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  1. Presumably it runs at 4K 60fps?
  2. :platinum: #646 - Geometry Wars 3


    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Wikipedia


    Another tough twin-stick shooter done 😊


    I enjoyed this game a lot, despite the struggles I had with obtaining all 3 stars from certain levels. And I somehow managed to 3 star all the coop levels solo, as there was no online coop mode. Made it harder for myself this way, but it was more rewarding in the end 😁

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    2. Don_carlito94


      Again awesome work mate. The dedication paid off 

    3. Ais Wallenstein

      Ais Wallenstein

      Awesome job Poochie! :)


      I know it went on sale recently and cheap at it. But damn your into those type of games? I supposed you've got good taste to it after all. But how was the experience anyway? :)

    4. Godo Fwar

      Godo Fwar

      @Ais Wallenstein Oh yeah I love my twin stick shooters 😁


      If you're into them then I'd definitely recommend this game, but you're gonna need a lot of skill and patience if you want the plat.

  3. If I took over from the devs of these games, I'd make The Jumping Turd
  4. Rime. Had way more fun with it than I expected.
  5. I looked on the digital store and both PS4 and PS5 versions are bundled together, which means the PS4 disc copy will have the free PS5 upgrade
  6. Batman Arkham Origins servers are still running, they were meant to close in December 2016
  7. :platinum: #644 - NeuroVoider




    Had a lot of fun with this game, until I got to the final boss. And to prove how difficult it was, watch the video below. I was close to packing it in but so glad I didn't.



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    2. ShonenCat



    3. Honor_Hand


      Pretty cool. Reminds of Nex Machina in setting, music, and the fact that it's a twin-stick shooter. It looks challenging too. I'll be keeping on this one to get it later on. ^^


      Congrats on the plat! =D

    4. Godo Fwar

      Godo Fwar

      @Honor_Hand I'd definitely recommend it. Very cheap when on sale.


      Just keep in mind it's also a roguelike, but fortunately you can save scum if you're stuck on a particular level/boss fight.

  8. 1. Sports Champions (0.52%) 2. Gran Turismo 5 (0.57%) 3. Playstation VR Worlds (0.63%) 4. Trackmania Turbo (0.64%) 5. WipEout Omega Collection (1.29%) If I could just get one more sub 1% plat...
  9. Finally kicked the Ripsnorter's ass 😁



    Not the fastest or a perfect run by any means, but still enough for a gold 👍

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Nicely done my dude!! Never played this game, but I'm well familiar with the general LBP formula... I did however watch someone else's video of this particular level and geezus that looks rough 😅 Well played my man!!

    2. Godo Fwar

      Godo Fwar

      @Joe Dubz Thanks man!


      I had more trouble with the first half of the level, probably because I was rushing it too much. The second half was actually easier, though I was playing more cautiously after I took a hit from the spikes. Another hit would've sent me back to the start of the level.

  10. Welcome! It's good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while 👍
  11. #641 - FlatOut 4: Total Insanity




    I have mixed feelings about this game. While it was fun, it was also frustrating due to the aggressive AI. They only seemed to care more about ramming you endlessly than winning the race. I lost count of how many times I retried before eventually succeeding.


    And of course, it's another UR racing plat added to my collection! Music to the ears of @Don_carlito94 and @Destructor-8! 😁

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on completing this one! Have it on my wishlist, as with a seemingly endless supply of other racing games I should get too.


      Even if is still kinda so-so, I can see myself having fun with this one. And thanks for the heads up on the glitched trophy. I'll be sure to downgrade my game whenever I get it. Pretty much the same experience I had recently with Baja: Edge of Control, lol.

    3. Don_carlito94


      Nicely done dude, congrats! How are you holding up in Redout 2. Progressing?

    4. Godo Fwar

      Godo Fwar

      @Honor_Hand And you'll most likely need a boosting partner for the online trophies, as the servers are practically inactive. Though I did self boost with my PS5 and PS4 😁. I've heard of the Baja game, though I never really wanted to play it for some reason. Not played V-Rally 4 and Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo either. Flatout 4 is more akin to Wreckfest imo, so I think you'll like that game as well if you haven't played it before.


      @Don_carlito94 I've not had the desire to go back to it lately. And it still hasn't had a major update, probably because of the low player base. Having said that, I'm currently going through Sackboy: A Big Adventure. It's quite a fun platformer 😊

  12. Ah bollocks. Just started the game and didn't know about this until now. Only have the digital version. EDIT: I downgraded to version 1.00 and have the plat now.
  13. Don't choose anything and let the timer run out. You can replay the chapter if you remember where you went wrong, otherwise you'll have to restart the entire game. Unlike the subsequent Dark Pictures Anthology games, Man of Medan doesn't have the feature in the pause menu where you can see if you've only made Head/Heart decisions. I'd also advise backing up your save after each chapter just in case you make a wrong decision.
  14. :platinum: #636 - F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch




    Really enjoyed this game, one of the best Metroidvanias I've played. It's not overly difficult either, especially when you have plenty of upgrades, get the combo timings right and know the attack patterns of each boss. Hopefully there will be a sequel in the future.

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    2. Deluziion90


      congrats! wish I had the play asia physical version. One of my favorite games the past year

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Deluziion90 western gets a physical (a bit late imo), September but it has a steelbook that looks sick. September 6



      also available ps4 and ps5. obviously 

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  15. Save scumming is your best friend 😉