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  1. easiest: Slyde hardest: Max Payne 3 & DMC5
  2. Thank you, worked perfectly
  3. pressing forward is the key. only triangle doesnt work any idea how to trigger character costumization? trophy wont popp
  4. dont get it, this doesnt work any loadout needed?
  5. i take all back, looked at the video before and se i did the wrong move
  6. what you smoked vulture omega work nothing to me
  7. Campaign 1/10 Trophies 7/10 MP 10/10
  8. Which Region is the Game out? I cant find it on any store
  9. I don't think it would hurt anyone to raise the level cap. I wonder but if you are tired of discussing nonsensical, fast, easy, ratalaika and co games at some point. There is not always only black or white. Everyone should do it the way they want. If you absolutely want to measure yourself on a virtual platform, you have to live with it. The main thing is to have fun. You shouldn't have to justify yourself for anything else and such statements go in and out of my ear canal.
  10. nice work
  11. Gravity Rush PS4 and Jak Precursor is on my list i want to play but the list is soooo long
  12. no matter how you define it, the best thing is that I put a lot of time into this hobby. I also play all the triple titles that come into consideration for me. After all, everyone has their own preferences, one playing at 100%, another only on rare trophies. I play on mass and it makes me fun to get the maximum trophies out of my account, but also the same, the games that are maybe too hard and I like to play and time-consuming games. In general, I find this forum very often premature with the negative conclusions, so everyone should decide for themselves what he wants to play. I have often played very common games which I really liked.
  13. One Game who crashed one of my milestones and one i wanted not to show on my profile.
  14. At least I do not know any more among the top 10 who are female. At the beginning I could not imagine spending so much time in this hobby, but somehow I love it again and again to get such small special achievements is again an additional nice feeling. But if we are honest, I'm just playing because it makes me fun and it will continue to go on. Otherwise, but I have to admit honestly, then I like the term trophyhuntress very well, so the profile comment.
  15. First World Problems
  16. Both ok, i collect much short platinums, also hard ones. But in the centre are always good games(at the first sight) Personally im no friend of online trophys, too much space for strange people ^^ The Point is there are too many Ratalaika stacks at the moment. Trophy Hunting means nothing for people who plays only hard one. I can understand that its very frustrating. BUT, we are here in a trophy community, and everytime i saw an easy platinum, or a special hard one every second post ist about jelling trophies.
  17. There is absolutely no point to compare COD MW with a Ratalaika Game. Some here sounds like the only reason to play this Game are the trophies. NO WAY play further above platinum???? Shame on this people.
  18. Yes my Friend It's the Main Focus on playing: FUN!
  19. Yes Thats's right. I wouldn't say anything bad about this trophys too. But I remember the Win 5 Matches in IW, which took me almost 3 Prestiges in a for me terrible Game. So I'm really happy about no MP trophies. So there is space to play MP or Spec Ops for fun, not acting for stupid trophys. It's the way everyone cry for hard and stupid trophys, where the point is to get them or let it be. Or the trophys which are really easy to get, then they cry about low playtime for platinum. But thats all our decision to spend time for trophys or spend time after getting all trophys.
  20. What A Shame, such an easy trophylist. Please patch in Perma Death on Campaign, Level 1000 on MP and Please let them make us Win 1000 Matches!
  21. anoyne here can confirms, exploit still works on 3.73?
  22. Oh Yes like they said for the last patch: its coming next week Seems like they have a very looooooooong week
  23. My favourite Game on PS4 is The Witcher III There are a lot of other very good Games for me like Days Gone, Tlou, GoW, Horizon, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Kingdom Hearts 3