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  1. I think this will be in a new borderlands game. If you do all that to this game you will completely change the game, that's not going to happen. And of course because of all the different anointed gear there is a lot of different playstyles, what means a lot of grinding time what fanboys love in a loot game.
  2. Yeah i agree with giving the option for the OP levels and loot drop. And maybe an option for OP only or OP with modifiers, but then you will see that the better loot drops scales with the difficulty you are on. At the end we will all want the best gear. This morning i played the raid boss and re rolled the modifiers a couple of times just because it took me forever to kill the enemies before going down with the elevator. When going matchmaking i always get in a lobby with people who have modded guns and all, takes all fun out of the game.
  3. Yeah it doesn't make the game better. The instant death before going into fight for your lifetime is the most annoying one. But after i saw you can change the modifiers, or just switch between them it wasn't that big of a deal. And the insta death skulls after killing an enemie where also not very helpful. Killing tons of enemies in the arena you can't see all of them and just walking into them was sometimes frustrating. Plus I wish they did update the amount of ammo you can carry, because mentioned in the first post, they really are bullet sponges.
  4. Honestly i don't remember the last boss.
  5. It might be somewhere on this forum section but asking takes less effort, does anyone know when this new raid comes out.
  6. Yeah from time to time i like a challenge, but not all the time. It needs to fit in my schedule with work etc. I never played the doom games but i know they are challenging. I will check the guides and all, but first i need to play a lot of games i bought last year, with some challenging games too. Offtopic :Thank God the gym is going open again. My biggest challenge will be getting back in shape again.
  7. I agree with you about waiting for a discount/sale. It's not worth the full price
  8. First thing i absolutely want is a remake of bad company 1 and 2 before they ever make a 3rd game. And of course battlefield 3 but with the option to play how it was on ps3. The numbers of players, exactly the same maps and even the way of how gadgets worked, like reviving people etc. Of course some other games, but those where the games where it all began for me (MP gaming)
  9. Alright thanks for the tip. I'll go do some research, having a week off from work soon so time enough for a nice challenge.
  10. For the last fight i preferred to stay below deck and just go from one door kill a soldier and walk back to the open door and do that over and over until they keep spawning. When they are down pick up health and armor and kill the big robots. This fight was easier than the first dlc where there is that big robot and two commanders. But the key there is not to stop moving, same as the nightmare challenge. Got my 100% and i really don't know what to play now. Don't like collectibles and playing a game without a guide is not that common these day's.
  11. Only get back to this for the trophy. After 100% of the trophies this game is not worth playing for me.
  12. Thanks, if I knew this method earlier i would have tried it. The belt was also not that hard, the part after all that without having armor until the part where you have to shoot the big bal/planet was kinda tricky without armor after they spotted u. But i got it yesterday. Now the dlc clean up. But that's for another day. Don't like to search for all collectibles again.
  13. Glad I had this platinum without the dlc maps. It was tougher but more rewarding. More health or less levels.. Easy choice for me Succes in this game was al about teamplay, so not getting health when needed or less levels and frustration.
  14. Ah ok thanks, can't wait
  15. Didn't play the game for a while. But had some updates, does anyone know when new dlc comes out? Liked the game until the point the character got overpowered and made the game boring.
  16. For me there where 2 hard parts, but that's because I blew my cover when going stealth. I can't remember the name but at one point you see four enemies shooting civilians when you come out of a bus. After that there are two commando's inside a building where when you get noticed a lot of guys rush at you way more than all other places with commando's. And the level where you have that belt thing where you lay on and you need to shoot enemies next to barrels. After that there will be 30 min playtime without armor anywhere to be found. Took me around 10 tries and died at least 5 times at the venus section at the end of the game. Thought at would be harder but map knowledge and patience makes it very doable. Last run with a break for lunch took me around 5 hours
  17. I stopped playing this game after i reinstalled it. Tried different host and everything they said on forums with internet connection and all. Installed everything on my second ps4 after my buddy said they patched it and he completed it multiple times. Tried it myself and within 2 minutes it crashed. The game itself, trophy wise, is a very fun but challenging game, and every now and then i love a challenge, but this game will never be installed on my ps4 again. When you thinking about buying or starting this game i would suggest to play something else.
  18. Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone has the same problem on errors on the hoxton breakout map on overkill. For some reason I can't get past the first day because I get the error message and my ps4 freezes. Same as my buddy, but for some reason before I played this game he already completed it on all difficulties. Anything I can do about it? Already re installed the game. And for some reasons some trophies don't pop no matter how often I did the requirements for it.
  19. Yeah I didn't have a problem with the difficulty of the slaughter at all, when i had them all completed i came back a lot just the play to kill some time, same as the map with the raid boss. But with zane and the class mod and guns and everything it wasn't fun anymore. Mayhem 4 was like 10 min, 15 min tops. That's why I don't play anymore until the next dlc
  20. The problem I had with this method was that 9 out of 10 times i was invites into cistern of slaughter. With all the different playstyles and loadouts it's not that hard of a trophy to do solo or one other good player if you not max rank
  21. Hello, Does anyone know how to solve or avoid the soundbug/glitch. I started a new character and after two missions I have no sound at all. Usually it's just some combat sound that's missing, but now I have nothing at all. Playing solo at the moment Did already closed the application Tried to go matchmaking but also no sound. It's like playing the game without having the sound on and that's really boring
  22. Played all titles on ps3 and ps4 but I agree about the side quest, there are a lot of them and they feel like a grind just because you have to do them. The traveling to different worlds or maps also didn't helped. But it's a borderlands, when they would make a huge different setup it wasn't a borderlands we know and complained about that. It's a solid game, only thing I don't like is they give you legendary guns like it has no value anymore.
  23. Who else is a little bit disappointed about how fast your level cap is reached and how quickly the content can be completed. If you are a veteran and you already have a OP build, you don't get challenged in this new dlc. Thanks for the quick guide, great work
  24. Sometimes I like to see they add a single trophy and I need to download the game again. Just because the game was fun while playing with a lot of friends. But on the other hand, after a month or two I'm scrolling through my game list and see there is another trophy added.. Again. It's a love/hate kinda thing from now on. Only thing is that I discover the trophy update by coincidence, no heads up.
  25. Took me at least 30 times, first 25 on mayhem 1 and a few on mayhem 4. Didnt even dropped a legendary though.