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  1. He got originally unflagged, because back then there was no idea (or general warning even among PSNP) that there's a mod menu that can affect players casually joining mp. PSNP admins collectively showed leniency due to "no hacked games on trophy list", enabling the not-enough-flags rule, etc. I'm guessing you didn't dig out his original disputes or the discussions related. He now keeps getting flagged - and unflagged - because different parties keep wanting to make an example out of him. These parties now include you, congrats! His case wont help us any, you may review the earlier pages of posts where the logic is simple: stop flagging games where a user can't affect the outcome, or flag anyone who ever played RDR. PSNP refuses to have "legitimate" leaderboards, and in turn refuses to have "legitimate" whitelists. One account doesn't change a thing on that.
  2. The solution to get the really old games' (like Mercs 2) T&C bug bypassed was to use one of these games: BFBC1, MoH Airborne, Orange Box. Orange Box was confirmed to validate EA terms as late as March 2019, and BFBC1 should still be under limited attention from DICE. I'm mentioning this since SSX is from 2012, so it's part of a "newer" batch.
  3. That's true, no game NEEDS to be whitelisted (but PSNP has done so). Neither trophy stats or especially DLC rarities NEED to be manipulated with fictional numbers (but PSNP has done so). The main argument in favor of the whitelist proposal is that there's enough of extremely popular games even on current platforms to shut down accounts from the leaderboard tracker without them even knowing it. And no, they do not NEED to know this in advance, either. This could/should rhetoric is just semantics. While static whitelists as a proposal is a dead horse by know and you both should stop beating it, there are benefits in some sort of protective measures on strikes towards people who simply join online games to play. For one, it will end the pleads from gamers who rightfully feel treated unfairly if the leaderboard banana hits, and hopefully it will also end the condescending, toxic posts from individuals whose sole purpose was to come gloat over those less fortunate. Toxicity is a nasty phenomenon that has given the PSNP community quite a bad reputation among older gamers familiar with the site, and @PSXtreme_ is showcasing quite elaborately why that is. Why don't we necro a thread only when there's a breakthrough, then.
  4. I can confirm this. One of the posters on GameFAQs said he got Short Sights from Barr and that is the "confirmation" which ended up on my PSA thread, but after it took me very long to drop Short Sights so I fought Barr dozens if not 100+ times, he never dropped a single support skill. Thus Short Sights is an ultra rare drop only from faction capitals attempting to talk with the leader - which also means you can simply ignore every fight offer through random events, while taking the steps to get the drop chance.
  5. After scrambling for the game with only two weeks notice I've done a good 50 hours on the game but also dug for information of what all should be done before server closure. This is a to the point post compiling what I know about the most difficult to achieve things. It is focused on people who are already familiar with the game, but if you're not, simply read on How to Get Squad Flags and decide whether or not you can still go for it: TL;DR: the server shutdown mainly affects Squad Flags, and Contracts IF you let one run past shutdown. BE OFF CONTRACT BEFORE SERVER CLOSURE (link)! HOW TO GET SQUAD FLAGS (ONLINE) SHUTDOWN ALARM you need a total of 20 Squad Flags for a trophy. You can review how many you have going to Party Menu -> Equipment. Guaranteed 1 PER DAY (ONLINE): beating the tutorial, making a contract with a faction through Policy, entering War and Dispatching a Troop. Your faction can lose and you still get the flag! - Wars last 24 hours realtime. After that entering War will declare End of War and grant you any rewards won there (note: you must be in online mode for this). After this, go to your faction capital and talk to Elderly Passerby in the Plaza. Guaranteed 6 (OFFLINE): Start a Single mode Infiltration Quest. There are six maps, and each one has a hidden flag. It's a step puzzle. - Review video solutions (link) for each map (nicovideo might or might not be disabled for your country). If desperate, PS Store sells 10 Squad Flags available at 0,95 EUR (EU) each (or 6,95 EUR for a bundle of all of them). - your region's price and Store content may vary, unfortunately, but this applies to most people You will also get 1 guaranteed Squad Flag on beating Tutorial, and another 1 reaching Mercenary Rank S. This means you can get guaranteed 8 offline flags without paying, and further 10 as long the DLC flags are not delisted. Potentially this means you're guaranteed to get the Flag Collector trophy even if you start on Sep 27th, as long your Store carries the DLC flags. Community believes no further flags are found in offline mode! This is the only trophy that is directly affected by server closure. HOW TO GET MERCENARY RANK S (OFFLINE) This is required for a trophy, and is as simple as getting around guesstimate five hundred Quest Clears (OFFLINE) total. Supposedly fighting in War mode (ONLINE) has a hidden counter which makes the rank rise faster. You can use it, or not, while the game is online. Otherwise: Start Quest -> Travel, immediately after you loaded a zone Return to Base. It will take exactly 170 Quest Clears (link) to rise from Mercenary Rank A -> S. HOW TO GET SKILL COMPLETIONIST (OFFLINE) Every character class has 8 skill pools which are randomly selected on character creation. They unlock their last skill around level ~52. Policy -> Hire a character, then go powerlevel in a specific Single mode mission (OFFLINE). You need to be AT LEAST Mercenary Rank C in order to equip the Hooligan toolbag! Method and required field skills (link) explained. You generally need to create 2-3 characters of a class and get them level 52 to unlock all the skills for that specific class. If you Contract with Fiel (ONLINE) you can use a player created War powerlevel system fighting battles there (link). The offline method is more consistent and much faster especially if you already have a level 99 Troop XP Up leader. However your Contracted faction might be waging war against all the other three for the day, which will exclude you from doing the Single mode quest farm (you cannot accept any quests from a faction you're at war with). Skills are "Extracted" through Train -> Create Gran Grimoire. Skills have a Mastery level, xp similar to character xp, which will also rise through battling enemies. You can review your xp gain through Party Menu -> Status. To create a Gran Grimoire you need 3 levels in Mastery, or just 1 if you also spend an Orb of Training provided you have any. You require one specific Support Skill, "Short Sights", which doesn't come naturally anywhere. This one you get from two places: Travel (any region) (OFFLINE). Either take 500 steps total OR count activating a total of 13 random events (= sudden cutscenes). You can switch Travel zones as long you don't exit the mode itself. You do not have to fight if a random event offers one. After either requirement is fulfilled, go to any faction capital and visit Royal Castle. You will now be given a guaranteed Support Skill, one of which is Short Sight. If you have a Contract (ONLINE) you must visit your Contracted faction capital instead of any other. Note you cannot make or end Contracts after game goes offline. While doing the method above, one of the random events you trigger is Barr the knight who challenges you to a fight, beat him. One of his drops is Short Sights (link). Barr is one of a total of 12 random events, plus one more if you just killed a Bounty. My experience is he appears more often than the general 1/12 chance, but YMMV. Equipping Acrobatic Shoes in Party Menu -> Equipment will quicktime your movement animation in zone maps while pressing making the grind much, much faster. Acrobatic Shoes are found from Travel -> Ruinsholt in the southernmost Fixed Chest (link). Fixed Chests are golden non-TP ones you can only open once. Do yourself a great service and go pick them up ASAP. [END] I believe this is all the most finicky stuff. I repeat the Squad Flags are the only thing directly affected by server closur. Focus on flags One last thing, Golden Baku (trophy) is in Travel -> Eclise (link). General suggestion is you get it on first try if you empty all the chests on the map. If not, Travel elsewhere and back, reloading the map. My thanks to many members on the site who provided valuable input and/or corrections to this compilation! [RANDOM] The offline game and even PvP is a complete walkover even with TEC 99 (= +99% xp and a buff in Guard) characters with lowest affinities, as long you maxed their STR/MAG out and use level 51 gear. I've done 300 PvP battles with my TEC 99 pug troop and lost two since I made lv99. For the record I don't use a single Overspin Paladin. IF you want to minmax then character progression to finish battles faster is roughly STR or MAG (damage), then VIT (action points), then AGI (move points) (link). Considering the amount of battles you need to do your sole point is to fight and finish it ASAP. Making tanks will only make the marathon longer. You occasionally WILL meet player-made Troops specifically built to grief yours in War mode, but this is a rare occurrence to the point you don't need to waste time trying to counter it. You do want to use a Paladin! This is not for Overspin, this is for Speed Zone (=30% less move cost). That, or in your Group Formation you need to deploy an object called Move Up flag. These will allow you to get in hit range even if the enemy troop is deployed all the way back. Finishing enemies in round One takes half the time compared to finishing in round Two. If you use Google Docs, there is a massive spreadsheet that compiled all the bounties, skills and their descriptions, weight calculator, etc in a single place (link). You can copy this to yourself for editing personal records.
  6. Considering Short Sights is only available from capital leaders after every 500 steps on the map, and it's IIRC a 1:43 chance, the "how grindy" directly relates to your luck. I met no other real handicaps, than not being able to start a battle every few seconds and spinning to win. So to grind support Mastery the fastest (which you need for the offline powerlevel), you need to keep escaping from battle with a high ACT group. This is a little slower than War. Doing the story campaign, bounties etc and having actual fun with the game will get you the Mastery eventually, albeit even slower, though this isn't related to online existing or not.
  7. I'm not sure you understand the situation. Making a contract, revoking a contract, end of war, declaration of war and any change in faction relations all depended on the now defunct online service. Whatever your diplomatic status is on the save, it's now permanent. 20xp per battle, doesn't need to be won. So if you have a fast troop 50 escapes in any Travel battle does it. You can increase the gain up to 60xp per battle for attack skills only, equipping the relevant pyroxene.
  8. You still get the support skill as usual, only without the stats cutscene.
  9. You get 1 from beating tutorial, 1 from reaching merc rank S, and 6 are hidden in infiltration quests. If that's not enough you can still buy one or all of the 10 DLC flags. So as long you got as little as 2 flags from online mode you are not screwed yet.
  10. He's always in the capital you're contracted to. He never appears if you're off contract, which I presume was your mistake - accepting end of contract before visiting the capital for the flag... If you're desperate you can still sign a contract for at least one more flag, perhaps with a faction other than Fiel so you'll reduce hostile factions to one. I've been informed you can again access all the single mode quests after staying offline past a full 24h War regardless you're in contract.
  11. There's some further caveat, I've had reports savescumming resets your Contract period so it's going to start from the beginning if you download your save and reload. Alas, the skill drop too is rolled on Quest Clear, so savescumming you always get the same drop from any capital and regardless you savescummed or not. Looks like it's not too useful in this game
  12. It's faster than leveling Mastery 3 in War mode. The debate is irrelevant since that's the way you're doing it from now on Edit: Did a quick test. Worst case scenario takes 10 minutes for the Orb, 10 minutes to get character lv 50, then escaping battle in Travel takes less than a minute, and you need to do it 50 times to get a total of 1000 xp in Support Skills gaining Mastery 1 in all of them. Is this fun? Nope. War is infinitely more entertaining. But that's not really the argument is it. Feel free to test how long it takes to farm character level to 50 and gain Mastery 3 on them in War mode. I already know the answer but I'm not sure you do. You have little over a day to grind it to the fullest
  13. You can go to Travel with a MAG 99 Wizard with Big Bang and as many +dmg for it's damage type pyroxenes equipped, find a 5-6 monster enemy who don't have too many ranged attackers, block all three front lanes with your other characters and let Big Bang charge. You can let the danger area hit your own characters too "to be sure". Once Big Bang goes off, everything will be flattened for at least 4-6k dmg per target hit. I'm not buying his math either. You can get an Orb of Training in around five-ten minutes simply refreshing Single mode quests and doing the one that rewards it, and it takes a similar amount of time to level up to three lv0 characters to 50+ using the Single mode Defense quest method. All skills are unlocked at level 50.
  14. After 28th, yes. In order to access all the capitals in offline mode you can make a 2 War contract today or 1 War contract tomorrow, then it expires on the midnight between Sep 29th-30th UK time (at least for the EU release). I guess you could squeeze in one further War if you're absolutely sure you can log in before server shutdown on Oct 1st, but we don't know when the shutdown happens on that date. A War counting towards Contract completion is indeed one full 24h War, so 1 War contract makes you contracted for 1+1=2 days, 5 War Contract will make you contracted for 5+1=6 days, and so on. You could stay off contract and wait until very near End of War before signing one, so you'd only be contracted very close to the 24 hours and it wouldn't limit your quests etc for the day. At least all the basic stuff stay available. The resource donation will always go towards the next War, so you should still have a nice amount of goods in especially Fiel if you're able to connect to online just once on Oct 1st. The game has a hidden 24h counter that goes on regardless there is an End of War, so I don't actually know what happens to the extra Trading House goods come Oct 2nd. When you don't have a contract, the trading house will mark up the item prices to 200%. This means the Policy reallocation item won't cost 10k, but 20k. So I suggest you buy one in advance while in contract!
  15. If you have all your Policy points etc buffing xp, the offline farm will get your pug char lv 0->24 in two minutes. Lv 30 if you lose one pug char and replace with lv99 Valkyrie skilled in Weak Down. If you don't have all the xp buffs it'll take your pug chars 17ish in the two minutes, based on my experience. Regardless the debate that went on a while back, offline IS the fastest way to farm xp. It does require building a very specific Troop, which obviously takes anywhere from an hour to a whole evening depending on how lucky you get with RNG Hires. You're going to have to do this anyway, unless you plan on platting within the next four days. Offline is NOT the fastest way to farm Mastery (= repeatedly winning battles with the skill equipped). However Single mode quests have an Orb of Training as a quest reward every three refreshes or so. Orb makes Mastery level required to make a Grin Grimoire (= transferable skill item) drop from 3 to 1. This makes it so you don't need to farm Mastery, because you can get an Orb whenever you want, spending five minutes of your time. Refreshing the quests costs gold, usually 750-1k per refresh. The offline xp farm is a very specific quest and it's taken me anywhere from two to a dozen (= up to 12k gold) refreshes to find the 150 turn Defense one. So you need a good amount of gold. Here I'm on the fence on the online vs offline farm. Hiring Satorin's lv99 Sallypally costs ~4,5k gold, if you're in a small map where time is running out, you're actually going to make a loss on the small reward. Larger maps, more time, I've made some 20k+ gold rewards for 20-30 minutes of time spent. The Single mode quests generally give 5k gold for some five minutes of work, and you do not pay any hires. This makes me think offline is pretty equal to War in gold turnout, except if you already have a Troop that specifically doesn't need to depend on Sallypally or any other hires. Finally, while your priority is Squad Flags (and thus War mode regardless of anything I said here) before shutdown, your next priority is dropping Short Sights. This is done fully in offline Travel mode, and since there is a 1:33 (or 3%) chance for this to drop, you could get this on your 4th try after every 500 steps, or you could get this on your 99th try. We have a member here who says to have dropped it after 95k steps (so if he spent most of them towards Short Sights, he was close to 200 tries). All the time you spend in War farming Mastery before you drop Short Sights is potentially wasted time, because if you do not drop Short Sights you did drop some other Support skill, and thus that skill never required any Mastery. On top of that, if you fight Barr he drops even more skills, that neither require any Mastery. Personally I think War mode as an essential part of what makes the game fun, but I cant agree with people who claim it's "the fastest" in anything. It's simply the easiest because it doesn't require planning or building stuff in advance in order to exploit the game. I sorely regret losing half the content in the game soon, but doing your farms offline will not IMO add to your playtime.
  16. This was about the Elder Passerby who gives the flags, now you mention it he might spawn elsewhere than the Contracted faction too. Although there's no real need to visit elsewhere than your Contract holder I'm not going to update my PSA post to confuse matters further, but I've joined Serato's Discord server (the one who made the online powerleveling hire service). One of the users there advised me Single mode quests are fully unlocked if you stay offline for a full day, and they frequently abuse it in order to do the Single mode quests WHILE staying in Contract. So there's a hidden timer in the game besides End of War. Upon shutdown you're still permanently denied access from hostile faction capitals, their trading house etc, but this would mean you will not permanently screw up your save even if you stayed in Contract and spent your time in War mode, letting it run past server closure.
  17. I think you're expecting to get a flag based on signing a Contract, but the trigger is elsewhere. Also this is not savescummable, neither can you visit any capital except the one you contracted with. You get a flag after each End of War if you're in Contract.
  18. Be off contract before server closure.
  19. That's already addressed in the PSA. You cannot make or revoke contracts in offline mode so the state of the save will run indefinitely. You can revoke the contract by paying a sum of x (apparently up to 30% of your bank) PRIOR to game going offline, but then the Contracting nation will turn hostile and deny access to their quests and capital instead. Now it's a good question whether there some other timer to this instead of "x amount of wars" as anywhere else. If it's x amount of wars and the contract ban doesn't run out, you'll only trade one permanent hostility to another.
  20. Quite simply the people affiliated with GameFAQs forums and the English GK wiki built one up and told everyone, so it was never more than a community thing. For GK wiki the Fiel system creators made a fully fledged instruction page (link). I don't speak Japanese so I have no idea whether the game has a community around it, or where that community is. I'd reccon if there is such a OP character it would be talked about there. When the game came out in the West people got their information mainly from the Japanese wiki (link). However the wiki seems to strictly focus on game mechanics from what Google Translate tells me. I joined Lillia's Guild Discord (the invite is in link) who made the Western powerlevel system to ask about this. They probably know a bunch of things we don't. Edit: So, according to Satorin by his understanding no JP user has ever reported of having created or used such a system. There's an added detail Pallies were DLC originally so in order to make something similar, the character hosting players would have to be DLC users on top of everything else. So his advice was doing pretty much the classic, buy double Scars and scramble for level 51 (which goes very fast doing the Single mode powerlevel method)...
  21. Some good arguments were presented at first but then the debate devolved and got dropped. Safe to say you are able to get an Orb of Learning consistently as a Single mode quest reward and the Single mode powerlevel gets a character fully skill unlocked in around fifteen minutes, so you do not need to worry about Mastery too much. Thus I don't think losing War mode adds much playtime to the game, you simply have to start building a very specific group from the get go. On the other hand I've been testing Single mode quest refreshes the whole evening and I'm definite there is no flag given as a quest reward, ever. I'm skeptical the flag could be a random drop either, because the Hidden Treasure etc quests seem to have preallocated treasures, the scroll is always the same for the map and always in the same place, etc. So unless you could randomly get a flag from a Travel TP chest this game will most definitely become unachievable come October 1st. <-- @HuntingFever If you do not have Flag Collector yet, you're going to join War and fight your guts out whether you want to or not.
  22. That's some good news at least, thank you Poe I was also able to get Orb of Training as a Single mode quest reward consistently every few quest refreshes, which proves farming Mastery in War mode isn't an essential exercise considering a properly built Troop leader will allow you to get a character fully skill unlocked in fifteen minutes using the offline Single mode powerlevel method. Then it's just a matter of equipping the skills you want and getting them Mastery 1 in Travel mode.
  23. Could a thread follower confirm whether or not they popped Flag Collector with a combination of DLC flags, and flags dropped from the base game? This is because Google translate of the Japanese wiki contains an ominous "DLC flag is not covered" in their explanation for the trophy. I made around two hundred quest refreshes as a test this evening, and I've become to believe it's not possible to get more than the 8 guaranteed flags from the offline mode. This means if you haven't achieved Flag Collector yet, your sole purpose currently is to hire the Fiel powerlevel Paladin and farm as many fights. No trophy guide says so, but it seems this is indeed an online trophy and the game will become unachievable come October 1st, unless you already have enough squad flags from War mode.
  24. You only get a chance at drops anywhere by succesfully beating the mission/battle/whatnot
  25. Some have said you wouldn't even had to Dispatch, simply make a Contract and enter the War screen once to get the rewards list and the map updated, then a second time to get End of War unless you already got it logging in Online mode. But I haven't tested this. I doubt it affects anything if you retreat, it just means if you re-enter War, you cannot access any zone except the one you retreated from until the battle timer runs out. You've already participated in the War which seems to be the only thing the game cares about.