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  1. Nope. I have things to do, at the moment. And I am waiting their responses. Ruliya next?
  2. I missed all of you, that's why Yeah I want some tea, please. Thank you andy Andy?
  3. Sorry I've been crying snifff. Give me an *hug* Owly
  4. I missed you all of you !!!!! *sniffff* 1000+ pages ? MY God !!!! Busy stuff to do Owl-friend Cat Lady?
  5. Im good Im good thanks !!!! And you my ex-owl, how are you?
  6. look who is back !!!!! Soul !!!!!!!! 'Sup my fiance Ruliya?
  7. Nope Dammit I missed soo much pages. Hey everyone how are you ? Razza?
  8. I wish you the welcome to the forum.
  9. Announcement: Source :
  10. Looks like Andy is not sober after 1 bottle of whiskey ! (How weak you are my owl) ! Please Captain, teach them how to drink and stay sober after too many whiskey. Razza?
  11. The only things I can do is to buy all good PS4's games. And then when I will have my PS4, it is going to be a busy years ! Afro Samurai is the only one who I respect the most. Thanks for the video.
  12. Nope. Please Dragon before you desappear again, get some drinks with us ! *Invite the females vikings*
  13. Archon ! ! ! Where is the wines, beers ! We need to celebrate that ! Rory?!!!
  14. Yes I wish ! On topic, Selina ?