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  1. I did it when the 'Upload a piece of media' trophy wouldn't pop for me; backed up my savegame in the cloud, deleted the local copy, sang one song on a clear game, ulploaded and popped without issues. I then restored my savegame from the cloud. It was before the Serverdown, so I wouldn't recommend experimenting now, but I can't recall having to re-download any songs (It only was the savedata though, not the game data itself).
  2. I did some four player price bubbles in LittleBigPlanet solo by blocking buttons on the controllers with rubberbands etc. I think at one point I used my big toes to move all characters at once, which is pretty pathetic if you think about it...
  3. I guess Sekiro would be the kinder choice
  4. Birthdays...takes way to long and all that idling might kill your console.
  5. I have the same problem - bought the Season Pass Deluxe (Episode 1-8) some time ago, but can only actually download Episode 1-6. I've been writing emails back and forth with the Sony support for a week, but so far nothing really useful has come around.
  6. Yes. I just got the disk (rented it for a week, so it's definitively been used before) and could access all episodes in the store, they're downloading as we speak.
  7. If some of you could play my level, I need about 13 more plays for the trophy. It's really short one but I'd appreciate if some of you took the time: I'll check which of the levels posted here still need more plays and do that once I get home
  8. Working on it, but unless I get that SkyHook-thingy to work, it's going to take at least ~7 more weeks for plat ^^ Cassiopria: Well, how about Kingdom Hearts then? Such a great game, and surely a worthy #30
  9. Lego The Hobbit, those Lego games are always fun, and rather quick as well
  10. Go for Gravity Rush, it's such a lovely game and the challenges aren't as hard as they look once you get into them