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  1. Happened to me yesterday, couldnt see the leaderboards and most of my accolades were reset. I just checked right now and everything seems to be back to normal (can see the leaderboards and my accolades are just how i left them).
  2. Seems like a lot of people didnt like the BO 4 list in here, i kinda liked it except the blackout characters unlocks (fucking reznov and shaw), remember when they gave out the multiplayer characters for free, screwing anyone that got it before?
  3. only the survival mode is exclusive, the spec ops missions can be played in any platform,
  4. I kinda knew they wouldnt put a lot of mp trophies (the only multiplayer trophy they have ever put was the dominion trophy in infinite warfare, and it was heavily gitched), but damm, not even beat the game on the hardest difficulty or get 3 stars on all special ops....
  5. Keep at it man, eventually you will have that run where everything comes smooth and you will make it!
  6. Nope, just continue were you left off.
  7. On pc enemies attack faster and move faster in Nightmare so you would had to adjust that to the console version were they attack frequently but not faster, strafing is also used a lot in speedrunning but with a controller is a complete bitch.I just hope i could help with this level because its definitely the hardest one there is. Also congrats on the plat aswell !
  8. Im convinced that pistol/solo is actually impossible, i will be amazed if someone gets it that way.
  9. Plutonia in Nightmare difficulty is my wildest dream.
  10. It is possible to do it on solo, just be prepared to spend a good amount of time in restarting every time. Luckily i recorded the one where i managed to do it. Successful run starts at 3:40 and level 29 starts at 8:20.
  11. Also, I can confirm for the speedrun you only need the original levels, so in DOOM 1 you only need to speedrun Knee Deep In The Dead, The Shores of Hell and Inferno. In doom 2 only hell on earth is requiered, master levels are not. There is a chaingun at the beginning, but good luck killing respawing hell knights and revenants with just that...Note that the guns never disappear, however, ammo drops, health bonuses and such do. I will put this video so you know what im talking about.
  12. 8 seems right, doom 1 only has like 5 or 6 difficult levels, and the first episode, in my opinion, is the hardest due to the close quarters levels. E1M5 and E1M6 are a bitch if you die to many times.Doom 2 in the other hand has a ton of difficult levels; Dead simple has respawning mancubus,refueling base has the hallway with infinite respawning shotgunners, industrial zone is a hitscanner paradise, and the best one, level 29 the living end, it took me 7 hours to beat this one alone, its impossible to beat with the pistol, so if you die once, you have to restart from monster condo,level 27, to get all your supplies back. I hope someone else beats it so i can share the pain with someone lol. Nope, you only need the normal levels, also i didnt use the secret exits to the bonus levels beacuse someone said that it doesnt count as ending the level if you go to a secret one.
  13. Finally beat nightmare in DOOM 2 and holy shit is hard, DOOM 1 is childs play compared to this one. Anyway, master levels are not requiered for the nightmare trophy, only hell on earth.
  14. I recommend watching doom speedruns to know the best way to beat it, speed in nightmare is essential for survival and also knowing where secrets are which can give you items that can save your life
  15. Good thing its that in coop you can respawn as many times as you want, so do the demons, you start with a pistol but all the gun drops will always stay in the same place even after you pick them up.Also all the switches and keys you picked stay with you. Not looking forward to doom 2 beacuse the chaingunners and the arch-viles but i will try to check if the master levels are requiered or not.