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  1. amxtj Grand Theft Auto IV WipEout HD Yes as for wipeout the same thing happened as with batman, I had to get a digital version as my disc drive broke so I use my original game save and completed it but trophies did not pop, but I bought a new ps3 a couple years later and attempted to finish them again by using the disc version but the trophies just popped it’s not my fault the trophies were glitched, but I did earn this trophies properly. If you do not except this then I wish to delete my membership for this sight .
  2. amxtj Batman: Arkham Asylum I had two games a digital and a disc version for some reason the trophies didn’t work on version but when I played on the different version the trophies popped I can’t remember which was which but that’s the reason but hey I am not bothered