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  1. After completing the game you can tell that the game is like a huge homage to many great movies and TV Shows. It is clear that these guys love Donnie Darko. The game starts just as the movie, with music while the main character walks around the school. The wormhole thing with multiple universes colliding into one also very similar. The movie itself happens during Halloween, party included... Then you have all The Butterfly Effect thing, with Max surfing through universes by focusing on pictures. Changing things most of the times for the worse, wheelchair incident included just like the movie. The nose bleeding as she keeps straining herself... Then many references all around the game to Twin Peaks. The fire walk with me written on the mirror. Also that part of the last chapter in which everybody speaks backwards. Also the Redrum thing from The Shining, and many more that I don't remember right now... as I said a beautiful homage, taking things from here and there to make it their own very special product.
  2. yes, it just happened to me. I am really mad because that last third wave was a huge pain in the ass. And I am pretty sure I didnt screw it up because everytime I missed I would restart the game. Did you solve it btw?
  3. Motivational memes 👍
  4. this just happened to me a couple of hours ago. I am currently playing chapter 16, and when I go to the main menu the game says that I haven't beaten chapter 15 on brutal. And it had to be f&#%#^ing chapter 15 with the church fight bullshit. I guess I will keep playing and see if the glitch solves by itself. But man, just the thought of having to do all that bullshit again... HAPPY EDIT: what happened to ComGen also happened to me. As soon as I got to chapter 18 I got the completed on Brutal message for chapter 15. So if this occurs to you, just keep playing
  5. The same thing happened to me when I was going for the grounded trophy. That subchapter is glitched. Maybe you are lucky and replaying it again solves the problem, but for me it did not work. My save file was corrupted and I had to create a new save file from the nearest chapter to make it work. Here is the link to the thread I created when it happened to me:
  6. Ok, I already got the trophy and I can confirm it doesn't save the petting of creatures using chapter select. You have to do it in one sitting if you want the game to register it. So if anyone misses this trophy during the first playthrough, the easiest and quickest way to get it is playing chapter 6, Gibbet Hill. There, you have access to Pumpkin's head just at the beginning of the chapter. There is also a Squirrel and a couple of Gophers a little bit further. There is also a fight with a single scrap, making it very easy to stun it so you can pet it. I also died before reaching a checkpoint after fondling a Gopher, so I can confirm too that the game saves the progress as soon as you perform the action. The important thing here is to pet the 4 creatures in one sitting if you opt for the chapter select method.
  7. I always keep playing until the end of the chapter to clear it up, but it is hard to say if I died before reaching a new checkpoint. Anyway, did you get the trophy using chapter select? Because if so, then I am 100% doing something wrong.
  8. Yeah, believe it or not, I am having trouble with the most stupid trophy for this game Right now I am playing via chapter select to clear up every single one of them. I already did my first complete walkthrough of the game, during which I did not attempt to pet any single creature. Now, during this chapter select playing, I have been trying to get the trophy but it won't pop up. I have already thrown into the controller and fondled five different creatures, but spread out over different chapters. I am just wondering if it doesn´t add up using chapter select, and maybe you need to do it during a normal playthrough of the game for it to compute. Any ideas guys?
  9. A couple of months ago they were on sale in the EU store, both the premium edition and the standard one. The standard one listed at 15€ and the premium edition for 20€. Back then I had no idea premium came with the season pass, so I just bought vanilla. I still look back on that decision Now I will either have to pay extra 20€ for the season pass or wait for a another season pass' sale.
  10. The game is actually doing extremely well in every GOTY list. I did not expect such positive feedback, specially after Titanfall 1. But yeah, the campaign seems to be solid and entertaining, and the multiplayer looks fun. I am definitely going to buy the game when price drops on PSN too.
  11. This trophy was such a pain in the ass. First of all you need to be lucky enough to have this guy spawn, and then again be lucky enough to get one of the easy challenges. Or maybe it is just me being horrible at playing these challenges lol. Anyway, this was the last trophy I got too. I remember my hands shaking from the pressure of making the last shot
  12. Oh man I missed that one! I panicked and got the hell out of there as soon as I could LOL
  13. I haven't forgotten, I just didn't get a good glimpse of it and kept me wondering.
  14. oh man the Seven reference, how could I have missed that one? Cheers to you good sir
  15. So yeah, apart from loving the name of that one trophy, the actual question really puzzles me. What's in the freaking bag? It was making sounds, and the guy was nuts enough to be carrying his zombie child... but the bag was too small to hold anything. Any thoughts?