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  1. No worries @Dav9834, I think that topic got looked at inside and out and no need for either of us to bring it up again. There was some tougher exchange but that's common when me and @MMDE headbutt, no ill will was borne. There's an additional treat of having an amicable consensus with MMDE about a smarter flagging system. Here's my lack of participation coming back to bite me, as there were things and advances on the site I was not aware of. Perhaps I'm finally done with the thread, as many of my focal points have been dealt with and the OP suggestion itself indeed rejected. So all in all, I feel bad you felt this was a waste of your time. I felt we got somewhere and that's a lot more than on any previous occasion
  2. @Sergen well, I'm not buying that much into "we won't name and shame them, we'll coerce them into naming and shaming themselves" tidbit either But let's be frank, the real issue here are the 3,5 million non-opted-in accounts. I believe removing the cheaters list did more in "discouraging hackers" than any other hostile flagging and shaming scheme this site has carried out over the years, but it won't change a thing if the site keeps forcefully adding people on the leaderboards without them asking for it. PS3Hax has, what, 400 thousand registered users. That's almost twice the size PSNP has btw. You want to run a hobby scheme you should stick to yourselves and stop with this expose whatever crap. Expose the people who signed your terms and broke them after. Before Dav intervenes again I'd like to clarify, this is an on-going topic because there are minute amounts of actual PSNP members being flagged on the games listed in the OP, but the vast majority are gamers who've never even heard of this site, or known that here they're expected to delete their local accounts for joining a public lobby and popping a trophy. I repeat I have little to complain now the site doesn't advertise someone being flagged anymore, but I also see the crusade against hackers being artificially inflated in numbers. Which brings me to: Sure, why not. I see no argument against starting a flagging scheme that is equal across the board, and on the contrary to the current situation accepts a flag on any suspicious trophy on any game. It'd probably affect a great many of regular PSNP users and start a public outcry, to prevent which you'd have to reassess how the flagging system works. Say, have that specific game not count on the leaderboards with no other repercussions and there being a separate mechanic to flag people as hackers with no leaderboard access, so MMDE can still get his lollipop. That'd probably kill this whole conversation and any other to come, and ultimately MMDE wouldn't have to carry on his cheating trophies is cheating nonsense, either. There's no cheating involved when people reprogram their devices, it's just reprogramming devices to suit a purpose. The script kiddies on the site and you getting a hissy fit about them, that one I have no opinion about. They signed up for the site anyway. You should, of course, still stop datamining third party sites for users that didn't opt-in to PSNP's terms of use regardless some sort of a utopia like this happened or not.
  3. @MMDE, let me be clear. It's not you scanning the leaderboards and flagging someone for whatever justification you have that in my opinion makes it cyber stalking. It's datamining a third party site for public profiles and then scanning them that does. I do recommend you study the GDPR a bit, it takes effect - tomorrow. It will be tested in court at some point, but I'm highly curious as what all constitutes personal data - personally identifiable information. Having had the same PSN account for twelve years and met hundreds if not thousands of people over the years, I can guarantee I can be identified through that account. I'm not a viable study for PSNP as I've actually agreed to the ToS, of course. In any case, a lot of my complaints are gone now the site simply hides the people instead of having screaming red blocks all over. On the contrary to what you say - that it has been like this for a long time - the change is pretty recent.
  4. Come on @MMDE. You're repeatedly quite vocal about "cheaters", using vocabulary like "dirty" or "illegitimate". They're hostile labels you put on a group of people you decide are unwanted in your own bubble. And that's fine in itself. But while you call those people names, including people who only happened to join a public lobby at the wrong time like on this thread, and compare a perfectly legit CFW hobby with drugs and murder, the juveniles on this site buy into it and then start calling for those people to be shot. If you fail to see how all the encouragement that's happening here is toxic behavior I'm not sure what gives. I see you getting quite angry about "exposing a liar" but amuse me for a bit: you state you've flagged 20 000 people. So how many of those people started a dispute, lied to your face and got exposed as a liar? 100? 200? Isn't it truly you sharing hostile propaganda based on an extremely small snippet of users you've "exposed" and lost your temper for them talking back at you? In order to expose someone, they'd have to wiling users of the site too. What's there to expose otherwise, unless in order to grief people who do whatever gaming they do, and are perfectly free to do so and shouldn't expect to be called names for it. If you disagree with this, unless you're getting paid for flagging people I think it's legit to say you have cyber stalking people as part of your PSNP hobby, where the leaderboards are your personal little sandbox. Having a data deletion button on a third party site isn't an excuse for anything. It's not like PSNP is quoting a snippet of a Sony user's information, it's replicating their public account info in almost full. As far as leaderboards go, I'm not advocating any flags. I'm just observing that most of all of us would have a flag if you truly ran "clean" leaderboards. Leeching CFW users off the internet and then flagging them as "dirty" is not a matter of pride or a service, it's a futile loop where you should just stop introducing people to your database who do their gaming on their own terms and didn't ask to be there in the first place. You say that most people would care about legitimacy of trophies, but I'm looking at a poll on the top of the page that points completely otherwise. It's once again a small snippet, this time out of all PSNP users of course. Perhaps a big ass poll on the main page would give a better indication. However I'm pretty comfortable in saying that I think a really, really vast majority of people just want to play, check their trophies once in awhile and not get griefed over it. Like I said in my earlier post, I'm quite happy to see PSNP going more this way in the recent updates to site behaviour, not publicly naming and shaming flagged individuals anymore. Edit: @Dav9834 apologies, however MMDE being the most public authority concerning flag behaviour on this site, I do think exchanging opinions about what are his principles, and how they effect the site are of public value and relevant to the thread...
  5. @Sergen I wonder how much MMDE being a public advocate of this kind of toxic behaviour plays into Sly's decision making. No one cares about CFW hobbyists not counting for the leaderboard, it's the naming and shaming aspect that bothers me. It's griefing, plain and simple. As I've often said, I'm not an active user of this site anymore as I don't like to meddle with hatemongers, this is news to me PSNP no longer has leaderboards "without cheaters" and "with cheaters". I tried to check Thropy_Hore's trophy list and apparently the former public red flag markers aren't there anymore either. This is something that has transpired within a year or so. I'm actually quite pleased about these recent events, it means PSNP is downplaying on the griefing aspect and focusing on their leaderboards more, as they should.
  6. @Starlove- you're correct it has been going in circles for a long time now, mainly because people who come on the thread opposing this come in without reading previous posts and state the same ~5 arguments which have been countered dozens of times already. Sly has already said Gaming Profiles Ltd will carry on with their current plan despite overwhelming opposition on the poll. That's fine in a sense, PSNP can invent any amount of artificial rules to have pretense of a "clean" local leaderboard, including editing that data with completely imaginary numbers like they do with DLC trophies. The answer there is supposed to be "you don't like it, you don't use it", which is perfectly fine in itself. But that's why I brought GDPR in to the mix, because in order for PSNP to look "big" it needs that account data it doesn't actually own. The question whether the whole process is legal is an interesting one. We had a couple alright opposing posts in there, although the lack of legal insight is disappointing. People like Otonio failing to understand the difference in concept between "free to view" and "free to use", for example, or hBLOXs failing to understand in order to "opt-in" you have to log in on the site and any number of anonymous loads are not "opted-in" no matter what. Around the third post we already got someone comparing an out-of-order trophy set to getting away with murder. That doesn't really surprise me, I've heard the same excuse from even MMDE's mouth. The quality of opposing opinions alone makes it seem to me there's an amount of people calling for voice of reason and going against what sounds a lot like zealotry. This is not really about hacked trophies anymore, it's already been established PSNP's track record on it is dubious at best. If this was truly about legitimacy, half the RDR players would be flagged, but then again it would include many, many regular users of this site. The GDPR discussion points attention to people who never signed to agree on any PSNP ToS, because within this discussion, the majority of cases it is those people who are being targeted. That's a bad thing, because inventing a moral code and then proceeding to apply it in black labeling outside parties who've never even heard of "the code" is something fringe hate groups like the alt-right do. I would not like to see it in gaming communities. I view it both a legal and a social problem, which Sly too should be worried about. In case you missed it, hate movements, cyber stalking and #metoo are issues that are currently being paid a lot of attention to. PSNP can have any amount of made up stuff dictating behavior on their local site, but the attempt to extend it over Sony and Sony's customers becomes more problematic.
  7. That's going to be interesting, which party (or both) is accountable for a site using identifiable data from a third party site. Eg. Facebook - Cambridge Analytica affair the immediate effect was that of Facebook's plummeting stock, while Facebook is researching in to the matter and will deal with CA separately in the future. But that has a lot to do with USA not having a proper data privacy legislation to this date. In the EU the process is wholly illegal already and the ICO searched under warrant CA's offices in London, UK. Thus the EU official would primarily target the party that was misusing the data. In any case I dragged the GDPR into this discussion a long time ago already, my response to Otonio was about all the time I cared to spend on someone who decided to crash in the thread with a slur of insults and zero clue. My baseline support for the whitelist is PSNP's inability to carry out consistent process when treating the leaderboards, which allows the fringe hate elements on the site an excuse to isolate and bully individuals based on the games they play.
  8. Read and weep, @Otonio_Bruno.
  9. Am I seriously this poor at making myself understood? There are over 3 million people who never asked to be on PSNP leaderboards. PSNP put them there without asking them. No one is getting punished for enjoying their gaming exactly the way they like, because that's a personal freedom. Furthermore all that customer data being harvested off Sony's servers by PSNP without anyone agreeing to it makes this wholly not their problem. It makes it PSNP's problem. And yours, apparently. Installing operating systems on your legitimately owned devices does not equal a hit-and-run, or murder, or any other outrageous metaphors I've heard over the years. This is the fact: you don't like that, you don't put someone who does that on your leaderboards. Which brings us back to the question why were millions of people put there without asking anyway? In any case, this thread is about people who didn't even do such a thing, but get punished as "cheaters" anyway. Because that's what flagging people as cheaters is. Their "crime" was joining a public lobby and playing a game. Calling for punishment (including death, we've seen it) against people who are simply playing games constitutes very much hate speech. Think about that for a second.
  10. @Darpiom I repeat PSNP has harvested account information from over 3,5 million Sony's customers, of which 241 thousand are verifiably registered users of this site. So on the leaderboards, only one user in fifteen has actually agreed to any "rules" or requested they be there in the first place.
  11. @Darpiom PSNP is not affiliated with Sony and is absolutely in no position to say how any Sony's customer plays their own Sony games on their own Sony gaming systems. PSNP is only in a position to say how they feature their precious leaderboards. Us two being PSNP members, which is what you refer to, we opt-in for certain behaviour on the site in order to gain access on them. Here's the thing, however: PSNP has around 240 thousand members based on the forum accounts alone. PSNP tracks 3,5 million accounts. That means the amount of people PSNP tracks, who never opted-in for anything PSNP does, who are not PSNP members, exceed the number of actual members on this site fifteen to one. If you thought PSNP is in a position to impose any sort of a moral code on people it datamined from a third party site without their prior consent, think again. Frankly few of us would have a problem with much of anything this site does, if the site kept it to people who willingly agreed to gain access to it.
  12. Well it's not really about the trophies but customer data. The potential for this whole situation to go away - PSNP staff selectively picking up people on the internet, without their consent, based on their hobbies or taste in games and attempting to shame them in public for commercial profit - is just a welcome side effect.
  13. See there I fixed it for you. Curious how the new EU General Data Protection Regulation effective May 25th (and the latest Facebook revelation) would apply to Gaming Profiles Ltd. fetching, publishing and commenting on Sony customers' information without their consent.
  14. Note when you install god forbid programs on your legally owned devices it's not "tampering" with them or any other multitude of negative verbs these good people like to use. This shaming bullshit needs to go. MMDE is in a high position here and needs to finally get a grip on his stature and stop feeding toxic behaviour on this site. It's up to PSNP whether proven CFW constitutes denial of leaderboard access and that should be the sole topic here, and up to Sony whether it leads to denial of PSN service. Otherwise it's perfectly alright, perfectly ethical, and especially perfectly legal to reprogram your devices. Any devices, including a fucking gaming system. Someone thinks it's unfair because oh noes their PNG images, tough luck. Anyone who reads this thread and plans to toy around with their consoles shouldn't give a jack what some internet stalkers think about it.
  15. Gotta watch out for those lit nazis