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  1. If i remember correctly (it has been 10 years...) the game has some moments where there will be infinite enemies spawning until you complete the objective or move forward until your ally A.I moves aswell to trigger a checkpoint. If you are talking about "defending the trenches" im guessing you are talking about the "S.O.G" mission, you have to knife the napalm barrels to stop the enemies from spawnig or they will just keep coming. Here is an example:
  2. Yep, once you create a map, publish it and play it in player match, put min. players :1, max players:2 and private slots :2.Start it, cancel match and rate it, repeat 24 times with the same map and the trophy should pop.
  3. Can confirm it does work, create your own map, publish it, then rate it 25 times. I suggest the same thing as blazkowicz6, do it before the servers fuck up once more.
  4. You can shoot all you want as long as you dont hit any enemy with a gun, you can check how are you doing in the challenge tab once you complete the game once, as long as it stays on 0 you are good, be sure to make multiple save files in case you fuck up somewhere. Also you can use the 3 weapons for this, your standard knife, the karambit one and the lightsaber one
  5. Everything respawns when you enter a new game plus, so no worries.
  6. Cant wait for this one, I played the PS1 version when i was a kid and the atmosphere scared me shittless once i reached the deadside, couldnt get past that, which if i remember correctly it was like the 1st zone after the village. Hope we get this one before 2021 ends.
  7. Have done this both in PS3 and PS4, the best way to this is the flying out of bounds glitch as seen in this video: While doing this i recommend you hold the accelerate button with something (rubberband its probably the best option), you will still get miles counted if you dont, but its way way slower. However even if you are still doing the glitch, it will take a long time to get there(around maybe 2-3 days depending on how much you let the ps4 run off), so when you want to turn off your console, go to options and change any setting(subtitles is the best one to go for), this will make the game save, so you can restart checkpoint, spawn at your house and save the game there to keep all the progress. I recommend doing this every 1.100.000 points you hit, because this game tends to crash a lot, especially if you are in the high numbers like 4.000.000.
  8. How are people having problems with this? If you have all Perks and ring of fire fully upgraded its a pice of cake, try using the gallo shotgun with the last barrel unlock and you can reach gold with your starting loudout. Also zombnies constantly drop ammo, which gives you like 30-40% ammo for both guns you are using.
  9. I dont know if a different save slot fixes this glitch, what I know is that i had to restart this game 3 times, one for completing the game and restarting because some side missions are nearly impossible having the italian mafia 2 shot you with a shotgun from 1 mile away, second for almost getting 100% and then getting the purple nines glitch(the one im talking about) and then finally getting everything in the third playthrough. Just in case i recommend glitching into the third island(if you havent unlocked yet) to check if there are purple gangs in the last island.
  10. Out of topic question @Spaz, ┬┐did you, by any chance, make your second playthrough after doing the mission "rumble"? The one where you have to kill some purple guys with a baseball bat in the last island.
  11. If i remember well kills count a lot for the s+ rank, the more you get the more chances you got for the rank, mission 7 was the one which give me more trouble due to the last part being all being crimson heads. A tip that i give you is that all the kills you do count, even after dying. I got a ton of kills and i was behind the PAR time and still got the s+ rank.
  12. Happened to me atleast 4-5 times, the notification of a place being 100% looted also disappeared. Fast traveling to a vantage outpost fixed it for me.
  13. Camps are for a different set of challenges, the ones which count for the reaper challenges(scavenging ones) appear like this:
  14. You should be good to go, you have completed the Low hanging Fuit(complete 5 scavenging locations,)Whats yours is mine(complete 13) and Picking the carcass(complete 18), so 5+13+18=36 and you add your Reaper of the Hervest challenge progress (which is 24) so, 36+24=60.
  15. Happened to me yesterday, couldnt see the leaderboards and most of my accolades were reset. I just checked right now and everything seems to be back to normal (can see the leaderboards and my accolades are just how i left them).