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  1. There's a bunch of factors related including contracts being void if the terms are worse than what is guaranteed in EU legislation, strong consumer protection and the fact the old PSN Store product pages stated "buy this and keep it forever" in plain language. So it's not as clear cut as you make it seem. I'm going to ignore the rest of the trolls, I'm sure you can be less condescending and toxic if you try really hard. My posts are about the factual side of things, not about biggotry. Edit: I'm only able to speak about the EU side of things. NA legislation gives way more wiggle room for corporations.
  2. Nothing to do with giving up, only reality 🙂 I'm not sure you fully comprehend what "legacy" means. It means the platform won't be supported anymore. Sony announced PS3 will be discontinued four (4) years ago. You are very lucky the only thing they've done until now are some modest website changes. Because that you talk about is a website. And this we talk about now is a website. Nothing more. Rather than gripe over stupid things I'm much more interested about the legal factors on if and/or how long I have access to content I've bought for the legacy consoles. No official source, absolutely none has ever said anything regarding the matter.
  3. Good thing this heated discussion has died down. We have exactly one TheGamer news piece that didn't state their source, rumoring Sony will announce shutting down PSN Store by the end of the month. How to find out if the rumor is true? Wait until end of the month. Every other news piece directly quotes TheGamer as their source (who, once again, didn't state *their* source). All the other conspiracy theories about zomg PSN shutdown and the like are null and void, with absolutely no one but gamers ever touching the topic. Account authentication and server access aren't related to a storefront website, which may or may not exist.
  4. That's massive, congratulations @Lothym for solving what the devs couldn't! Lovecraft's Untold Stories is now officially off the unachievable platinums list on Incidentally the game is on sale right now too, that should grab some new players...
  5. That's not going to happen. Apart from software licensing and legislation changing between every country, being able to edit your credentials like birthdate and country of origin is a free pass for identity theft and credit fraud.
  6. He got originally unflagged, because back then there was no idea (or general warning even among PSNP) that there's a mod menu that can affect players casually joining mp. PSNP admins collectively showed leniency due to "no hacked games on trophy list", enabling the not-enough-flags rule, etc. I'm guessing you didn't dig out his original disputes or the discussions related. He now keeps getting flagged - and unflagged - because different parties keep wanting to make an example out of him. These parties now include you, congrats! His case wont help us any, you may review the earlier pages of posts where the logic is simple: stop flagging games where a user can't affect the outcome, or flag anyone who ever played RDR. PSNP refuses to have "legitimate" leaderboards, and in turn refuses to have "legitimate" whitelists. One account doesn't change a thing on that.
  7. The solution to get the really old games' (like Mercs 2) T&C bug bypassed was to use one of these games: BFBC1, MoH Airborne, Orange Box. Orange Box was confirmed to validate EA terms as late as March 2019, and BFBC1 should still be under limited attention from DICE. I'm mentioning this since SSX is from 2012, so it's part of a "newer" batch.
  8. That's true, no game NEEDS to be whitelisted (but PSNP has done so). Neither trophy stats or especially DLC rarities NEED to be manipulated with fictional numbers (but PSNP has done so). The main argument in favor of the whitelist proposal is that there's enough of extremely popular games even on current platforms to shut down accounts from the leaderboard tracker without them even knowing it. And no, they do not NEED to know this in advance, either. This could/should rhetoric is just semantics. While static whitelists as a proposal is a dead horse by know and you both should stop beating it, there are benefits in some sort of protective measures on strikes towards people who simply join online games to play. For one, it will end the pleads from gamers who rightfully feel treated unfairly if the leaderboard banana hits, and hopefully it will also end the condescending, toxic posts from individuals whose sole purpose was to come gloat over those less fortunate. Toxicity is a nasty phenomenon that has given the PSNP community quite a bad reputation among older gamers familiar with the site, and @PSXtreme_ is showcasing quite elaborately why that is. Why don't we necro a thread only when there's a breakthrough, then.
  9. I can confirm this. One of the posters on GameFAQs said he got Short Sights from Barr and that is the "confirmation" which ended up on my PSA thread, but after it took me very long to drop Short Sights so I fought Barr dozens if not 100+ times, he never dropped a single support skill. Thus Short Sights is an ultra rare drop only from faction capitals attempting to talk with the leader - which also means you can simply ignore every fight offer through random events, while taking the steps to get the drop chance.
  10. Considering Short Sights is only available from capital leaders after every 500 steps on the map, and it's IIRC a 1:43 chance, the "how grindy" directly relates to your luck. I met no other real handicaps, than not being able to start a battle every few seconds and spinning to win. So to grind support Mastery the fastest (which you need for the offline powerlevel), you need to keep escaping from battle with a high ACT group. This is a little slower than War. Doing the story campaign, bounties etc and having actual fun with the game will get you the Mastery eventually, albeit even slower, though this isn't related to online existing or not.
  11. I'm not sure you understand the situation. Making a contract, revoking a contract, end of war, declaration of war and any change in faction relations all depended on the now defunct online service. Whatever your diplomatic status is on the save, it's now permanent. 20xp per battle, doesn't need to be won. So if you have a fast troop 50 escapes in any Travel battle does it. You can increase the gain up to 60xp per battle for attack skills only, equipping the relevant pyroxene.
  12. You still get the support skill as usual, only without the stats cutscene.
  13. You get 1 from beating tutorial, 1 from reaching merc rank S, and 6 are hidden in infiltration quests. If that's not enough you can still buy one or all of the 10 DLC flags. So as long you got as little as 2 flags from online mode you are not screwed yet.
  14. He's always in the capital you're contracted to. He never appears if you're off contract, which I presume was your mistake - accepting end of contract before visiting the capital for the flag... If you're desperate you can still sign a contract for at least one more flag, perhaps with a faction other than Fiel so you'll reduce hostile factions to one. I've been informed you can again access all the single mode quests after staying offline past a full 24h War regardless you're in contract.
  15. There's some further caveat, I've had reports savescumming resets your Contract period so it's going to start from the beginning if you download your save and reload. Alas, the skill drop too is rolled on Quest Clear, so savescumming you always get the same drop from any capital and regardless you savescummed or not. Looks like it's not too useful in this game