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  1. What I suggest is you play solo I have sooo many times failed a guaranteed crown monster because of a random who dies over and over or when you need to capture they kill it. Especially the bow guy's are a pain. Also, most of my crowns are from 15 min investigation or hunt quest. And the events are really great when farming crowns. I think I don't play iceborn, this grind is killing me.. And I can die only 1 time in real life
  2. i had this in some other level that even when i don't got spotted the trophy didn't popped. the thing was that when they found a body and also when a soldier was facing and saw me but got shot before raising the alarm i was screwed. on every youtube video it wasn't a problem so i guess be very carefull and hopefully the people who need this trophy don't have the same ''problem''. makes it a bit more difficult
  3. Maybe when you are really having a hard time for 1 level but this takes all the fun out of the game. Isn't that hard when you play like you should.. And you can do it in co op what makes it more fun and easy.
  4. It was fun and when you go for the 100% it's even better. Takes a lot of patience though..
  5. I don't understand people like you. It's really easy to get legendary equipment. As long as you play the game. You need to play at least 1 time the game from start to finish and will find way more legendaries than you can store in your backpack.
  6. Hi. I have a problem with the self controlled trophy. I see how the decoy gets killed by my ability or how you want to call it but the trophy won't pop. I tried everything from the YouTube videos and the comments. There was a glitch where the challenge already was unlocked before the bossfight but that's not the case. Anyone had the same problem? Ive tried over 20 times and at least 15 times it should have unlocked. The rest of the trophies unlocked like supposed to from the dlc.
  7. They should have some kind of bonus xp for every challenge because max rank will take for ever. Credits are almost useless now
  8. The spawns are when you play slow somehow predictable.. When you speedrun you will experience somewhat the same on most parts.. But creepers spawn always back.. If it's not the first time you backtrack it will be the second time when you think he isn't there. Spawns in multiplayer are really bad..
  9. it's only hard when your team doesn't work together. for example medkits, grenades or when medic the stimpistol not sharing. when you beat the jeruzalem mission 2 the rest will be much easier. good luck
  10. i agree with the level lockout. on insane it's like they know they need and sometimes depend on eachother.. offtopic..what levels do you guys use to grind those gold points after the patch..and what difficulty i do the first moscow on very hard in less than 15 minutes..is there a better grind method?
  11. What's the worst for me is when you see high ranked players what spend more than enough time to know that you can skip a lot of parts are just searching like a retard for I don't know what. The grind is massive and I hate to play 30 minutes for 1 simple map what can be skipped for 75 %. And on hard the most people can't even finish the game resulting in a fail. Playing solo the quickest map over and over and over again is really boring.
  12. Do the perks from MP have any effect on the character in PVE ?
  13. Have that trophy.. Wasn't that hard after all I just was on the wrong team. Hoping there will be a fix for the rest, and the option to play with 1 friend and bots or just a private lobby. The most people can't even finish on hard. There is no teamwork or map knowledge.
  14. Same problem over here. Also the mission trophies don't pop for me as well as the 10K kills trophy The MP trophies pop but have 1 question, How the F do you keep 1 flag til the end of the match with random spawn locations. And get the insane difficulty when randoms are playing like they would do in solo. The game is not that bad but not for €40
  15. would be nice when they pop after completing the task. it's full of bugs even after the patch