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  1. Velocity 2X. I would also say it's my most rewarding plat.
  2. #296 - HEAVY RAIN HEAVY RAIN Master Unlock all trophies
  3. 100% yes
  4. #294 - Day of the Tentacle Remastered OCD Get all other trophies in the game #295 - Grim Fandango Remastered Number Nine Ticket Get all other trophies in the game.
  5. #293 - Spirit of the North Master of Light Complete all other trophies in Spirit of the North
  6. #292 - Titan Souls Ascension Collect all Trophies Didn't think I was ever going to come back to this game after 3+ years, when it was free for PS Plus. So glad that I did though.
  7. #290 - SoulCalibur V Unwritten History Obtained all trophies. #291 - Undertale Don't You Have Anything Better to Do? Obtain all other Undertale trophies.
  8. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition One Smart Cookie Complete one optional tomb.
  9. Sports Champions 2 has an ultra rare plat as well, although it's easier than the first one.
  10. 1. Danger Ball 2. London Heist 3. VR Luge 4. Ocean Descent 5. Scavenger's Odyssey
  11. You probably had a high force feedback setting on your wheel. Turning it off makes the X1 a lot more driveable.
  12. More than I can remember. Although the most noteworthy games I have are Tomba and Kula World. I used to own a demo disc that had those games on it as well as MediEvil, Tekken 3, Gran Turismo, and Spyro the Dragon IIRC. But I never owned the boxed versions, nowadays they are rare and expensive. Thankfully, they are dirt cheap on the PS Store.
  13. It's a great game. A bit short in length but the captivating story makes up for it. You need 2 PS Move controllers to play though.
  14. Astro Bot is undoubtedly my favourite VR game of all time. And it so happened to be the first one I played as well, as it was one of the games included in the Mega Pack bundle. The introduction to the VR world I received blew me away. There were some fun and challenging platforming sections, but half the time I was just looking around appreciating my surroundings. In my opinion, Astro Bot provides the best VR experience. Other VR games I enjoyed playing were Moss, Blood & Truth, Robinson: The Journey, Tiny Trax, Job Simulator and Ghost Giant.
  15. Sign me up for Squishy Vanquisher please. Only games I haven't got plats for are Q Force and All 4 One.