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  1. As far as I know, there are no mayor trophy bugs in this game. The collectibles are, however, much more frustrating to collect than they have any right to be in a game this short, so I can see why people might just give up. Personally, it took me closer to 15 hours to collect everything.
  2. The PS4 Version is marked as a trial as well (and won't show up in my purchased games library). Interesting that the two versions work so differently...
  3. No, I just downloaded the Version from PS+. Played the first story mission and got the trophy. I'll get the full version at a later point probably.
  4. What about the 'Legends Mode' and 'Rivals and Mastery Challenges' trophies, though? Can I get those with the standalone that is in PS+? Would be nice to get the multiplayer trophies out of the way now (planning to get the main game at some point in the future anyways). Just tested with a friend and popped the trophy to finish the first mission no problem
  5. Thanks, that actually did the trick for me!
  6. Did anyone else have issues using this method? I tried for almost two hours with a friend today - we eventually got it to work for her, taking advise from this method ( ) and using two controllers, but no dice for me. Has anyone had to try different things and can tell me what eventually worked out?
  7. That's great news to get even that much confirmation from the Publishers on a game this small and not particularly new. Fingers crossed they'll really do something about it.
  8. Not quite, there are at least two UK based people who made it past the Shepard trophy. But then, the total sample size of people playing the game is rather small to begin with. I really hope a solution will be found, a friend of mine is stuck as well and I don't want to start the game before a way has been found to get past this level...
  9. For Mad Max, the customer service said all trophies would be achievable after the servers shut down, but they were wrong. 100% hasn't been achievable for a couple of months now so if you haven't started the game yet to do the trophy in question, you are out of luck. Far Cry 2, on the other hand, is still achievable, but might not be in the near future. So what we are saying is, if there are any online trophies you want (not in Mad Max, it's too late for that) it's better to go for them now, or you might be disappointed later.
  10. Yeah, we got a little further in Ascension today (it's the only one left, though), and I see what you guys mean. But while it's hard, it still feels kind of fair and not totally undoable, so we'll just keep trying (and I'll work on the last 9 single player trials on the side, too).
  11. There's a book series centered around a rival clone squad and you get to witness the buildup and aftermatch of the mission seen in this game. Sadly, the book series itself was never finished, either...
  12. Today I played the first session of 2 Player Trials with a friend of mine and we managed 8 trials in about 4 hours, so I'm feeling slightly more optimistic about this trophy We did one trial run of Ascencion and got to the 60-combo wave in arena 4. How much worse does it get after that? Up until that point, it didn't seem that much harder than previous challenges so I'd like to get an idea of what we'll face in the later waves.
  13. Another series I'd like to complete eventually So far I have platinumed 4: Atelier Rorona Atelier Totori Atelier Meruru Atelier Lulua
  14. I currently started working on this series again so I'd like to sign up - so far I got 2 Plat/100%: Assassin's Creed II Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Hoping to advance to the next tier within the year
  15. I've been using a Bluelake Controller on my PS3 for a couple of months now. Bought it for less than 20€ and I'm very happy with it Wireless, vibration works, controls are nice, haven't had any issues with it so far.