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  1. Luke, I'm awaiting a reply to my message...

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    2. Gemini-Genesis


      Why so rude all of a sudden?

    3. Gemini-Genesis


      I spent my time and effort writing that message to you, hoping that you would reply. Not only did you not reply, but you are telling me to fuck off? How disrespectful of you. 

    4. Gemini-Genesis


      You fuck off.

  2. So I haven't logged into my PSN account in over a year and I can't seem to remember the email for my PSN account. My PSN ID is Gemini-Genesis. I contacted PSN customer service and they require me to provide the original console serial number and credit card number used by my account. The problem is that I don't have access to the original console serial number, and neither do I have access to the credit card number used by my account. Is there another way to recover my account without knowing these details? Thank You.
  3. It's not too bad, failed mainly on chapter 9...
  4. It's insanely hard.
  5. Can't wait for Twisted Metal.