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  1. They is a mode called area where you can fight other players in real time and this mode isn’t auto unlike pvp
  2. If I put my mobile account on to it will all the trophies unlock at once
  3. So I started playing this last night and the trophy for starting a new game didn’t pop up help
  4. The Japanese game will work on the eu console because I import Japanese for PS4 and Nintendo switch every three months
  5. I was cleaning it from the dust from it Yeah because the uk is lockdown again so if it did break I can’t get it fix until April
  6. From my knee high because I was sat down on my chair
  7. I dropped my ps5 it ok for so let hopefully it doesn’t mess up 🙏🙏
  8. Will it be the with the uk vison as well to go offline
  9. Yeah it's £39.99 on the UK playstation
  10. I bought this game on Friday it is now Monday and its still not synch the trophy list
  11. Tekken 7
  12. This why I only play single player games so this can't happen to me
  13. to love ru darkness true princess # 18
  14. 7159 unearned trophies