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  1. They should have some kind of bonus xp for every challenge because max rank will take for ever. Credits are almost useless now
  2. The spawns are when you play slow somehow predictable.. When you speedrun you will experience somewhat the same on most parts.. But creepers spawn always back.. If it's not the first time you backtrack it will be the second time when you think he isn't there. Spawns in multiplayer are really bad..
  3. it's only hard when your team doesn't work together. for example medkits, grenades or when medic the stimpistol not sharing. when you beat the jeruzalem mission 2 the rest will be much easier. good luck
  4. i agree with the level lockout. on insane it's like they know they need and sometimes depend on eachother.. offtopic..what levels do you guys use to grind those gold points after the patch..and what difficulty i do the first moscow on very hard in less than 15 minutes..is there a better grind method?
  5. What's the worst for me is when you see high ranked players what spend more than enough time to know that you can skip a lot of parts are just searching like a retard for I don't know what. The grind is massive and I hate to play 30 minutes for 1 simple map what can be skipped for 75 %. And on hard the most people can't even finish the game resulting in a fail. Playing solo the quickest map over and over and over again is really boring.
  6. Do the perks from MP have any effect on the character in PVE ?
  7. Have that trophy.. Wasn't that hard after all I just was on the wrong team. Hoping there will be a fix for the rest, and the option to play with 1 friend and bots or just a private lobby. The most people can't even finish on hard. There is no teamwork or map knowledge.
  8. Same problem over here. Also the mission trophies don't pop for me as well as the 10K kills trophy The MP trophies pop but have 1 question, How the F do you keep 1 flag til the end of the match with random spawn locations. And get the insane difficulty when randoms are playing like they would do in solo. The game is not that bad but not for €40
  9. would be nice when they pop after completing the task. it's full of bugs even after the patch
  10. Even the sessions made on this site are dead. And when joining a session no one sends a friend request or accept the request I have send. Did everything i could with my dummy but the 10 mile on a bike seems the be the hardest to complete.
  11. shaw was for me the hardest to find.. the only place i found the items was at the diner next to array took me over ten days and yesterdag i found the item two times..first in solo but couldn't get a kill and the game after that in a duo game i found the items again..the cirkel was closing and a truck came from nuketown..1 sticky at the truck and one sticky for his friend when he was reviving.
  12. most of the dev tech is already taken..but with a turret a med post and a purple gun or strong blue one you can take a armored enemy to get dev tech..you only need 2..one for the flare gun and one for the sniper to kill the hunters. the random fails of the game makes it just hard sometimes, but could be a fun dlc though
  13. first of all the loading screens take forever.. they spawn half the team in 1 corner of the map so you are taking everything or you got nothing at all and the random deaths and random elite spwans in front of a safe house makes it a bad dlc. no mather how high your gear is..when they rush you you are death. and than the darkzone..people calling a chopper and run away..leaving you with 4 hunters on every distractionpoint. there is a lot wrong with this content
  14. Thanks..will try this when I get to that point of my dlc trophy clean up
  15. use the option for logging in with your ps4 account.. its in the bottom of the inlog screen but its a bit hard to see