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  1. I mean...yeah, this type of game isn't something you can put down for extended periods of time and expect progress? While I don't agree with much of what you have put here - I will say that there is A LOT of information in this game - and while not overly complicated once you learn it - new players will very well feel inundated or more likely just completely be out of the loop to the point where a lot of things seem unfair or out of reach.
  2. Patch notes mention tasks carry over each week. Can also spend gems to complete them, so if youre not trying to hit super high scores in guild events, you should have a manageable number of gems to spare.
  3. Haven't posted in here at all. I've done a lot of gaming and even managed to knock a few of these out since the time of posting Finished Friday just last night, 7 Days to Die a few weeks back and Raging Blast a month or so after posting.
  4. You will definitely need to use some Gems to get some from guild/event shop each week. I've been playing better part of 2 years and didn't even auto pop the 200 items when it released. Being in a strong guild helps as you get some titles and avatars for completing tiers in the Guild event rewards.
  5. As others have said, it definitely has more options for customization (for games in that time period, anyway) in how you want your character to play. It also has a good aesthetic in my opinion. I remember I got the demo as well for the Mass Effect tie-in, but this was way before my trophy hunting days. I liked it enough back then and the game always stuck with me. Maybe more so because of the Curt Schilling phenomena. I finally went back and had purchased it and played to 100% around a year and a half ago I think. Its a fun enough game with combat that still holds up well enough to function like a dungeon crawler in today's world but it lacks direction at points with not much interest in the open world to make running around really justified. Reckoning mode is still pretty damn satisfying, though!
  6. Thankfully was able to finish the trophy up today with the 100k bonus after donking it up yesterday by trying to be greedy. Hope everyone that was aiming for it is able to finish and be Set For Life!
  7. Right. Battlefront has a lot of content and if you're looking to get 100% of the trophies in it, its all free! People just prefer a reason to moan and cry.
  8. May I ask why this has you so upset?
  9. I should have checked all this info before logging on...I claimed my 8.5 million and then read through all of this exploit stuff. If what I'm seeing is true, I still have a chance for the 100k reward? Does the server reset on Japanese time or...? I am central US and just claimed it about 45 mins ago.
  10. Hi all, Haven't started this one yet but had a question for anyone kind enough to indulge me. Does this game have the "backyard " ie, constantly spawning mobs like Warfare 2? Was wondering if there was any use a turbo controller could serve in this game/grind.
  11. Pirates is alright. It has rudimentary combat mechanics/etc but I would say for that price its a pleasant enough experience if you like Adventure Time and it doesn't overstay its welcome for earning the plat.
  12. Typically you want a more sure thing team to go through to get to 500 first as pure faction teams would usually have much less synergy and survivability. Especially that team.
  13. I just got 'Exalted' last week and was super excited to see my completion on the game back up to over 90%. That said, while the trophies are ridiculously grindy, they are not tough. I don't particularly like delves, but they can be completed quickly. I also enjoy having this game as my "home base" of games. Its also been fun working on managing a guild from the ground up to a good spot in the overall rankings on PSN comprised mostly of trophy hunters. You just really need to find the sweet spot of daily routine, know when you can slack a bit, and when you can push more or when you're just in the mood to play more.
  14. The streak ended last night. I was exceptionally busy and had thought I could finish Masters of Anima by the deadline. 


    When I realized it wouldn't happen, I made a last ditch effort to load up Donut County and finish that. That also proved futile so...that leaves me with having completed 2 weeks worth of plats a day. 


    I'm going to try and finish out the rest of the month as close as I can to getting one a day from here on out, as this challenge has led me to finish a lot of games from my unstarted backlog and really enjoy some of the ones I have completed. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. GunfighterHefty


      Appreciate it. Honestly even just finishing up Hotline Miami and Andromeda was worth it. 


      My momentum definitely got jammed up working on Escapists: Walking Dead. That glitch stalled that day and had to scramble and finish Undertale and from then on it was all off. 


      Like @DaivRules said, I'm definitely going to try and hit the number total but we will see. 

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Hotline Miami is a good plat :)

    4. ihadalifeb4this


       There's no point quitting now. Good luck with getting total! 

  15. Day 10 and 11 plats finishes. 


    Got a bit busy there but managed to do Mecho Tales for the 10th (and a couple Ultra Rares in Vermintide with my friends) and finishes up Second Son for day 11. 


    Mecho Tales can be quickly forgotten, nothing of note in that game really.


    Second Son was good and I liked the story more making all good decisions than bad...but man, playing that just a week after First Light was a let down in terms of action. First Light is so snappy and responsive and Second Son just felt clunky in comparison the whole way through. Reggie was my favorite character, as sad as that is. 


    My next project is to hopefully finish Escapists: Walking Dead tomorrow...which I'm hoping to avoid a glitchy trophy in that effort. The game has been sitting incomplete on my list for years so would be a great one to get done.