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  1. I think I know why. I got all ending by uploading my save to ps+, I needed to get all the endings in one save. Lol.
  2. The game is actually so much fun and smooth, and the Plat is easy
  3. Nevermind I got it. You can find it in The Poison main mission in the last section before the boss where you have to kill the flower to open a secret door.
  4. Anyone know where I can find the orb for Indigo Memories: The Humiliated?
  5. Is there a guide for how many kills you need and how much time for every chapter?
  6. Thank u soo much Elegy for the tips. I just reached chapter 18 on hard and gotta admit, it's going to be really hard on master ninja from what I can tell, but maybe as you said Ryu's Grip of Murder costume and Rachel's Biker and the Azure Dragon Helm will make a huge difference in term of damage, but my question is if I did poorly in some of the timed fights, is it possible to get master rank by killing more enemies or there is no point in killing them without timer?
  7. Any tips for getting Master rank on Master Ninja difficulty? And can I use the accessories that I unlocked on Master Ninja? and Is it good to start Master Ninja now or after finishing mission mode and trials? Thank you.
  8. Try to raise Alberto to S to be save
  9. I think speed will help greatly to reach the goal faster, if there are no defenders in the box the goalkeeper will come to you, lure him to the right or left a little depending on your position then try to shot full par, some time defenders will try to block it if they're close but if the shot is strong it'll pass him either way and go to the net. It needs some practice to get most of it.
  10. I just found an easy way you can score a goal from 1 shot without bothering to take down the Goalkeepers spirits 😍
  11. Regarding the cutscenes, there is an option you can skip the one you have watched
  12. I still don't know much about the difficulty, I changed it to 1 before the New Hero mode and I'm not sure if it works or not I'll see my sitting when I get back from work to see if it still one or not I think you can't change the difficulty in story mode, but I'm not sure yet
  13. In the second half: 1- Score a goal. 2- Soda will say something about his shot having an extra blade. 3- Let him take the ball in your side and he'll use it.
  14. Thanks Shuriken for the replay, I stood beside him the whole day and I still can't work, but I will try the next days😇
  15. How do I accept the job for the first time? He's talking with me about the picture only and when I finished the conversation with him I can't work!!!