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  1. This is not achievement, this is how Codemasters showing middle finger to trophyhunters.
  2. Trophy hunting is more like game full experience and trophies are milestones. Wolfenstein: New Order and Old Blood was very good experience. Because Wolfenstein is AAA game series, then people (specially Wolfenstein fans) want a chance to complete all trophies, if some indie or unknown games then nobody cares how hard is it.
  3. Another easy way is to find captain who is olog clan (make cloud save, if captain dies, you can start last save again) and try getting his health down and last shooting arrows until his health is very low and then ride olog, if someway captain dont die or ologs dies, just run away, and it will resets the ologs and captain health and you can try again. I tried this like 5 times and got it.
  4. I really hate those trophies when you need to complete game with hardest difficulty without dying. I just wonder why didnt they add complete game less then 3 hours without dying and hardest difficulty setting and not killing anyone, then nobody would get that, never.
  5. I was doing Titan run and didnt skip any chest or enemies, got all four weapons lvl 5 and even all three items lvl 2, still no trophy. I tried to load recent save and max all weapons and items again, still no trophy. What else i need to do, if all my weapons and items are maximum upgraded and got 7600 red orbs and cant buy any upgrades. Anyone have same problem?
  6. I think it count when you do it in 5 seconds, if you do it 3 or 4 seconds, it dont count. I did it like 14 times 5 headshots less then 5 seconds, didnt pop. When i did 5 or 6 headshots in little bit longer, i got it. You must aim and count seconds, this is why its so hard.
  7. For me only clicth was Avid Shopper, i bought grenade launcher attachment and it didnt count. Other items all counted. I did second run, then it worked. It best to save to cloud every time you start buying something. I noticed something else, every time when i bought item that cost over 100 coins, coin cashes give more money.
  8. I played the game like 10 - 15 hours and then I exit the game. When I got back in the game, there was only option "new game" and I could not continue my prevoius game. Is it possible to load my previous game and continue that game?
  9. I tried in the morning 7 - 10AM, i farmed 3 hours and get 1 Concords. Tried evening 9PM - 10PM, got 3 in 1 hour. Item discovery was 350.