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  1. Opposite glitch for me. Played on PS5 and the trophy popped with 1 character left to go. Never played any character more than once.
  2. I think I'd still use PSNProfiles for trophy guides, trophy lists, and new games. Just as a guest or unregistered user.
  3. Gotta be NBA Jam for me
  4. Ridiculous that its not cross buy
  5. The Order 1886 was quick. Control is quick so far. Anything by Telltale
  6. NBA Jam Plat was a beast and a time sink for sure
  7. Picked Control since it was Game of the Year during Black Friday.. Havent Played yet
  8. I was unhappy with the challenges compared to the normal gameplay. Limited ammo, multiple attackers coming from different directions...just generally un fun
  9. Gotta be Days Gone for me.
  10. I see a lot of folks are plating the game right now and it seems that access to Episodes 2 and beyond still require DLC. Whats the deal on getting this content if I only have the PS+ version download?
  11. 'Fortnight'
  12. Climaxing is the best
  13. Gotta be NBA Jam. The games were so easy that I would start them and then change to something else on my TV for a while, then just play the last couple min.
  14. did you get Changing Lanes in Far Cry 4 on PS4 yet? I need that one as well. PSN is DDAM if you still need it.