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  1. You welcome if anyone need help with terramophus add me ill kill him in like 5 sec if you jeed the help plz ask ill be availabe between 5pm to 10 pm on weekdays and anu time on the weekends.
  2. Im willing to help yall out just add me and ill do what i can to help out Psn hatiesdeath
  3. I can how far are you now I have 4 lvl 72
  4. I can help to 40 but its mostly the acient dragons 40 or 50
  5. Whats the lvl on ur gunzerker
  6. Im a lvl 56 mechro mancer im trying to boost up to lvl 72 add me on psn hatiesdeath i can give op 8 weapons as a thank you. Psn hatiesdeath