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  1. Likely_mikey
  2. I nominate dragon-achorn for the $20 as he seems like a top guy. He also has some fantastic guides and is very helpful, I think he's the best member on this site.
  3. It doesn't deserve a remaster because it wasn't that good, the first modern warfare was 100x better and would warrant a remaster.
  4. Awesome! very nice thing to do.
  5. Well start the game up and you'll know.
  6. I'm attempting this trophy on my first playthrough...*fingers crossed* quick question though, does anybody know if restarting a chapter voids the trophy? Basically what happened was I couldn't knock the guy out on the railcar on the bandits level so I restarted the chapter.
  7. Yeah its kinda hard, I absolutely suck with the sniper. which part are you up to? and do you wanna team up for coop?
  8. If this is true that is a dick move from the devs, at least give people notice.
  9. You don't need 10000 xp. You need 4000xp to be safe, I know this because I got this trophy last year when the game was more active then it is now..and my score was 3700xp. I played for about 10 hours that week so it's not as daunting as it seems. In terms of making sure your xp saves, what I did was regularly checked the online leaderboards on the website to make sure points were getting saved and then i'd hop on and play.
  10. Yet another superb month..
  11. Should be in London tbh
  12. Yes, and I got it in july this year so 4 months have passed and i doubt more people are playing this game now than back then. The best way to check is go to leaderboards > last week > scroll down to someone who has 3500 points and check if they got the red ribbon (top 1%). If so then just just compare how many people played this week compared to last week, it's normally the same therefore you'll need that many points for the trophy. @black_bunny If the in game leaderboards are screwed up go to killzone command centre and you can check your progress there.
  13. No this must be a new thing, are your points registering?
  14. You need about 3500 xp to get top 1% I can guarantee you 100%
  15. Servers are 6 years old lol, this happens a lot, just try again later.