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  1. same here, "large volumes" not popping on 1st run. I deleted and reinstall the game and did it again. trophy popped after destroy 5 vessels.
  2. 1050 lifetime kills and still no trophy. Trophy popped at 1347 lifetime kills.
  3. Hi, please invite me to a lvl 50 crew. Thanks PSN: Ico2807 all done, big thanks to Meandmyplatinums.
  4. I have the same issue. Started the game on veteran difficult. After a break i continue the campaign, but the trophy "Hot LZ Complete St. Mere Eglise - Pathfinder 2" didn't pop for me. The next 3 story trophies popped without problems. Can I just continue on veteran and complete the campaign, though this story trophy did not pop?
  5. This trophy bugged for me too. Since 6 weeks, no one earned this trophy.
  6. thx for this tip. got it on second try! 👍
  7. Nice advice 👌 get 1011 points, its enough. Thanks 👍
  8. Done in 42 minutes 05 sec. Can i have Shadow of Loot Box NA please?
  9. I can confirm, this glitch is still active. Both trophies popped at the same time.
  10. same here, get online win trophy but no complete first race. solution: complete first race trophy popped, when I lost a race,
  11. After hours of playing. Blue screen at the second elephant. yeah i love this shit. Btw the glitch still works.
  12. same here. press next at the end, but no trophies. play again LVL 1,2 and 28 but no trophies again
  13. yes they still work! i boosted some trophies with my brother.