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  1. Your account can get a closer look anytime by whoever wants to take a closer look, there are no restrictions on it unless you pull out from PSNP or make your PSN list private. I own thousands of games including all (or all but one, too lazy to check) listed here. Doesn't make sense to limit the amount of whitelisted titles to three or any other number on any account, because there are more than three even without the titles we speak about on this thread, plus the number at any given time in the future is unknown. As I just said once again in my previous post, I should be able to play the games I bought with my own money without some random site and it's users on the internet telling me not to play them, or trying to punish me if I play them anyway. Imposing some sort of a ruleset on what completely unknown people should or should not play, while they've possibly never even visited PSNP, I just don't understand what could possibly justify such a scheme.
  2. No I'm not suggesting yet another system, there's only the one you are suggesting and you've poured your heart into it so that's what we're rolling with Yeah you get a cutoff date, that's pretty imperative. Then you just add the game to a whitelist database, and if that's what it takes to make the opponents shut up start your leaderboard editing scripts yada yada. Frankly I don't care about any of it beyond the whitelist. People who deliberately keep popping trophies get flagged on another game and for the rest it's just one or two trophies, it's so marginal no one should care. I don't understand why any awareness should be raised on the matter. How many times have people spammed ZOMG DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT on PSNP? About a bazillion times? Did it help? So there. People who study their trophies will eventually learn about mod menus, and people who do not will only learn about the flag they just got slapped with. All of this "awareness" talk is useless when the site purposely tracks accounts the majority of whose owners don't even have a clue what PSNP is. In addition I am not prepared to tell anyone (and don't want to keep getting told) that I essentially shouldn't play a game I bought with my own money. That's just silly. For that reason alone whitelists do not really encourage hackers, they just prevent punishing people for playing games they own. I've been a member of this site for years and I know a couple games are whitelisted because hey, I happen to own them and I know they autopop. I have no idea which all games are whitelisted. I think that applies to the majority of the people. But if you start adding rainbow colors on people's trophy sets they'll for sure start knowing. Is it gonna help them? Well no it isn't, because the trophies are already there. There are no retroactive fixes, but you can of course nag the victims of this with massive amounts of hindsight until infinity. If you just whitelist stuff and move along without further ado, no one's gonna remember about it next week. In social media, our attention span is seriously no longer than a goldfish. Compare that to current situation where you flag a guy as a hacker who didn't hack, he's gonna remember that and the site that did it to him for life. I'm just asking you to take into account, we're basically requesting a favor from Sly for a good cause. But when you keep adding things on top, more and more workload means it's gonna be less and less likely to happen. Consider the main request here: "whitelist a bunch of games!" All right, that's a piece of cake if no one gets a hissy fit about it. "Ok ok, whitelist a bunch of games AND program a module that autoflags them!" Oh snap. "Ok ok, whitelist a bunch of games AND program a module that autoflags them AND program automation to censor the leaderboards AND put rainbow colors on people's trophy sets!" See where I'm getting at? Just saying the focal point here is "whitelist a bunch of games", reason for which is "reality just borked your flagging mechanism". The majority of people support this. Now you can ask the opponents what is the one single thing that'd make them support the suggestion. Guessing their main request would be "well the game shouldn't be on the leaderboards then if it has a flaggable trophy". I disagree with that, it seems legit enough to at least count for your totals. But what do I care. If that makes them shut up then so be it. So basically you got these two single things which would pretty much be supported across the board. That's a suggestion that is not a massive workload, doesn't make any drastic changes on the site and would, IMO, be possible to actually happen. But it's all you with the suggestion and I'm not going to tell you how to do it, you decide. Just I feel the more complex you make it the less likely it'll happen
  3. Hear you We're just begging for Sly's attention at this stage and you have the heavenly phone line!
  4. Hear you on that point Though I don't see what you suggest feasible. Like I suggested before you simply "can't" track ten thousand pieces of software, and every update they ever had, to establish any sensible time scales to pop any specific trophy. Not with the handful of people working on the site. Especially when the patches before haven't been tracked. Basically the idea here is to not punish people who did not hack. So having the games highlighted, going on a trophy-by-trophy basis... As Grim has said before and I'm sure even @MMDE would agree, PSNP doesn't need something like BLOPS2 specifically to flag a hacker. The people who do that do it multiple times, just as Darkb1ke did. So I think all the finesse gains nothing, just make things more difficult to code and test, and less likely to implement. The main cause I've had here is to prevent flag griefing people who did not hack. So games where proving this is impossible should be whitelisted. That'll make "us" shut up, when there is an even treatment across the board. MMDE and the ilk wouldn't shut up until the whitelisted games stop counting on the leaderboards, so make it so on these games. That'll be agreeable to everyone? If it's "flaggable" but mod menu griefing is possible, whitelist, make it disappear from PSNP public, move on. I'm against isolating any specific PNG images because PSNP tracks a few million of them and putting any special glitter on any single database entry just because is, well, stupid
  5. Only @grimydawg has responded on the thread, and even then in a general sense about how the reporting system works. At this stage I'd actually appreciate an input - any input - from Sly too, even if it's just a simple yes or no. I represent much of a simpler idea than what BamBam has, these are games where you can no longer explicitly prove foul play on the gamer's part was involved. Just whitelist (and remove the trophies from the speedrun leaderboards, or leaderboards as a whole if that's your gig, what do I care.) Then just move along. Easier to implement definitely. RDR has been repeatedly brought up as an example where "illegitimate" trophies are perfectly good for the leaderboards. It has been discussed a lot in this thread. You want clean leaderboards you should remove everything illegimate including stuff like RDR, or you accept getting a "clean" leaderboard is impossible. That's because even new patches on a specific title might make a certain time scales to pop a trophy possible or impossible. With ten thousand titles out there you can't gain enough coverage to survey it and that's just the way it is. Any guide doesn't really make an illegimate method more legitimate, it just makes it more popular and accepted. Okay, wide acceptance is legimizing though But this is why this topic is such a hard one. People who oppose illegimate methods in general will very strongly oppose something like this. Regardless how did their own gaming. But "accepting this" would then mean "accepting everything", which carries this faux sense of fear towards rampant alien, I correct, hacker invasion and PSNP and the world as we know it bursting out in flames as a result. I've repeatedly asked for any statistic how many hackers were "encouraged" by any whitelisted title, and have received zero answers. Ultimately you are correct, there is so much noise on the thread because Sly hasn't said anything. The votes are pretty clear and while I don't want to pull major trophy winning people like Wdog into this discussion, he did support some points I've made on the thread. But he'd post himself if he wanted to so I digress. So, yeah. I think at this stage @Sly Ripper's input would be warranted. I hear you on the RDR part. I'm not a completionist, rather play for my own amusement. That means if RDR exploit never happened I'd just happily have left it unfinished, or chip away at it over multiple years, which I've done too (holding the laziest completion on some titles, seven plus years!) Anyway once there was an exploit which "was not my doing", I just happily not only hogged level 50 but that white buffalo too, because "I could". I do understand your reasoning "something like this upsets legit gamers". It has been brought up too on this thread, multiple times. It's just a problematic argument, when the software itself doesn't care whether you're upset or not, neither do the leaderboards. This applies to abandoned titles like RDR or frequently updated titles like Tom Clancy's The Division. A new patch might make or break you. With the current patch of the Division I gain the loot in ten minutes that took me 30 hours one year ago. But I'm not complaining, I'm just happy things are better now. Of course my stance is adjusted by the fact I still play the game. If I already beat it and newbies got it much easier, I might be bitter No one who was still playing RDR when the viral hack happened is complaining. Not about XP. Just pointing it out. Finally, BamBam (and please change your alias back) you suggest the BLOPS2 unachievable online trophy should be exempt from this scheme, but if the mod menu can pop everything including the unachievable why is it specifically exempt? I mean, there's no logic in this. Basically the only options are will or will not anyone who ever plays multiplayer on it get flagged for hacking. You're suggesting if a mod menu holder presses down arrow twice and press Enter, the PSN account doesn't get flagged. But if he/she presses it thrice and press Enter, the PSN account will get flagged.
  6. What actual statistics do you have on people doing this and getting "tempted", for example on other whitelisted titles? Because this is not the first time the "but it encourages hackers!" slogan has been brought to this discussion and mysteriously in each case whoever used the slogan has been completely unable to say who got encouraged and how many times on any specific title. Yet there are many whitelisted titles on PSNP.
  7. Can you please keep the rant ouf of this topic? This topic is about protecting further people playing games normally just as they always have and get shanked for whatever reason. That's what the whitelists are all about. Nothing wrong with how you want to play your games, but what happens to your leaderboard access on PSNP if you do what you did, there's nothing extraordinary about it. It's your choice. Rather amusing to get angry about it. I'd just shrug and keep on doing what I do if I were you.
  8. Wrong. Whitelisting "glitched" trophies - game or patch behavior, broken or hacked servers, save scumming, whatever to exploit game mechanics to force a trophy pop - is exactly there to prevent hackershaming. Allowing things like RDR in there sets a double standard where you are endorsed to abuse hacks in one game, and suddenly are punished for merely falling victim to one in another. Whether "you" want them on the site is irrelevant, they are on the site. No one's going to pull them all off because keeping tabs on patch dates, server history or when exploits did or did not get fixed makes it impossible. All you can do is maintain the appearance of removing trophy hackers, while whitelisting is an attempt at keeping a balance between removing actual perpetrators from the leaderboards, and protecting people who did nothing more than played a game from hostile action. Thus we truly are talking beyond the scope of hacked trophies so let's not pretend we aren't
  9. I do accept the leaderboards are supposed to maintain at least an appearance of being clean, and as such people who merely unlocked their trophies in the database, ie. didn't play the game get removed. But this isn't the case here. It's just another situation where you can't really verify a thing or another and let it go, just as you did with RDR or any game that autopops trophies. So I'm not sure what issue you got with this. Why is there a specific scenario where these gamers need to be treated differently? If you're suggesting there should be a general whitelist scenario where trophy set not fulfilling certain requirements gets removed, say, from the speedrun leaderboards or the account stats, I don't think I'd have reason to argue against it. That would be a fair, transparent system that applies to everyone and wouldn't have preferential treatment on a game by game basis. The term "hacked trophies" rather distracts the discussion when there are so many accepted ways the trophies are popped, well, rather illegitimately.
  10. The thing is, your PSN account might get screwed by a third party as is the case here. Or it might be screwed by the first party as happened with multiple users' trophy database on PS4 release. Sometimes you can avoid it, sometimes you can't. History of PSNP shows this has taken into account. You seem to forget what trophies are. Trophies are a simple software call in a database. Those calls happen for a number of reasons, they can be researched, and once the reason is reverse engineered or found, the call is known. That's it. There's not that much about "legitimacy", really. PSNP is a third party site that tracks PSN accounts created on Sony's servers, not yours, don't know how many times we've been through this. You, MMDE - or PSNP - is not an authority to state what is legitimate or illegitimate. All you can do is keep manipulating your local leaderboads - which is what PSNP has been doing all this time. That's why flags get lifted on edit: dubious trophies, rarity gets "corrected" (ie. made an imaginary number), and "impossible" timestamps get removed until someone proves, oops, they were possible after all. All this thread is about is further manipulation of the leaderboards as has always been done, in order to not hackershame people without reason. The leaderboard aspect is as a matter of fact irrelevant, because the leaderboard is not legitimate, endorsed by Sony,anything. It's just a local, edited, leaderboard that tries to keep as balanced as possible. This discussion, again, is only about further acknowledging calling the hacker card on people who didn't hack gives PSNP a bad name. Not giving a flag since there was no reason to begin with. I have great respect on your skills at exposing people who try to cheat the PSNP system on purpose, and have no quarrel with that. But you need to accept trophies (or PSNP accounts) don't work how you'd like to define them at any given time. PSNP didn't create them, isn't the owner of the accounts, nor has any authority over the accounts. As such, whitelisting games where PSNP can't manage the "legitimacy", is just a given unless you want to defame gamers. The discussion here is not a new thing, it just adds on the previous titles. People join multiplayer and their trophy database goes haywire, it gets whitelisted and that's the end of story. I don't understand why you need there to be special rules this time.
  11. Think it's decisively funny people who object strongly choose to not read the posts made on the thread and make arguments that have been countered before. @MMDE's reasoning is the only really interesting one and I'd wish he'd elaborate. Because he's basically saying "random glitches" where you have have plausible doubt of a hack but can't prove it, flags get lifted (and trophy state stays on the leaderboards), but in this scenario a "constant glitch" where you can plausibly expect the account to not have hacked and it has been proven, it should now be censored.
  12. Yep, think @ProfBambam55 has prepared a perfectly valid way to bypass this while keeping every party relatively happy. A good majority of readers go in favor of whitelisting in general. Honestly I haven't seen a good excuse not to implement something like this. I wouldn't start deleting my account or hiding jack if I fell into the category, we own the games after all and should be able to play them the way we want, online included. We all know the leaderboards are being edited for benefit or another already and there have, and will be a number of impossible timestamps allowed in there.
  13. Took around 6 hours for me. Just hack in as many days as possible, if you savescummed your way through and didn't allow failed heists you end up with more than a hundred days left. Backup your save, then just keep restarting the smallest map and suiciding by bomb like VirtualNight said. If it's a no go after you're on your last day, restore your save from the cloud and do it again.
  14. Remembered we discussed this a while back. The GTA Trilogy is now 14 euro (and something less in pound sterling) during Double Discounts, or 6 euro individually :) 

    1. ElyssarArFeiniel


      Thank you. Looks like this week is going to be game-buying week for me, already picked up a few cheap disc games in the shops and now this. My backlog is growing but summer is coming for plenty of GTA action (still need to do GTA 4 and 5 trophies again. Deal is until 5th July on the UK PSN for anyone reading.