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  1. That would explain it
  2. Looks easy as hell
  3. Sony have terrible sex lives so we all gotta suffer along.
  4. I suggest creating a big posse then quickmatch to showdown series
  5. Knowing R* i think they'll compensate by giving extra xp
  6. After seeing game reviews and seeing its filled with sjw fest i wouldn't even get it if they were giving it away for free
  7. Trophies look easy as hell might pick up on sale. Didn't like JC3 At all because its to repetitive.
  8. Xbox did a great job this year i haven't bothered with sonys conference at all because i knew there'll be nothing new but im surprised Sony did this since i expected them to kill it next year but time will tell.
  9. Looks easy as hell i may buy it sometime next year for all the bugs and glitches to cooldown
  10. I never been a fan of multiplayer fps. I ditched going for platinum on BF1 i was SOOO BORED. I buy fps for single player if the grind isnt so bad i might pick it up on sale unless someone here doesn't recommend me getting it.
  11. Worst racing game i have ever played handling is an utter joke stay away from it
  12. Hm all confusing im gonna wait for the experts to figure all this out before i go for the platinum im gonna do the 70 golds trophy in the meantime.
  13. Yeah im keeping my name until i know my stuff is secured because this is just a massive fuck up.
  14. No it doesn't as long as you hold the ps button and have the close application highlighted you should be alright