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  1. Ubisoft has said there will be one more chapter. Check this time stamp in the anniversary video from June: "And stay tuned until the end of this year for one last surprise. We will reveal the last episode of Eivor's story as a free chapter for all players as well." And as others have said, the storyline related to the tombs never wrapped up so I bet we see another one of those, too. I would wager on the tombs having trophies but I am not too sure about the free chapter since the Odyssey and Valhalla crossover missions didn't have trophies for either game.
  2. As others have said, there are more than a few reasons why: it's a really long game with a litany of tough trophies, ones that take the whole game, or ones that require constantly looking at a guide, all of which are turn-offs. It's difficult to want to play it without dying while also finding everything and doing other specific tasks. Splitting its trophies up into multiple playthroughs is just as bad since that elongates the tedious process. I love the game (there's a reason it's my avatar) but it's not something I want to make the time to platinum. If the game had been less than 10 hours tops, I'd maybe try it. But stretching out that tedium to dozens of hours and multiple runs that are all tedious in their own unique ways is not appealing.
  3. So most challenges aren't that difficult. You have to get a lot of them to progress anyway (although you can turn off the challenge gating in the options), but it shouldn't take more than a few runs. Out For Blood is basically what you think it is: it's got the same levels from the base game but they're harder and longer and have different enemy configurations (and a new soundtrack and main outfit). These only have like three challenges apiece instead of the 10 or so the others have. This platinum would normally be somewhat challenging because of OFB mode. However, you can basically turn on cheats and make this all significantly easier. The accessibility options are quite extensive.
  4. Interesting. Thanks for the input. I think I'll probably just do a run on PS4 one day and then transfer me save to double up.
  5. Wait so you can use chapter select and grab the collectibles? Interesting... I'm just scared I'll do it wrong and mess it all up.
  6. I'll report back when the embargo lifts to answer questions like these.
  7. I think you all still have a shot. Just do a decent amount over a few days and you should have it. As I said earlier in this thread, I am pretty sure it builds off your existing rank. After getting Ace, I only played two or so online matches yesterday to get my 100th match. And then this morning I saw that I fell from Ace to King. That is not a far fall for earning such little money and plays well with my theory of it all not being dependent on one day. My guess is that it looks at what you have done in comparison to everyone else and raises or lowers your current rank. Effectively, your rank does not start over every day so you should be able to play like six contracts and some online matches a day for a few days to get Ace. Good luck!
  8. Ok I got Aces High just now during the reset. I don't think I did as much today as I did yesterday but I still went from Jack to Ace. I'm pretty sure it boosts or lowers your existing ranking and it's not a thing where the top 10% or whatever get Ace independent of their current rank. So it seems as long as you do pretty well for a few days, you should have it. I think I did like five or so online matches and five to seven contracts in the campaign each day. And if anyone is curious, it pops almost right after you boot the game way before it even hits the title screen.
  9. I did like eight veteran contracts and like five or six online matches and only got Jack. That was annoying. I don't want to have to do like 15 contracts. It's way too much. I'm open to tips. So does your ranking start from "zero" each day? Or does it rise and fall from what your current level is? Like if I do poorly, do I drop a level from Jack? Or do I just get a 2 or whatever?
  10. Thank you for this. It has been so confusing on what to actually do. I will @NCSFan001 to see if they can maybe change the guide with your input. I am going to try and burn through the first mission as much as I can today to get enough money, so hopefully that works.
  11. Four months later and I can still hear it. What a nightmare week that was 100%ing this game.
  12. It's fantastic. Like I have said elsewhere, it's nuts that more people aren't playing it. I can only hope they played it on PC when it came out.
  13. Thanks for sharing. It seems like a lot of tedious work, but if I want to give it a go, I now know where to look.
  14. I guess I will have to try that. I just don't want to waste my time and get my save deleted again, especially since people are still getting that error, despite playing after the update.
  15. Yeah, I also keep getting errors. Pathetic.