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  1. Please can someone help me with this? I’ve tried the method used by PowerPyx and PS4Trophies using quad bikes, jet skis and yet every time I get 3 vehicles around the plane 1 or 2 will despawn. I’m going in circles and it’s driving me mad. Edit: Eventually got this by going to Lansdowne Airstrip in Jacob’s region. Can’t spawn any more than 2 vehicles so I put 2 quads by the plane then got 2 cult vans as they came to attack
  2. Did you ever receive a response about this? I've been having other issues with Uplay xp not transferring to Ubisoft Club for certain rewards. That's been going on for a couple of years too. Also South Park: TFBW had serious crashes on a certain boss fight it took about 20 attempts and 2 days until it didn't crash on me. I'm becoming tired of Ubisoft releasing broken games and not fixing them.
  3. I've tried 6 times now and it freezes at different points so it's not consistent. It's ridiculous because now I can't finish the game until they patch this Update: Managed to get past this boss fight on around my 12th attempt. I had no problem with the rest of the game, it was only this part that kept freezing.
  4. Thank you! That was driving me crazy. It was the chairman Suzuki and he was halfway along the race track 👍
  5. I'm starting rank 4 and can't find the 4th caddy anywhere. It really doesn't help that I've unlocked 130 of the NPCs so it's even harder to find them. I found the others all by the stairs for the VS battles but I've searched this island for ages and still can't find them.
  6. are usually the cheapest and fastest delivery in the UK. It's £42.85 there at the moment (roughly $56).
  7. At the moment I only have the house in Whiterun, I'm planning in advance. Haha yeah I've read about Mjoll's stalker and will be making sure he's a casualty asap.
  8. Is it possible to live with both Aela & Mjoll? Having one as your wife and the other as your follower?
  9. Trying really hard to get the Not Bad trophy but getting so pissed off with not being able to connect to a match. I've only managed to connect to 2 and lost both. Edit: Managed to get in a match and get this a few minutes after posting. Spent a long time just trying to get a match even though my connection is full.
  10. I fully suggest playing through at least once blind but here's a walkthrough to do it in just 2 runs.
  11. Ah I see, cheers buddy. Although I still managed to get 'The Ploy' by convincing Parr straight after that so both in one playthrough.
  12. The acting is good. This wasn't a movie released here last year at all though. This is purely for the purpose of being a game and Wales Interactive will be back with more FMV titles
  13. I got the Bluff trophy by placing the bowl down rather than throwing it. I thought it didn't make much sense. I think this is a glitchy one.
  14. I received the bluff trophy after going to Parr's house and placing the bowl on the table rather than throwing it to him. Edit: That was for The Fool, you can still convince Parr straight after and get The Ploy by not catching it when he threatens to drop it.
  15. Well I've done one playthrough and it counted it as 2 endings and says I only missed 3 scenes.