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  1. I see a lot of folks are plating the game right now and it seems that access to Episodes 2 and beyond still require DLC. Whats the deal on getting this content if I only have the PS+ version download?
  2. 'Fortnight'
  3. Climaxing is the best
  4. Gotta be NBA Jam. The games were so easy that I would start them and then change to something else on my TV for a while, then just play the last couple min.
  5. did you get Changing Lanes in Far Cry 4 on PS4 yet? I need that one as well. PSN is DDAM if you still need it.

  6. I'd plug this back in to help if I can get help with Changing Lanes. Been a sore spot for me for a while.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'll see how that works.
  8. A couple times of week (as often as 3 of 4x a day sometimes) I will get logged out of PSN and receive an email and notification to change my password. It's annoying more than anything else since I have't had any games added/purchases made. It seems as if someone is trying to use my log in information and has enough failed login attempts that it prompts to change my password. Thinking about changing my associated email to see if that helps but wanted to see if anyone else had input for me first.
  9. Even a 75 by the critics isn't very good. Seems to me that this is a bad game made worse.
  10. Last thing I won was a wood smoker from a biker bar. I live in a high rise.
  11. Warranty! I havent had to replace mine yet but Sony will give away the farm to keep your loyalty to their products.
  12. This thread deserves more run.
  13. Madden 2018 and Call of Duty WW2 for now.
  14. I completed the game pretty quickly - debating on keeping the disc for the three announced DLC over the next few months or not. (and spend ~$30 more) Any thoughts from your readings?