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  1. @MiamiNights89 is correct, you don't need to be an OP PvP'er to reach Emperor, you keep on getting AP from the group even lying dead on the battleground (although you should rather learn how to stay alive). Join an active guild, join the campaign exactly when it begins and be prepared to grind your AP for long hours for the next day or two. Your competition might be better at gaining AP, but they usually log off after a couple hours while you can keep on scoring the whole day. You can even do this on the pre lv50 campaign. You can respec your character all you want and if you think you lack the right skills or the class for a PvP setup you do have multiple character slots, just make another one oriented towards Cyrodiil.
  2. Yes it is, albeit the delist without warning will make it a surprise for some. We had some scares last night when NA Stores had ALL Killzone content (apart from couple promotional videos) delisted! Luckily they apparently told the intern off and fixed it soon enough. I didn't do a PSA on the KZ2 forum as there's a popular thread about the delist already, looking at it there are quite a few people who have been waiting to get the DLC on sale and are now forced to rush for GameStop codes or buy it off EU at full price.
  3. If you didn't buy them yet, your time's up. GameStop allegedly still has codes for sale, or if you have an EU account no EU Store is part of the delist (yet). Shadow Fall and related content, KZ1 HD, and Killzone Mercenary for the Vita are still up, the delist only concerns KZ2/3 which were Disc Only titles to begin with.
  4. It's an old game with some conditional triggers that aren't readily apparent. Might of course be the thing just bugged on you. I do remember I wasted a lot of ammo spamming rockets in the general direction and thinking splash damage will get the Combot angry, and at least on occasion during my few retries it did, but not after *a lot* of spamming. The four rockets I said will get it aggroed were four dead-on headshots. After a couple deaths I stopped using any other weapons because there's no indicator of how much damage you're doing, and you don't really want to step out in the open as return fire eats you up in a flash (and you need to save health to survive the aggro sequence).
  5. Exceptions are being made all the time on quite a number of titles, just not the CoD/GTA crowd (which are incidentally the two biggest groups of casual gamers and won't even see what we just did here).
  6. You're just admitting to what counts for your stats and completion is largely a factor of unknown. Furthermore, you know for certainty RDR is foul play after a specific date, but not touching it. Which brings us back to the ethics only applying when it happens to not be an inconvenience to you. Much like the completely imaginary rarity ratios on DLC trophies, the only thing you succeed in is manipulating your site stats to be invalid to begin with. But that's ok since no feat that wasn't surveyed by a third party is statistically accurate in any case, which means there is no trophy list on earth you could prove legit. PSNP is still run by a business for profit, that tracks people without their consent, and then flags those very people while editing the local leaderboards based on some fuzzy logic I'm - as you can see - considering questionable at best. I used to like this site and it's my fault for touching this topic in the first place, but I don't think the inconsistent behaviour and this whole mumbo jumbo of self categorizing gamers warrants to consider PSNP a reputable site, which is why I personally only login to participate on this discussion anymore. I don't care about your excuses. Either produce your virgin leaderboards and remove the games you know there's foul play but can't prove it. Or admit to things beginning with patch manipulation is something beyond your scope, and stop flagging people based on the game they played legit. It's not our problem a mod menu became a reality. PSNP is making it our problem. PSNP should simply stop doing it.
  7. I'll admit to Daiv I was pretty snappy on the last one. We've been over this but I'll mention again I'd rather see either include everything similar, or just remove everything similar instead of the preferential treatment this site is dishing out at the moment. You're not touching eg. Dead Island while I can guarantee the top fastest achievers go into three-four figure numbers who "happened" to find some modded weapons on the ground while cooping. But following your IF - THEN logic, you're actually perfectly ok when modified software happens, and this is well allowed to count on your precious stats. Except when it's GTA or COD. I know the real reason you're not touching it is you have little chance to be able to prove save game or lobby modding unless it directly touches trophies. But that brings me to my earlier point, all these invented ethics only apply when it happens not to be an inconvenience to you. If you want some sort of virgin stats and completion ratio, you stop flagging people and start removing these games from the equation.
  8. If you want to be smart about this, you stop tracking completion speed on risky games and the problem goes away. You have RDR, GTA, Borderlands and Dead Island series and that list of series having a savegame editor with no way to prove if one was used going on and on. None of those leaderboards are valid as per your logic, yet you fail to flag the achievers. Now, consider this thread here. A vast majority of the people didn't earn their trophies through the use of "unapproved modified software". What does that even mean? Who approves it. PSNP? Guerrilla has publicly denounced kill boosting as ban worthy behaviour, yet you don't flag thse of us who did it, so definitely it's not the dev who's approval of the use of their software applies here. RDR online is globally "unapproved modified sofware". When you play a game you legitimately own and have never modified and your XP suddenly and unexpectedly goes through the roof, that isn't cheating. If it was, then powerleveling is cheating. Once again I personally concur much of everything we do to boost our trophies in the fastest time possible is cheating. That is the very concept of cheating, not modifying software, everything cheating is cheating. It's ludicrous to think the leaderboards on PSNP would have some sort of - any - legitimacy. But I digress. It simply still intrigues me we have you, among other pretend authorities to tell the rest of us simply playing some specific games is cheating, but developer announced ban worthy kill boosting on multiplayer FPS isn't. Let's invent a bunch of parameters, say something that isn't cheating is cheating, something that is cheating isn't, and talk about gaming ethics that only apply when it happens to suit us.
  9. @ProfBambam55 the same "cheaters get a free pass" argument has been spammed by hit and runners so many times it seems relatively futile to attempt dialogue against failing logic again and yet again. The posters do not bother to read the thread, the output is usually single sentence hostile without any reality checks on how much hacking statistically happens, how many people play the games, any number of actual, verifiable data that has been brought up and is promptly ignored by these borderline religious people. It's good that the thread gains hits and increases awareness, but then again it's not good we run around in circles explaining the same things over and over to people who don't want to hear it, because admitting basic software engineering facts would endanger their bubble.
  10. It's not a glitch, it's a a CFW mod called the "ride-able zombie mod". It spreads virally through the public servers through an exploitable program bug. Or "glitch" if you prefer semantics. There is no real difference between "glitches" and mods, because mods always exploit "glitches" to be applicable. In any case this makes RDR exactly the same thing we're talking about on this thread - modded lobbies. Yet RDR trophies are magically "possible" while GTA trophies are magically "impossible".
  11. You don't know whether "glitches" were intended to happen. By all means and purposes of software programming if it can happen in the game, then it is possible within the constraints of the game. End of story. This talk isn't about catching hackers as you have zero chance to do so on a constantly modified online game. The talk is about the futility to pretend you'd have some sort of a "clean" leaderboard for a piece of software, that isn't a controlled environment to begin with. I know for a fact the FIFA 2011 run produced a little over a thousand hacked trophies from the PSNP database, and that game had an unprotected save for which copying instructions were widely published in major gaming media outlets. The game sold over five million copies. So 0,02% - THAT is the ballpark on the likelihood of a gamer purposely hacking on any given game. We're talking about punishing millions of people here so the 0,02% wouldn't "get a free pass" on a leaderboard that was never a valid one. That's not going to stop people playing a hugely popular game like GTA V, but it will teach great many of them what a toxic site PSNP is.
  12. Thanks Slamma, you can just shoot me a message on PST as I'm the new maintainer of the cross-buy thread
  13. I'm looking at the trophy lists on PSNP for this Cross-Buy title and see one count for Vita, two counts for PS4, and two counts of shared list for PS4 and VITA. So I have no idea what it is. Definitely it's a cross-region stack in a form or another, but is it shared or stacking by platform within a single region? I'd love it if both a EU and NA owner would happen to know.