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  1. Thank you for the information. I can get it from this bundle. Answering this question, I have a hobby of collecting trophies, so I want platinums all versions of AS, EU, NA. But It is shame that it costs extra money for other games as you said.
  2. I can't find it in euro stores. No longer available EU version?
  3. I had 8 MP medals, but I did not have any 'High Achiever' trophies. After that, the trophy popped when I got the first Campaign medal. Getting a medal of the campaign has become the trigger to pop . So I recommend to collect all the MP medals first. Even if you get the MP medal on the 25th, the trophy will not pop.
  4. I confirmed to unlock 'The Highest Achiever' with 10 MultiPlay medals and 15 Campaign medals. Total of 25 medals. This eliminates the need to No-Damage and Vulcan-Only run. 6. Awarded for sortieing in multiplayer mode more than 100 times. 8. win 50 TDM
  5. I confirmed to unlock 'The Highest Achiever' with 10 MultiPlay medals and 15 Campaign medals. Total of 25 medals. This eliminates the need to No-Damage and Vulcan-Only run.
  6. Trophy List says that Obtained five or more medals in campaign, but it just poped by obtaining one medal. And need over 10 medals for 'Even ...', but it poped when I took the second medal. However, I already had 8 MultiPlay medals. They poped at 9 and 10 respectively. Perhaps this condition may be the sum of Campaign and MP.
  7. First join 2nd player in the lobby and make sure selecting Real difficulty. Next, select any mission and start the game. As the count ends, you enter the safe house. Make 2nd sit in any chair and try to make 1st sit in the same chair. If not, try the next chair. If you can not with trying all four chairs, end the game and select the next mission. I tried this time, it was not good at missions 5 and 6, and I succeeded at mission 7. I succeeded in the third safe house, but in some cases you have to try more. It seems to be random which player will be invincible. Repeat Start and End Combat immersion with two players until HUD does not appear in the bottom right corner of 1st player.
  8. This glitch is still working now. I have just done it 20th Oct. I played online coop and split screen with 2 controllers, and both worked. The important of this method is to repeatedly try with all the chairs. If you can not do it with all the chairs, enter Safe House again. The player who started first seems to be invincible. This glitch works unless two players stand up from the chair.
  9. I bought it from HK store and played. but HK version share the another list. this is not HK version list.
  10. jamaneco Drawn to Death It's impossible to get all abilities in a short time certainly as you say.<br /> But I have 2 Drawn to Death, Japanese version and US version. And I got all abilities by JP version first.<br /> In this game 2 versions use the same save-data. That save-data is preserved online and synchronize automatically.<br /> Therefore the one which meets the condition already in JP version could unlock a trophy by the first play of US version.<br /> Please see my trophy list. There are 2 Drawn to Death.<br /> There are also many people got platinum by a short time in Fast Achiever List of JP version. They would use the same save synchronized option too. This is the specification of this game, not what strange thing.<br /> If this will be injustice, all players are injustice who played Sound Shapes that is the most famous game for save synchronized option.
  11. It's PS Plus free play in Japan, not sale. Trophy list separated PS3 version and PS4 English version.