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  1. I'm currently going for 100% completion, and some of the remixes are insanely hard to platinum. Remixes 36 and 46 make me want to rip my hair out in frustration! I've gotten close 10's of times, but can never seem to finish the remix off. Which remix gives you the most trouble, and if you beat it, what happened?
  2. I'm looking for people to share their best tips for beating the final boss. What style did you use? How much health did you have when going in? What were the most useful upgrades? What did you purchase from the shop? Anything and everything helps!
  3. Huh... Maybe they fixed it then. Ill have to check it out!
  4. I'm almost positive no one cares about this game, but I tried to boost with a friend a couple of days ago and continually got a matchmaking error. I looked at the Reddit for the game and it appears the studio behind the game shut down, so there is little chance whatever issue is happening, if it is happening for everyone, is going to get patched. If you have this on your trophy list unfinished, looks like its going to stay that way forever. The platinum is essentially locked since you cannot find a match in any capacity, even with friends.
  5. I agree. Unless you want to play the shooting gallery for the rest of your days, the multiplayer is the only real option for gameplay. Sony should at least have the decency to take it off the store, or warn people, or something.
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys, but it looks like I'm just going to have to run though the game again on easy. I hope it goes quickly!
  7. I just finished the game on grounded Plus mode using the 'prologue exploit' and found that I didn't find enough parts throughout the game to fully upgrade all my weapons. This is most likely because I first played the game 3ish years ago and didn't pay much attention to the trophies. I still need a few upgrades to El Diablo and Shorty (100-150 parts worth) and I'm not thrilled about having to play the game again (even though it is an excellent game). Has anyone else encountered this problem? Should I just use the chapter select and finish chapter 7 onward and only upgrade the weapons I need to? If I finish the prologue an then select chapter 7 will I have everything from my recently finished new game plus? Any help would be appreciated!
  8. That's not a bad idea, do you know if the trophy will pop if I just upgrade the weapons that I haven't yet fully upgraded? To be more specific, when I load a chapter it appears that the game reverts to the state that I was in when I played through that chapter, meaning if I load up chapter 7 I wont have the upgrade progress that I made in chapter 7+. So if I upgraded the pistol near the end of the game, can I still get the trophy if I spend those parts on another weapon I haven't maxed out yet?
  9. It really helps to get the golden crowbar and use the best melee upgrade you can. Then you don't have to worry about shooting and can mostly 1 shot every molded. As you mention the last stage, you should remember that you can kill bug form Marguerite in the basement where you fought chainsaw Jack in the main game, and it is very easy if you grab the red gun on the hook before jumping down. Defeating her will allow you to open up a door nearby (The room you find the key in the police officers neck in the main game) and get 2 cakes, 2 four star wine, and a garbage that you can combine with sugar to make a 'Baker Family Special'. If you return to the spot you killed Marguerite after feeding Jack, a fully made 'Baker Family Special' will be waiting for you on the ground.
  10. I'm currently in a town named Rivadda that I found in the 'Most Populated Towns' section while searching through towns. I don't know how much longer this town will last or if the path will be destroyed, but I earned the trophy here if you can find the town. There is a ladder leading up on the outskirts of town, and one tricky jump. I might be online for the next two hours or so, if you see this, send me a friend request, and this town will show up in the 'Friends town' section.
  11. Good advice FalseSine! I just recently beat the boss and started on beating hard mode. Ill take your advice to heart as I'm sure it applies to hard mode too!
  12. Hoppy Bobby is best for remix 46, so its a good thing you switched. The only thing I can say is level 36 really is a grind, and manta ray is the best character. You might have some luck with Dunjun Dude if you sit in the top left corner, as that is always a good strat to try if you cannot beat the level.
  13. I just figured that out the hard way. I tried level 36 well over 100 times with Dunjun Dude, but Hoppy Bobby allowed me to compete it first try...
  14. For this exploit to work, you'll need a way to suspend the Clicker Heroes application on your PlayStation. What I usually do is go to the desired boss level and turn farm mode off using L3 so you cannot progress past the boss fight. Within the first few seconds of the fight you should switch to another application that will allow you to suspend Clicker Heroes (I usually switch to Spotify, but I think it may work with Netflix as well). What I believe happens is the boss fight timer is suspended, but your progress is not, so your heroes can still damage the boss for the amount of time the game is suspended. If the boss has 100,000 health and you have 10 idle DPS, you will have to remain in the application (Spotify) for 10,000 seconds (around 3 hours!) to complete the boss fight. This is not a super useful exploit, I personally use it to collect those last few hero souls from bosses I can't normally defeat, but if you find something better to do with it, let me know!