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  1. No because the PS4 version doesn't let you import a save.
  2. Yeah reading this thread has pointed out how random the auto pop is. That's why I added the bit about people coming here for help.
  3. Did it all work out? It seems buggy for some people so I'm sorry you're experiencing this.
  4. I figured this was worth pointing out in its own thread. Importing a completed save will only auto pop one trophy so be sure to go use a Meditation Point and the rest should pop. If you want to do exactly what I did, import the save, change a costume, look at the plants in the ship, and then use the Meditation Point in the ship. Some are reporting that this can be glitchy so check the comments or add to them if you have an issue.
  5. They strongly hinted that a new Astro Bot was coming in a recent Q&A. PSB: Great to know. And perhaps this is a redundant question, but it seems like maybe we haven’t seen the last of Astro Bot? Hermen: I hope not! I love that guy.
  6. I popped my platinum through saves I had on the PS4 version. Thankfully, I had saves peppered throughout the game so I didn't really ever have to play much to get most trophies to pop. I initially did this because they were buggy for me last time around. I cannot thank my past self enough because most trophies will not pop automatically from a 100% save. I had saves for all but two of the collectibles, right before the big missions, with one hood to discover, with one more territory to take over, and with one challenge to complete. I was very very lucky to cut out the grindy ones. I should note that doing the last island will auto pop the trophies for taking over all of the individual islands as well. However, you'll still need to replay a decent portion of the game. DLC trophies do not auto pop at all. You'll also still need to replay the final mission and act one ender twice. There are some trophies that will pop once you've done one of them like taunting a gang member, upgrading a car, upgrading a weapon, killing an enemy with a fart jar and dildo bat, and doing a foot-first car jack.
  7. It's not happening.
  8. That isn't terrible but I think without the challenges one popping, it's gonna be a grind still. But at least there are no challenges for doing the cars and assassinations.
  9. I have seen only small anecdotes here and there about this game not doing well on PS5. Can anyone back that up or speak to an inconsistencies? According to a comment on backwards-compatible, it looks like save data can corrupt rather easily. Thanks!
  10. I did not know this was a thing! I have a platinum in every AC entry and 100% in most of them. I've even double platinumed a couple. The only one I'm still working on is AC Valhalla.
  11. I weirdly can't get the PS4 Wrath of the Druids trophies to pop after earning them on PS5. I hope it works soon. Did they auto pop for you @Sive111? I see you have both.
  12. This is a clear and concise list. Thanks (even though I'll be playing PS5 first down the line whenever I play it)
  13. So if I am understanding you correctly, you made a save at the very end, transferred to PS5, and beat the final boss on PS5 and then all your previously earned PS4 trophies popped on PS5?
  14. It just came out that PS4 players can upload their PS4 save through the game and then download them into the PS5 version. I will still play the PS5 version first but I am curious if anyone wants to post below (when the game comes out) if the trophies transfer this way like the two Spider-Man games.
  15. So I thought I got the max score on every level in China, but I guess I didn't. I don't know what happened and this dumb game doesn't track what went wrong. I replayed level 11 and for sure got it because I heard that level was giving some issues. So can I just go through each level on Normal Plus and get more points to hit the Normal threshold? Or if I play on Normal Plus, do I then have to get the Normal Plus high score? I ask because I don't want to tiptoe through the game again. I want to actually assassinate guards and stuff. Also can I get the Normal Plus high score in the levels I didn't get the Normal high score? This trophy is super confusing and sucks so I would appreciate some clarification. EDIT: Well, it seemed to have solved itself. I got the trophy while getting max points on mission 7 during my Normal Plus run. I guess I'll just leave this here for anyone in the future who has questions about a forgettable, mediocre spin-off of a major franchise from 2015.