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  1. OG PS4, the one with the touch buttons and glossy HDD cover with a 2TB Internal. I just got me my first 4KTV...but I don't see a point in getting a Pro unless this PS4 kicks the bucket....the PS5 will likely be my first 4K console. Also have a PS3 Super Slim (had a Slim that got YLOD), that I still use and a PS1 up in the closet. Used to have a PS2 but it was stolen out of my apartment in 2006.
  2. I wouldn't say I'm big on JRPG's as I've played very few in my gaming life, I'm definitely more a western style RPG guy. But if there's one I can't recommend enough it's Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It's very user friendly, and if you're at all familiar with Pokemon it's very similar in the sense that you have little monsters to collect and feed and they even evolve, and they can fight with you...but the gameplay is far more fleshed out with a really heart warming story. It is a PS3 game though, so you'd have to be willing to venture back to last gen. The second game is on PS4, but I have yet to play it.
  3. Yeah I knew about the issues with HDR on cheaper 4KTV's, that while I'm not going to have an outstanding HDR when up against a high end TV...but was wondering if it was at least IMPROVING what I saw. I just wasn't sure with AC Odyssey, if I was seeing a wash out effect due to HDR, or if the colors looked slightly less vibrant because HDR was picking up MORE colors and was ranging them how it was actually intended, that's why I was saying the color pallet looked more natural in HDR...but I didn't know if Vibrant or Natural was what I was supposed to expect. But I tried a range of games to see what results I would get...Horizon: Zero Dawn - The only game that seems to get darker with HDR, but it seems to be due to the shadow effects getting better. The Witcher 3 - It looked great, but can't really test this one as it doesn't allow you to turn HDR on and off, if you have an HDR TV it's on automatically.Far Cry 5 - Same as The Witcher, you can adjust the Paper White settings but that's it.Uncharted 4 - This was the big one...UC4 without HDR almost looks terrible. It has the same effect as AC: Odyssey where without HDR the colors pop more, but you almost LOSE detail because of it. I played chapter 4, the one where you're at home and you get that great scene with Nate and Elena...and when it shows a close up of Nate's face I turned it on and off a few times...HDR wins without question. Spider-Man - Colors are way over saturated without HDR...the reds on his suit have a bleeding effect to them and they don't at all look right. Plus lighting seems more natural in HDR. Shadow of War - Colors didn't change much in this one, but the lighting improves immensely with HDR, which in turn makes the shadow effects better. I could try things like God of War or inFAMOUS: Second Son but I'd have to go through the install and update process again. I think it's safe to say that HDR is an improvement on everything with this TV.
  4. 99% of the time it's "Viper" been doing it for nearly 25 years. However in something like a racing game, I tend to use my real name.
  5. Wasn't entirely sure where to post this, so please move it if need be. Okay so I just upgraded to my first 4KTV. I bought a 43" LG UK6090PUA on sale at Best Buy (sale is still going on until tomorrow). So it's not a super high end TV by any means, but it's a vast improvement over my previous 32" Dumb 1080p Sharp which I could never get the picture quite right on and always had way too over saturated reds. Now I don't have a PS4 Pro, so I'm not experiencing 4K and that might not happen until I get me a PS5 in a couple years...but I'm trying to take advantage of the HDR...which I'm completely new to. Now, there's a definitive change in SDR and HDR while playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey...and by no means does HDR look bad. But...I don't really know what I'm looking for, like...I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing exactly...keeping in mind I'm only in 1080p. When I turn HDR off in game, the colors seems to pop everything is more vibrant, yet it's also darker. HDR seems to fade things, makes everything brighter...yet on some level it almost looks more natural (in a good way). The game looks beautiful in either way, but differently...if that makes sense. For anyone who's used HDR with 1080p, is this what I'm supposed to be experiencing?
  6. I've made Kassandra a total slut in my't matter. However, for some reason I couldn't go through with it on the older woman mentioned above lol. But the quest mentioned in the OP must be the one I failed early on. I was only half paying attention so I chose to tell the truth and failed it. But I was still learning the ins and outs of the game, so when I loaded my save, I felt like I was in a different area and the guy wasn't around so I just moved on and forgot about it. But I realize now I loaded the wrong Auto-Save. I'm 103 hours in now, that quest is long gone.
  7. You might be waiting awhile. They're talking about DLC coming out well into June, and possibly an unannounced expansion coming in the Fall (something outside the season pass). But no, it doesn't matter who you choose. However Ubi did say Kassandra was technically the canon choice.
  8. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. I mean, I didn't hate the game and I even wrote the guide for it on PST. But I absolutely loved the first game, so much so that I Platted it twice (PS3 and PS4) still stands as my favorite LEGO game. So needless to say I was super excited when the second one was announced...but it really didn't hold up. It felt like it was trying to be very ambitious and it didn't pay off...not to mention the roster being full of some of the most obscure characters in the Marvel Universe didn't help. I had fun with it, again I didn't hate it...but it wasn't the game it should have been. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Kind of the same instance as LEGO Marvel 2. I loved the first game, it was such a sleeper hit for me as I bought the GOTY Edition cheap and didn't expect much of it since I'm not a fan of LOTR and it was probably one of my top games of that year. But while Shadow of War wasn't terrible, and I still throw as much praise as humanly possible at the Nemesis System and can't stress enough how that needs to be an engine that branches out to other developers (it's literally a personality generator and in the right hands could be HUGE for the right game)...something about the atmosphere of this game just made it boring. Then you can throw tedium on top of that with how you really are just doing the same routine over and over again. I am glad I played this post patch where I didn't have to do as much with the Shadow props to people who did it before as that was the most mind numbing part of the game, and I can't imagine what some people had to go through early on.
  9. These were my last 3 Plats of 2018. Topped the year off with 36 total Plats, which broke 2017's record of 32. #145 Mr. Massagy I am the Glorious Mr. Massagy! #146 Jack N' Jill DX Platinum Jack N' Jill #147 TETRA's Escape Job Done! Mr. Massagy was crazy, stupid fun...there's not much to say about it. Jack N' Jill DX was actually kinda fun, I only did what I needed for the Plat, but I haven't deleted it from my PS4, I might play more of it just for fun. And TETRA's Escape was okay, but I can see it being really difficult without a guide as you can make very minor mistakes and it would take quite a bit of trial and error for some of those puzzles.
  10. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey One Head Down Defeat a whole cluster of the Cultist of Kosmos
  11. Okay yeah I had the shark fact the very first underwater area I went to at the beginning of the game had a shark completely clipped through a rock...he could see me and would aggro, but he couldn't touch me. However I was able to kill it by using a spear and getting really close to the rock...part of the spear clipped through and was able to hit him...couldn't retrieve the loot from it through. Texture pop-in I get too. Usually it's on the rocky surface of mountains. The rocks can look like Play-Doh for several seconds before the texture finally shows. So it seems glitches are rather normal, and the guys on PST just got seriously lucky. I was only worried because back when AC Syndicate was new, and I was playing that...I was getting what I thought was a glitch where the framerate would slow to a crawl when riding a carriage...which was apparently a known glitch, but people were saying I should have had it as bad as I was, then more of my games started having framerate turned out it was a problem with my HDD (which is a 2TB I put in my PS4). I had to completely reformat it outside of my PS4 and go through the whole setup/instillation process to getting working again. And here we are about 2-3 years later and the HDD has been working fine ever since, so I thought it may have been a crazy coincidence that yet another AC game was causing Hard drive problems. So while these glitches are a nuisance, it's reassuring to know that it's normal for most people.
  12. So this always online fiasco aside...I see other posts in this thread of people saying this game was looking bad before this.I watched a gameplay video about a couple weeks ago, and I thought the game looked incredible. I mean it definitely looks like one of those sequels that's a far cry from it's predecessor...basically working on a whole new gameplay premise, but I was pretty damn impressed with what I saw. An open world game that allows me to also travel in space? That alone got me interested. So what were other people seeing that was so bad, that I apparently didn't see?
  13. Had a nice haul from the Holiday Sale...mostly some super easy Plats, and a couple things not on sale. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Season Pass Burnout: Paradise - Remastered Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Mr. Massagy The Adventure Pals TETRA's Escape InkSplosion Jack N' Jill DX 36 Fragments of Midnight Midnight Deluxe
  14. Kinda glad to see this thread...I need other people's opinions. Over on PST, a couple people were saying they've never experienced any glitches in this game...whereas I have something minor popup nearly every time I play. Now, they said they're on PS4 Pro's, whereas I'm on an OG PS4. But some of the issues I've experienced in my 48 Hours of playing (all on Patch 1.11), are: - A bug where an NPC clips through the ground, then the framerate drops to an an unplayable mess...usually you have to get away from them or turn the camera a certain way to make it speed back up. This has happened twice so far.- Had an issue a few hours ago where 1 of 2 War Supplies in a small military camp wasn't there to burn so I couldn't complete the camp without reloading an older save from over an hour before that point.- In almost every cut scene, there's like a medallion on Kassandra's clothes (certain clothes) where the texture mapping never renders in (but it's fine during game play).- I get the occasional stutter where the game freezes for a couple seconds...but it's an odd freeze where nothing is moving but I can still move the camera around. - I see Mercenaries around the map get stuck running in place until I get near them.- I've had a few instances where I couldn't pick up loot, or in caves, loot clips behind the rocks. You can see the icon when you scan but you can't grab them for some reason. Does anyone else have these problems on a regular basis? I mean, it's not so bad that it kills my enjoyment...the game is fine more often than not. But I'm trying to figure out if this is a performance issue with the OG PS4 or if I'm extremely unlucky?
  15. During a mid-credits scene...don't want to spoil anything for those that haven't gotten there yet though. Plus during an interview with Insomniac, when asked about a sequel and why we didn't get the Symbiote suit they said the whole Venom story deserved to be told in its own game and hinted very heavily that that is where the next games main arc is going. As for the Raimi suit, I like it in the movie...but it looks awkward in the game, it looks like something they threw together very quickly to appease people rather than suit they had worked on for a long while. But cheers to those who like it.