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  1. Thank you
  2. anything about a new trophy list for EU?
  3. 1. The Last of Us 2 2. Witcher 3 3. The Last of Us Remastered 4. Final Fantasy 7 Remake 5. Horizon 6. RDR2 7. Bloodborne 8. Uncharted 4 9. Days Gone 10. Death Stranding Honorable Mentions A Plague Tale Life is Strange AC Origins/Odyssey Nioh
  4. Thank you Any Guess about the third List? HK/US EU maybe JP?
  5. Already bought US and HK. Both Share one list. Any Clue for the remaining lists?
  6. easiest: Slyde hardest: Max Payne 3 & DMC5
  7. Thank you, worked perfectly
  8. pressing forward is the key. only triangle doesnt work any idea how to trigger character costumization? trophy wont popp
  9. dont get it, this doesnt work any loadout needed?
  10. i take all back, looked at the video before and se i did the wrong move
  11. what you smoked vulture omega work nothing to me
  12. Campaign 1/10 Trophies 7/10 MP 10/10
  13. Which Region is the Game out? I cant find it on any store