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  1. Yeah it's glitch, same in another level where you need to shoot 6 valves. No enemies are spawning and doors stay closed. Only thing you can do is skip that chapter if you already completed it. Best part is that you can get the collectibles, worst part is that the guy in the tower is a heroic action you can't get at the moment.
  2. This raid is ridiculous.. The first bosses are a pain, and the final boss is easy, but somehow people just don't know the mechanics, and after hours of trying they keep doing the same stupid things what makes them fail. I have the checkpoint every week by joining a random lobby but never completed it. The raids from destiny where frustrating on hardcore but the people are willing to cooperate, watched tutorials and communicate with each other.
  3. I never completed it, but a tank is very useful, especially for when you need to stand in de middle and the gun shoots at you and your guys while holding your shield up. But, because of some guys always die you need someone to revive, but also some guys with high damage for shooting the big bomb and holding of some enemies. It's not difficult, the most difficult part is teammates not screw up the raid
  4. I'm joining every other day hoping ill be that lucky too. Very frustrating to have this kind of mechanic's in a game in a free to join lobby. Compared to the first raid this is a little bit to much..but very fun when you have 7 friends of course who are willing to play this game.
  5. Very frustrating when people shoot rocket launchers at normal enemies with a simple red bar, or low gear and just struggle to survive, not even capable of playing the objective or running around with a key without knowing. It takes 1 guy to fail the last boss.
  6. The game is already not very enjoyable in co op mode because of all the modded weapons and what not. For me the game is broken because of that, and if the developers joined 50 random games they should know that. Spending more money and time in a game that's in this state is just a waste. Asking money for another pass with this knowledge is just onacceptabele, but probably I'll buy it anyway when trophies are with it.
  7. For some reason i have trouble with this one as well. Going online hoping someone will join isn't the solution.. Usually i play for fun for a while after plat or 100 % But the last 4 games I have been joined and the 2 games i joined randoms they where all playing with modded gear, making it absolutely pointless for joining.
  8. Isn't really hard, my problem was that I got hit by my own electric grenades. Took me around two hours and when i thought about going to stop for that day it popped without knowing it was a good run. I was laying on my couch ready to fall asleep. I guess keep playing, try different routes or when your route isn't going as planned just improvise when your time isnt that bad. Best thing about this is that the bots are always on the same spot. But sometimes you don't see if you missed one with the grenade from the second group what makes your run probably a fail. Good luck
  9. Do You mean the big elevator after you get out of the train? This video does have some good tips. I used the elevator tactic from this video, but for example the part with the big robot after it i used another tactic. I would copy everything from the video,but have to say that speedrunning is not my kind of thing because a lot depends on luck and skill. Good luck. BTW, in the description from the video you can take the timestamp from roswell and skill a little bit from there
  10. Got a controller from a friend and got it in 10 tries and a change of tactics after the 5th try. Went for a triple kill in the first section first, but with three knife kills in the first section before going up the stairs i got over 8 seconds taking off from the timer at the finish. This game looks good with graphics but damn.. The times I'm getting shot while in cover is insane.
  11. Anyone who wants to try this with shareplay or how it's called? I have 3 controllers, one is broken in half, one has for some reason all of a sudden the need to push random buttons and my best controller doesn't sprint as it should be. Most of the time my soldier wants to sprint but it's more like a quick step and after that he just walks. Best time is 20.19 I think, so it's doable for me, but I don't think my controller survives my frustration 😁
  12. Yes i agree and probably i will do the same. When I'm not into trophy hunting i play games like borderlands or a week any kind of battlefield game, just shooting stuff. But borderlands 3 is not one of my favorite anymore because all the things mentioned here.
  13. I think this will be in a new borderlands game. If you do all that to this game you will completely change the game, that's not going to happen. And of course because of all the different anointed gear there is a lot of different playstyles, what means a lot of grinding time what fanboys love in a loot game.
  14. Yeah i agree with giving the option for the OP levels and loot drop. And maybe an option for OP only or OP with modifiers, but then you will see that the better loot drops scales with the difficulty you are on. At the end we will all want the best gear. This morning i played the raid boss and re rolled the modifiers a couple of times just because it took me forever to kill the enemies before going down with the elevator. When going matchmaking i always get in a lobby with people who have modded guns and all, takes all fun out of the game.
  15. Yeah it doesn't make the game better. The instant death before going into fight for your lifetime is the most annoying one. But after i saw you can change the modifiers, or just switch between them it wasn't that big of a deal. And the insta death skulls after killing an enemie where also not very helpful. Killing tons of enemies in the arena you can't see all of them and just walking into them was sometimes frustrating. Plus I wish they did update the amount of ammo you can carry, because mentioned in the first post, they really are bullet sponges.