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  1. Just as an update, I finally did the PS4 version and you were totally right. I set the console clock to 4:50 pm PT on a Monday (when it was actually around noon PT in real life) and then waited 24 hours and it popped no problem. Thanks a ton for your help.
  2. Hey everyone. I wanted to make a quick thread with some tips for this game. First and foremost, like Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior 3, this game has no chapter select. It sucks. I missed one collectible and have to do a fresh run for that trophy. Collectibles also do not carry over between runs. To ensure that you don't miss collectibles, you can follow @StygianWolf4's collectible guide here. However, it appears as though you can get collectibles you missed during later runs, meaning you don't necessarily have to get everything again. Personally, I'd just try to get everything to be safe, but you do you. Make a backup save at the end of chapter 3 before the boss. No spoilers but once the boss fight starts, quit out and upload the save to the cloud. There's a trophy for beating this boss and if you die, it instantly saves and moves on. Ronin mode is just hard mode. I saw some speculation that it was some some of roguelite or roguelike or Souls game. It's not and not in this mode either. Hard mode isn't that hard really so try making this your first run. Don't stress about killing bosses without getting hit on your first run. You will get these trophies (except the one in chapter 3!) anyway during your Kensei run (which unlocked after one run but I'm not sure if you need to beat it on hard first) since you have to beat them without getting hit anyway (it's a one-hit mode except for bosses). You can use those other modes as practice if you want. Most bosses are pretty easy and can be shredded with the up square, square, triangle move you get in chapter 3 (which breaks the game). There are three endings. Now I haven't beaten the game three times but I am curious if you'll be able to upload a save to the cloud and just overwrite and make a different choice at the end to get the other trophies. The game basically wipes your save when you hit credits so don't think you can just reload the last checkpoint once you beat it. It's ridiculous. You have to beat the game twice to get hard and Kensei out the way but I'm curious if you have to do a third run for the third ending. (I am unsure because there are multiple choices to make during the game but I have a feeling the ones that are not at the very end don't make a difference.) I am adding this one in because I keep seeing it: You do not unlock any of the traditional ending trophies for beating the boss in chapter 3, including the one tied to Kensei. You will get the "Early End" trophy and the "No, that's not possible..." trophy and that's it. Also just to reiterate, this is a hack and slash 2.5D action game with no Soulslike or roguelike elements. It's about five or six hours, too. Platinum doesn't seem too hard but make sure to have a guide for the collectibles and upgrades that can be hard to see at times. I think it'll take three runs for me. Let me know if you have questions. And shameless plug for my review, which I am proud of. @zizimonster @damcrac5
  3. Yeah, I also thought the first solo mission was bad. It's not a game that's meant for solo play so I am not surprised these missions aren't good, but still disappointed.
  4. Noted. I guess I'll be playing through 1998 Mode and then doing the profile glitch on PS3 version. I also just started the PS4 collection (only on the first game now though) so I'll keep this all in mind. Thanks for being so helpful and walking me through this. I appreciate it!
  5. What glitch only works on PS4? The profile glitch or the penultimate trophy unlocking the final trophy?
  6. Well, I ask because I stupidly played through 1999 mode in BAS Episode 2 instead of 1998 mode and I didn't want to replay it again right now. Beating 1998 mode in the DLC and the Blue Ribbons are my last trophies in the entire game. So like if I could just use the profile glitch to get the Blue Ribbon trophy and use that to pop the 1998 mode one, that would be sick. (I already did most Blue Ribbons manually).
  7. So if I used the profile delete glitch to get the ribbon trophy, would that unlock Taffer's Delight?
  8. I finally figured I'd run through 1998 Mode for Burial at Sea Episode 2 to get my last few trophies. And upon rolling credits for it, the trophy for it (Taffer's Delight) didn't unlock. I don't really get why. I know this game has glitchy trophies though. I have all the other Infinite trophies except for the Blue Ribbon trophy in Clash of the Clouds. Is that related? I'd love some help on this old game. Thanks! EDIT: Well, I'm stupid. I played it on 1999 Mode because the game kept freezing when I'd choose my difficulty so I did it super quickly and didn't see that it said 1999. I guess feel free to delete this thread or leave it up as a cautionary tale.
  9. Thanks. I'll actually add this to the first post so it's easier to find. Welcome to the "I only missed one collectible" club!
  10. Yes, I'll do that and let you know. I'm not sure when I will get to it, though.
  11. Well, lucky for you there won't be DLC trophies, as the team stated: "No, no more trophies planned (we stick to the logic of no trophies on paid additional content)." At least it sounds like the trophies might pop automatically since saves transfer over.
  12. No, they don't. It sucks. I doubt it. I beat that boss on Kensei and didn't get the trophy for beating it on Kensei so I would imagine that same principle applies to Ronin. You have to beat all the chapters.
  13. No problem. Have fun!
  14. Well, I also gave it a 7/10, as did almost every other critic. But hey, I hope you love it.
  15. Must have been the mods. But yes, good job! Probably better to have one thread anyway.
  16. Well, it finally unlocked for me and I have no idea why. At 11:45 pm PT, I set the game to Monday May 2 at 10:45 pm PT and let it run through the night. I woke up (after having a damn dream about it) at like 6:30 am and saw that it had unlocked at 6 am. So even after having it open for 25 hours, it still needed five or six more. Now to do the PS4 version...
  17. Thanks for this. I missed one measly collectible on hard. Not sure how many upgrades I missed though.
  18. Haha damn we just both made tip threads. Let me link to yours. EDIT: Wait what just happened? I didn't make this thread with this title. Did the mods do this...?
  19. There was a report that came out in 2020 that said some PS4 Ubisoft games were not going to be compatible with PS5. They later debunked that, saying the prior list was inaccurate. Normally, that would be the end, but Syndicate did end up having PS5-specific issues, giving some validity to the original report. So has anyone tried this on PS5? What were the issues? I am renting this game soon, but I also still have my PS4 so I was curious how bad it was if at all. Thanks! EDIT: I just want to edit my post and say that I played the whole collection on PS5 and didn't have any issues until the end of the ninth level in AC Russia. It kept crashing at the scene where you have to run down a hall to turn a valve. I just had to change my strategy and that somehow avoided it. Perfectly playable otherwise.
  20. Stay tuned! 😉 That said, and this isn't breaking embargo for Trek to Yomi, but Sifu is utterly fantastic. I platinumed it on both PS4 and PS5 and still want more. What a game. Regardless on what I will say about Trek to Yomi, Sifu is definitely worth playing.
  21. I am probably going to do that tonight as I sleep. I am very tired of this trophy and I wish it had been more clear. I'll report back with my findings.
  22. So I wonder if people like me on Pacific Time are getting screwed out of this trophy because they're not starting the game early enough. This is a funny trophy, but being this intensive and vague is just bad. I DMed the devs on Twitter so hopefully they respond.
  23. Ok cool thanks. I went back and did that and will wait about an hour. I'll update this post around then. EDIT: It didn't work...
  24. That is super interesting. So use 11 pm on Monday? Interesting. I will try this if @Xymon987's suggestion doesn't work. Also I still have to do my PS4 run so I would only be halfway done. But I think I will do that one legitimately to avoid all this hassle. It'll be a day where I will just play my Switch or something.
  25. I will check back in after the embargo and answer trophy-related questions like this and provide a few helpful tips for those jumping in.