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  1. Just looking for any recommendations for games like this one. Thanks!
  2. So i finished the tutorial and try to play the practice hq in order to unlock pvp however when i go to load it just gets stuck in the lobby showing the people on your team and never gets past it. Ive reinstalled 2 times and still just gets stuck in loading. Any ideas on how to fix this.?
  3. do you still have a server to boost on?
  4. I've always wanted to do a backlog challenge and I finally have the time to do one. I would like to sign up with these 5 games to get me started. Fallout NV: (19%) God of War (17%) Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (4%) Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (4%) Batman (20%)
  5. Just starting this up again and am enjoying it a lot. I wanted to buy the DLC and go for the 100%. My question is, is it better to download the dlc and do it early or wait until I Fininah the base game then do the dlc after. I’m playing hardcore btw so it would prolly be easier after. But if it’s more efficient before than I don’t mind the challenge.
  6. I thought the mission that was unobtainable on PS4 in coop was do able on PS3 bc the spacing to get the item is bigger.
  7. I know some people that play shooters on console with a keyboard. They use zinn keyboards I believe suppose to work great with ps4
  8. Me and my roommate just started this game enjoying the coop a lot was wondering how close you guys are to completing 300 missions in coop? And I got to 500 clones coop just playing the story is it get harder to get the remaining 1500 or can I just replay a mission that I can get a bunch through in one run?
  9. I'm averaging 8-10k count per match playing public hard short round. It's more fun and is a tad shorter as well. If you want to enjoy the game a bit more
  10. To answer your question it does count it was my 6th character. Also I don't think I read about this is them guide but my friend was powerleveling me and my other friend to 70. I was a Monk and the other guy leveling was a Necro. Once we were both 70 we backed out of the dungeon and it said that I had leveled both the Monk and Necro to 70 before I had even bought the DLC. So if you do decide to powerlevel try to get a group of 3 to get leveled it once on all different classes, and it could take 30 min to get that trophy.
  11. Its possible because they do it on I played competive cod for years and always checked my state rank. The way the have it set up is when you make your account you simply type your state or region along with the country your from. Of course if your from California but wanna compare your trophies to someone in New York then you could simply change the state you want to view so they would not be entirely accurate but definelty possible to do.
  12. Devil may cry please!
  13. Good time to grind for level 100
  14. I haven't played this game in a while but have you tried using bonemeal? I know it makes seat grow almost immediately might be the same for mushrooms. I just realized this post was last year.