but I was wondering if I'm able to upload a game from my ps3 that was crossbuy from one of my other psn accounts? Is it possible possible access that content with my main or no? Appreciate any possible problem solving with this.
  10. As mentioned below I saw that session thread with the help. I just bought a copy as well but won't be in for a few weeks. I was planning on hitting up that session but if that falls through I would be looking to do it at some point. Feel free to shoot me a friend request if you want.
  11. Oh shoot, I didn't even think of if I have the EU bluray will the missing dlc I need be compatible if I'm buying on my NA account?
  12. Is this the decision making process that set the mark for DLC in the industry? Good grief. Multiple separate purchases it is! 🙄
  13. I definitely didn't mean it in a rude way, wanted to edit it but failed to do a good job haha
  14. Yeah, that's definitely not what I'm talking about (this is a standalone version) I know for sure this Blu ray version has dlc but not sure if there is still a few packs I will need.
  15. Is there a complete edition for this game or do I need separate DLC purchases? Narrowing down lists for what I'd like to have prepared for ps3 store shutdown.