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  1. Oh I didn't fully get what you meant then
  2. I don't report people in general, because I don't value any trophy leaderboards much, nor care how other people like to enjoy their gaming because it's not away from me. I'm only interested in how games function because toying around with them (especially exploits and glitches) entertain me. Then I sometimes browse disputes for popcorn time, or to learn about a new exploit, or share my knowledge on one - or lack thereof like happened here over a year ago. Anyway OT, pardon.
  3. Read above. They're all modded lobbies.
  4. The Vita trick is the only case where you actually hack your own system. None of the other cases involve any sort of proactive hacking on your part. This isn't about legitimizing anything because PSNP already set a precedent recommending joining modded lobbies with RDR. Ergo, PSNP is just happy to feature borderline cases on the leaderboards as said multiple times.
  5. It's not the RDR servers "once" got hacked, long story short it's a simple zombie interaction mod that goes on to bug every NPC in the free roam. The unintentional side effect is that the mod infects the lobby instance and every user in it, and once any one of them joins another lobby instance, they carry the infection with them and infect the new instance too. And every user in it, and the cycle repeats. In principle that's an active ongoing hack you're spreading without your knowledge, and you can argue there are no "legitimate" RP trophies earned on RDR since 2014 just as much you could argue it about CoD and GTA. To counter you could just as well argue that Activision and R* not patching the CoD and GTA side makes it "official" too, which goes hand-in-hand with my point that it is the current state of the games and as such, people should not be punished for what is casually playing them. You argued you can't know if people purposely joined a mod lobby in CoD/GTA, but you can't know if people purposely joined an RDR infected lobby either. Which brings the question do you really want to punish anyone who touches these games just for the off scenario they might be trophy hackers, or would you simply accept there are ten thousand other sets you can immediately go through and spot the actual hackers without dishing out collateral damage. Unfortunately the leaderboards aren't clean and will never be, they're full of save imported and hacked trophies where the user was smart enough to make it look legit enough to not get caught. I can appreciate the reality and as such it doesn't bother me at all these games, in their current state, simply make impossible trophies possible while no smart hacker would invite attention like that. What you're only going to catch are the script kiddies, and they will be caught regardless we give leeway in this case because slapping a save on your console is pretty damn obvious. But I'm not going to sway you over your ideals any more you're going to sway me over mine, was just saying. It's just another borderline scenario and I'd rather see all of them grudgingly accepted, or none at all. Otherwise it's not consistent and you have a case on PSNP targeting people based on franchise.
  6. Thanks for a prompt correction @luckydonut! I'll update the info on straight away, and users here should be smiling about their brand new stack too
  7. It shouldn't matter anyway, because the current discussion is about preventing an insane punishment scene, leaving people's personal trophy lists intact, and simply not having the list apply for the game or world specific leaderboards. You've fallen into a semantics trap with your hacking slogans because your claims are completely untrue. RDR is de facto active hacking and constantly so, I guess you think otherwise because you don't even know how it works. So is doing the Vita trick, personally sending malicious emails to your Vita. That is to say many trophies become possible or impossible based on the software state, which I guess is something only people who dabble with computers can comprehend fully. What I'm guessing you want to say is you don't want impossible trophies on the leaderboard. I repeat there are aplenty impossible trophies on the leaderboard. If you're against that, then you should be against everything we've mentioned here. You want to spam your vocabulary of illegitimate feel free, but please at least try to be consistent while doing it. Personally I couldn't care less about obsessing over getting a stupid leaderboard appear the equivalent of Mother Theresa (news: it never will). I'm just happy with how it is right now. I only care about the punishment scheme.
  8. Did anyone happen to buy this one yet? I'm marking it down as a shared list for now for my cross-buy index, but PSNP only lists the trophy set as PS4. So I'd like to know if my assumptions are correct or if you get a stacking list playing on the Vita.
  9. As I said in the above post, you're telling everyone not to play a game just in case someone might take an advantage of a whopping two trophies. I can't begin to tell you how irrelevant that is when there are ten thousand trophy sets out there. You have all the other sets to catch people who are in the habbit of force popping their trophies. RDR online trophies are done in a hacked environment by definition. So are Vita trophies that are done through the region swap. So is savescumming because you are externally altering the environment the game runs in. As I (also) said in the above post, you need to stop using the cheating hackers crusade mumbo jumbo when your real purpose is discrimination by choice in games. I wouldn't care if what you suggest was true - that PSNP actually ran a zero tolerance scheme where every impossible trophy was rejected including the aforementioned, and hey, whatever the OS database bugs brought in during the first year of PS4 launch. But boy do I have news for you: on the contrary PSNP runs a high tolerance scheme where they've been just happy to allow pretty much every borderline scenario, which are all very much part of the leaderboard whether you like it or not. And I'm just happy PSNP supports people playing games of their free choice in whatever way they want or the state the games are. Except if anyone goes and joins a public lobby in CoD or GTA, of course, which is the issue here.
  10. Yeah that's the thing. People are saying "no don't dish out strikes because it's stupid" on RDR. Otherwise they can't play online without fear of some sort of an insane punishment scheme on behalf of PSNP, because they will hit a lobby affected by the mod worm sooner or later. They're saying no on this very topic for the exact same reason. Joining a public lobby isn't hacking. PSNP allows anything from sending malicious emails for Vita in order to do a region swap (which de facto is hacking) but not this. It's not that I'd particularly want to see PSNP cracking down on every "impossible" trophy, but I wouldn't mind it if it helps you keep your damn head straight and be consistent for once in your lifetime. Now everything goes, unless you accidentally play CoD and GTA in public because then you get a slap on the wrist. That's PSNP and you telling other people what and how to play. You have no business of doing that. Your sole business is presenting the leaderboards in the way you want. And if you can't be consistent on that part, then it must not come as a surprise when people badmouth this site as toxic trash, targeting people based on the games they play. WaW and BO2 have a mod menu. You need but do a very simple Google search to remind yourself. You need to throw that cheaters hacking PR routine out the window since no one who's followed this for awhile is buying it anymore. This is not about gamers playing games and not their problem no matter how much PSNP would like to have it that way. This is about PSNP failing at their service model and handling it with proper measures is their problem. So go and handle it.
  11. Nope, RDR set the precedence and I see you're still not cracking down on it. In the meanwhile I don't know what'd get encouraged. Playing games as they are without fear of getting a reprimand from a website with dubious ethics? Playing games as they are and simply not be on the leaderboard for the specific game and poof this all just went away? You've said it yourself people who are inclined to cheat do it often enough to get properly flagged on some of the roughly five thousand nine hundred and ninety-five other games.
  12. No it's not. It has been almost a decade since trophies were introduced. Out of roughly six thousand game releases during that time the amount of games with modded lobbies amount to around five. Since PSNP is just happy to ignore RDR modded lobbies it might as well do a couple more. After all, the games are not going to adapt to PSNP. It's PSNP that has to adapt to the games. Which, granted, it has done too with the Vita region exploit etc.. lately, so no arguments there
  13. No worries @Dav9834, I think that topic got looked at inside and out and no need for either of us to bring it up again. There was some tougher exchange but that's common when me and @MMDE headbutt, no ill will was borne. There's an additional treat of having an amicable consensus with MMDE about a smarter flagging system. Here's my lack of participation coming back to bite me, as there were things and advances on the site I was not aware of. Perhaps I'm finally done with the thread, as many of my focal points have been dealt with and the OP suggestion itself indeed rejected. So all in all, I feel bad you felt this was a waste of your time. I felt we got somewhere and that's a lot more than on any previous occasion
  14. @Sergen well, I'm not buying that much into "we won't name and shame them, we'll coerce them into naming and shaming themselves" tidbit either But let's be frank, the real issue here are the 3,5 million non-opted-in accounts. I believe removing the cheaters list did more in "discouraging hackers" than any other hostile flagging and shaming scheme this site has carried out over the years, but it won't change a thing if the site keeps forcefully adding people on the leaderboards without them asking for it. PS3Hax has, what, 400 thousand registered users. That's almost twice the size PSNP has btw. You want to run a hobby scheme you should stick to yourselves and stop with this expose whatever crap. Expose the people who signed your terms and broke them after. Before Dav intervenes again I'd like to clarify, this is an on-going topic because there are minute amounts of actual PSNP members being flagged on the games listed in the OP, but the vast majority are gamers who've never even heard of this site, or known that here they're expected to delete their local accounts for joining a public lobby and popping a trophy. I repeat I have little to complain now the site doesn't advertise someone being flagged anymore, but I also see the crusade against hackers being artificially inflated in numbers. Which brings me to: Sure, why not. I see no argument against starting a flagging scheme that is equal across the board, and on the contrary to the current situation accepts a flag on any suspicious trophy on any game. It'd probably affect a great many of regular PSNP users and start a public outcry, to prevent which you'd have to reassess how the flagging system works. Say, have that specific game not count on the leaderboards with no other repercussions and there being a separate mechanic to flag people as hackers with no leaderboard access, so MMDE can still get his lollipop. That'd probably kill this whole conversation and any other to come, and ultimately MMDE wouldn't have to carry on his cheating trophies is cheating nonsense, either. There's no cheating involved when people reprogram their devices, it's just reprogramming devices to suit a purpose. The script kiddies on the site and you getting a hissy fit about them, that one I have no opinion about. They signed up for the site anyway. You should, of course, still stop datamining third party sites for users that didn't opt-in to PSNP's terms of use regardless some sort of a utopia like this happened or not.
  15. @MMDE, let me be clear. It's not you scanning the leaderboards and flagging someone for whatever justification you have that in my opinion makes it cyber stalking. It's datamining a third party site for public profiles and then scanning them that does. I do recommend you study the GDPR a bit, it takes effect - tomorrow. It will be tested in court at some point, but I'm highly curious as what all constitutes personal data - personally identifiable information. Having had the same PSN account for twelve years and met hundreds if not thousands of people over the years, I can guarantee I can be identified through that account. I'm not a viable study for PSNP as I've actually agreed to the ToS, of course. In any case, a lot of my complaints are gone now the site simply hides the people instead of having screaming red blocks all over. On the contrary to what you say - that it has been like this for a long time - the change is pretty recent.