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  1. yeah sure, I'll join, been out of the trophy hunting game for a while now and wanna get rid of some of my backlog. The Assassins creed games from revelations onwards. Borderlands 2 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Marvel: Spider-Man FIFA 19 FIFA 18 (if i can get hold of a copy again) South Park: The Stick of Truth South Park: The Fractured but Whole RDR 2 Sound Shapes Battlefield V Destiny 2 Uncharted: Nathan Drake collection (all 3 games) COD WW2
  2. 438 and 724
  3. is this game a free to play?
  4. I'll try but probably fail: No 1: PvZ Garden Warfare- 48% No 2: GTA V- 44% No 3: Sound Shapes- 0% No 4: Teslagrad- 0% No 5: Goat Simulator- 0% No 6:Fifa 16- 0% No 7: Black Ops 3- 0% No 8: Driveclub- 22% No 9; Transistor- 0% No 10: ? Might get a game on sale, not too sure yet. Not too sure about Driveclub or Transistor either but I'll try it, doubt I'll get to 100 on GTA V either but I'll try none the less
  5. It's a ps3 game
  6. NFS Rivals, turn on spotify and chill with it, had the most amazing time
  7. Not a fan of lord of the rings but love RPG's... will I like this?
  8. I just completed the game on Uber and chapter select hasn't unlocked, I wanted to go back and get collectibles. Any tips? When I click continue it puts me at the end of the game at the second stage of the final boss fight