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  1. Deleting this repetitive turd of a game is the most satisfying feeling
  2. I went with- Vaan- Bushi/Time Battlemage Balthier- Machinist/Monk Frab- Archer/Foebreaker Basch- Uhlan/ White mage Ashe- Shikari/ Red battlemage Penelo- Knight/ Black mage A little unorthodox, but it balanced out the team quite well, all had something to bring to the party. Penelo can hit things with a Tournesol and then cast Scathe on groups. Plus having some curative magic and heavy armour makes her very versatile. The Foebreaker is so useful end game I just wish I made Basch one so I wouldn't have to swap in Fran. Made Yiazmat a laugh hitting the party for only 100 damage a time once it's fully Withered.
  3. Personally I found it to be a less-than-subtle cash grab attempt. It encourages you to spend money at most opportunities, and without sensible item and ammo management some of the more difficult levels will put off many people or force them into buyin packs to progress. It's a shame, as the main game is excellent, and I don't know why they insist upon trying to ruin a great game. Luckily it's doable without spending money at all.
  4. Think I'd have to choose an Uncharted game, though I'd have to start at 1 and work my way through all of them!
  5. Has good taste in RPGs (mostly!) 😜
  6. I think it was more of a nostalgia thing for me having played the original repeatedly and the Cube version too. Was nice to play through with the HD aspect (though about 5 runs for platinum was a bit much) I think you're right about PSNP percentages, I think in small numbers of players they aren't representative of the actual difficulty. Will remember to check the PSN percentages in these instances. Good luck with the backlog, took me about 2 years to go through all the games I hadn't finished (about 50 or so) whilst still playing the occasional new one!
  7. Poor Resident Evil 😥 Each to their own but that was a great free game to get (I paid for that the day it came out) I tend to play the Vita games, most of the time I download or library the rest and try to come back to them later. Plat % is down about 10% already, so will likely go down more as people try it and then change their mind I guess, or give up.
  8. Although the plat % is high, I think once more people download this on Plus this month, I think the percentages will go down as people expect as easy game. Was trickier than I expected in places. And the 18 minute trophy isn't easy. 3-4/10 overall, just relatively short.
  9. August 2015 - 715 trophies. Triple Sounds Shapes 😁
  10. Lightning Returns. Really enjoyed the plat personally, worth sticking with!
  11. Did it, but it took 35 rounds to complete overall. Took 12 rounds just to get the teleporter parts!
  12. Does anyone else think that there should be some slight consideration for doing some of the Easter eggs solo? For example, on Carrier, collecting 20 teleporter parts solo one at a time is ridiculous, carrying them one at a time to the teleporter, especially when it's the same 20 total for 2 players (may even be 20 for 4 people.) It's taken me anywhere between 7 and 12 rounds to collect enough and often the teleport zombies don't spawn, and you don't get any dogs either. You've already got less grenades for the machine and it's harder to keep a zombie busy on your own, so I think surely 10 teleporter parts would have been fairer? I know the answer is to do it co-op but I think it should be double for co-op on collectibles and kills compared to solo. Just seems more reasonable when often it's quite luck dependent anyway. Thoughts?
  13. Definitely. Though I just did WRC5 on Vita, and it got boring quite quickly. Plus I've seen some negative things about the PS3 version. Easy 10-15 hour platinum though.
  14. Always wanted to play the Zodiac Job System version of this, so a PS4 release with trophies is a bonus. Just a shame it's not on Vita as I like the older games being portable. Trophies overall are pretty good and account for most of the game. Bestiary could be a tricky one though if it includes the rare game entries (which is likely will) as some of the most were very conditional to spawn.