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  1. I stopped playing this game after i reinstalled it. Tried different host and everything they said on forums with internet connection and all. Installed everything on my second ps4 after my buddy said they patched it and he completed it multiple times. Tried it myself and within 2 minutes it crashed. The game itself, trophy wise, is a very fun but challenging game, and every now and then i love a challenge, but this game will never be installed on my ps4 again. When you thinking about buying or starting this game i would suggest to play something else.
  2. Yeah I didn't have a problem with the difficulty of the slaughter at all, when i had them all completed i came back a lot just the play to kill some time, same as the map with the raid boss. But with zane and the class mod and guns and everything it wasn't fun anymore. Mayhem 4 was like 10 min, 15 min tops. That's why I don't play anymore until the next dlc
  3. The problem I had with this method was that 9 out of 10 times i was invites into cistern of slaughter. With all the different playstyles and loadouts it's not that hard of a trophy to do solo or one other good player if you not max rank
  4. Hello, Does anyone know how to solve or avoid the soundbug/glitch. I started a new character and after two missions I have no sound at all. Usually it's just some combat sound that's missing, but now I have nothing at all. Playing solo at the moment Did already closed the application Tried to go matchmaking but also no sound. It's like playing the game without having the sound on and that's really boring
  5. Played all titles on ps3 and ps4 but I agree about the side quest, there are a lot of them and they feel like a grind just because you have to do them. The traveling to different worlds or maps also didn't helped. But it's a borderlands, when they would make a huge different setup it wasn't a borderlands we know and complained about that. It's a solid game, only thing I don't like is they give you legendary guns like it has no value anymore.
  6. Who else is a little bit disappointed about how fast your level cap is reached and how quickly the content can be completed. If you are a veteran and you already have a OP build, you don't get challenged in this new dlc. Thanks for the quick guide, great work
  7. Sometimes I like to see they add a single trophy and I need to download the game again. Just because the game was fun while playing with a lot of friends. But on the other hand, after a month or two I'm scrolling through my game list and see there is another trophy added.. Again. It's a love/hate kinda thing from now on. Only thing is that I discover the trophy update by coincidence, no heads up.
  8. Took me at least 30 times, first 25 on mayhem 1 and a few on mayhem 4. Didnt even dropped a legendary though.
  9. At first, before I was max rank it was a bit hard to finish the cistern of slaughter. I used this slaughter to level up and with a lot of legendary drops I keeps less difficult. For now I'm just running them for fun on mayhem 4, same as the raid boss. Used Mosby with the lob shotgun and the cutter smg with shock and corrosive. But most time the lob shotgun. Glitches are common in these maps, but not game breaking.
  10. Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone has the same problem on errors on the hoxton breakout map on overkill. For some reason I can't get past the first day because I get the error message and my ps4 freezes. Same as my buddy, but for some reason before I played this game he already completed it on all difficulties. Anything I can do about it? Already re installed the game. And for some reasons some trophies don't pop no matter how often I did the requirements for it.
  11. I don't care about extra content, extra mask etc I care about making this game playable for me without error codes, random freeze screens, game glitching out on the most normal scenarios. How can a play new content with all those bugs glitches and random error what closes the game and eventually freezes my ps4. Keep the da m n mask
  12. What I suggest is you play solo I have sooo many times failed a guaranteed crown monster because of a random who dies over and over or when you need to capture they kill it. Especially the bow guy's are a pain. Also, most of my crowns are from 15 min investigation or hunt quest. And the events are really great when farming crowns. I think I don't play iceborn, this grind is killing me.. And I can die only 1 time in real life
  13. i had this in some other level that even when i don't got spotted the trophy didn't popped. the thing was that when they found a body and also when a soldier was facing and saw me but got shot before raising the alarm i was screwed. on every youtube video it wasn't a problem so i guess be very carefull and hopefully the people who need this trophy don't have the same ''problem''. makes it a bit more difficult
  14. Maybe when you are really having a hard time for 1 level but this takes all the fun out of the game. Isn't that hard when you play like you should.. And you can do it in co op what makes it more fun and easy.
  15. It was fun and when you go for the 100% it's even better. Takes a lot of patience though..