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  1. Velocity Ultra and Velocity 2X Wipeout Omega Collection Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Axiom Verge The Persistence (Has a Non-VR mode now) Horizon Chase Turbo Aggelos Super Stardust Ultra Valfaris Sorry for the long list!
  2. :platinum: #447 - Lone Survivor


    Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut no Steam


    Not a big fan of survival horror but I actually enjoyed this game. My first playthrough was quite a struggle as I was still getting used to the map layouts and enemy encounters. But then the subsequent playthroughs were much easier as I followed a guide to mop up the trophies that I didn't get earlier. And it's bewildering to me that this game has an UR plat, it really isn't that difficult once you get the hang of it.

  3. :platinum: #445 - Rayman Legends (PS4)




    After leaving this game unfinished for 2 and a half years, I found the motivation to do the online challenges. Getting the Truly Awesome trophy was an absolutely tedious grind, having to spend the last 3 months playing this every day until I reached the 11th level of Awesomeness. And now I can finally say good riddance!

  4. :platinum: #444 - Hotshot Racing




    One of the best arcade racers out there. Even though it was grindy towards the end, I had more fun with it than Xenon Racer 😄

  5. DogFoRaw5 - Fighting Amateur
  6. :platinum: #436 - Xenon Racer



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      Well done! 💯

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      Congratulations yet again !! :)

  7. Oh yes, I bet it was a really hard decision when we knew the outcome all along
  8. Hope that HZD will follow suit
  9. Platinum - 8 (16%) Gold - 21 (42%) Silver - 13 (26%) Bronze - 8 (16%)
  10. :platinum: #433 - Budget Cuts




    I really enjoyed this game. Definitely one of the best I've played from my VR library and I hope the sequel gets a PS4/PS5 port.

  11. Quill (Moss)
  12. Mickey's Wild Adventure The next cover shows a skull with half of an hourglass below it, which has people standing outside of a lodge covered in snow. Supplementary hint: This was a PS+ game.
  13. Mokujin (Tekken)
  14. Pokemon Blue? Cover #4 The cover illustrates a fighter whose father has the ability to turn into a purple devil. Supplementary hint: It's one of the best PS1 fighting games of all time (the best imo)