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  1. Need someone for takedown a Friend and playing 5 speedlist Events. Kreatur_84
  2. I miss a lot of story words too. Played through story 3 times. How do I get the story words? Can I replay a single story mission without completing whole story over and over Hope someone can help me
  3. Is platinum still possible? Raids and players available?
  4. Is there some Bonus from reset colliseum? Do you level up charackter in colliseum? Where my level should be There are only " - -" Do you get any Bonus from fight colliseum?
  5. Got PS Vita and ps4 the same trophie list?
  6. Are the Servers online and are There people for Sessions?
  7. OK thx
  8. I couldnt find a list for the New old borderlands game of the year. Yesterday list wasnt there
  9. Are they All in season pass?
  10. I love ac liberation. This will be my 3rd liberation platinum.
  11. Hi. In the game section where you can search for trophys, earlier There was a color (Green or blue) which Show what game i've platinumed when logged in. But now I have to tap the game to See if I platinumed it. Is it my Bad or was this Changed?
  12. How can I see the stats of the people I hire? Or can I move them from manager to security?
  13. Thank you.
  14. How to do save and load games?