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  1. Thanks!! it's working 'TIL THIS DAY!! Ver. 1.02 glitch fix helped follwed the video just in case then tried last on Haunted Hills it popped up. (yeah it's same comment as in youtube vid but just wanted to let ppl know its working currently.)
  2. So that's a no then...dammit took me 2 days to kill the force guardian his timing was off threw me off a lot and had crazy reach also kinda playing not paying much attention. I guess I'll take my time with this one learn his pattern and beat him.
  3. I was wondering if I can change from apocalyptic to easier difficulty for last boss of keepers of the void trying to get abyssal armor before finishing main story. playing digital version btw. Also wondering if I can do this for the crucible or do I have to complete story and go back to dlc?
  4. Recently killed it twice same hiding spot just make sure to kill the tentacles shooting lasers and rocks before they start throwing it Salvador’s height helped for once in cover lol btw make sure terramorphus spawns not in your sideways or close to you.
  5. can I hate you?, yes im gonna hate you for this...I still cant do it.
  6. arrgh! I thought this was going to be swift one but damn taking me a while after I hit 100 without even trying I was like: "meh I'll get 500 in no time" shiiit been getting 3-4 sacs with bubba basement built and still no sign of itIm about to 100% on random trophies just going for tis 500 one. Update: just got it today at same time as "Adept Nightmare" and like 2 matches before got also "Dream Demon". now going to try get a few keys and lower rank to try get "Where did they go?" is my last.
  7. Bruh! I'm about to punch the shit out of Haruka Otametal is broken and entire line says MISS! and wtf the bad count for? how is it bad? just say fucking missed.
  8. got mine after killing floor 10 boss for red metal quest. after they notified the glitch fix. had done the 40's stamps too which had me bummed out. but I'm Happy now.
  9. I did it last Monday since I needed that stamp in 33rd floor that is available only Monday. got nothing asking the same question since not ventured to 40's I wonder if that big stamp extra page page is about those 41-50 stamps?