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  1. Pre-ordered the Super Deluxe Edition back in May. Had $10 in my PSN wallet already, and accrued 4000 points from Sony Rewards, which gave me $40 in PSN I only paid $50 out of pocket for it. I usually pre-order 1 game a year...and being a MASSIVE Borderlands fan, this was a no-brainer for me. I'm waiting very impatiently for it.
  2. I would assume Gearbox would still want to fix their game for the average player. Most people aren't trophy hunters and this is still prone to crashing on people who don't care about trophies. Not to mention things like screen tearing, lag in the menu. and audio bugs weren't fixed in this latest patch.
  3. It's officially NOT fixed. Hell-Burbia just crashed for me on Round 20 Wave 4. One more goddamn wave to go and it crashes. 2 hours of my fucking life I'll never get back. I'm not touching this pile of shit DLC again until Gearbox says a patch fixed it specifically.
  4. For anyone who's wondering, Patch 1.04 came out today. I just managed to get through The Gully without it which case it crashed on me several weeks ago on The Gully on Round 14. So I either got really lucky, or the crashing issue is fixed. One down, two to go.
  5. I don't think we have the same sound then. Because for me...just sitting here playing a game it sounds like a mechanical chirp or a quick beep noise...but when I put my ear up to my PS4 the sound is far more can hear the metal pin hit for a split second. Now my HDD also does a single beep from time to time that lasts for maybe 2 seconds at the most.. That's been reported as either one of two things...either the HDD is switching platters or it's not getting enough power (which never made much sense to wouldn't work at all if it wasn't getting the proper amount of power).
  6. If you're getting the same sound I am...then it's not a good thing. Your HDD is on it's way out the door (as is mine). It's the little metal pin touching the spinning metal're hearing metal scrape metal for a split second. You can hear this sound a lot better if you put your ear up to the part of the console right over top the HDD bay...that chirping will become very distinct as a metal scrape. Mine has been doing it since about April of this year after 4 years of use. Outside of putting the original 500GB back in (replaced it with a 2TB Seagate)...I cant really afford another 2TB right now, so I'm just getting all the use out of it that I can.
  7. #163 The Saboteur Complete All Other Trophies Well mark another off the PS3 backlog. This game was certainly fun...but VERY dated at this point. A lot of the game mechanics have been improved by leaps and bounds over the years and it just made things like climbing buildings or even simple gunplay tedious at times. The story was decent, Sean was a fun protagonist, and the whole black and white aesthetic in areas overrun with Nazi's, and having to liberate them to bring color back to the world was an awesome touch and I can't believe more games haven't utilized that. Having over 1300 Ambient Freeplays to complete was ridiculously unnecessary though, there absolute no need to have that many...they could have cut down 2/3 of that and it still would have been a lot. If Pandemic didn't go under...I think they could have franchised the hell out of this series we'd probably be waiting on The Saboteur 5 right now. If you haven't played it and want something to try on the PS3...give it a shot. It'd probably be considered a hidden gem to most people.
  8. Yeah this was announced last November. I honestly think it's the usual corporate greed mentality as always. Sony Rewards didn't anticipate just how many trophy hunters there were just in the US alone, got way more activity on this than they expected, which resulted in them basically giving away more free money than they expected. They realized they had something that benefited the consumer more than the business so it had to be taken away. It's the same story with Best Buy taking away Gamers Club Unlocked and Amazon doing away with the 20% Discount on new games with Prime. Any time something helps the gamer save never lasts, Not like it matters. Sony Rewards royally screwed their own program. They take it down back in October to "upgrade" it...and it took until May to actually come back up. And since then it's been slow, and generally unresponsive. Hell there's a ton of people that can't even do anything unless they call SR. It updated the other day for me, but it's still drastically behind on it's count. Saying I'm at 5 out of 10 Platinums...when I'm actually at 8. Plus I have a ton of PS Store purchased it hasn't given me points for. I'll call them up when I get 2 more Plats...a $10 PSN always goes a long way, but I'm pretty much done caring at this point.
  9. Sony doesn't manufacture DS3's anymore...that stopped when they stopped producing PS3's altogether, it's why they're so hard to find. So if you're going to find an OEM's probably going to be used and If you're anything like me, you probably don't want used electronics. Never...I repeat...NEVER buy from eBay or Amazon. They're counterfeit controllers. Hong Kong takes casings of OEM controllers and puts in a bunch of wonky hardware that's usually made by hand from other parts. This is why the controller looks genuine, but doesn't work or feel right. They also get past Copyright Infringement by utilizing minute details such as words on the back sticker being spaced out or one letter being misspelled. The packaging itself can actually be official packaging, which is why you won't know until the controller is in your hands. Hong Kong's counterfeit market makes them an insane amount of money. Also beware that HK is also counterfeiting PS4 controllers now as well. There's really nothing you can do at this point unless you go used. If your controllers still work fine, you can find OEM batteries online and just replace those. I did that with my two DS3's...they don't look new anymore, but the batteries last forever and stay charged. 2 Batteries only cost me like $12. Now, I have heard of people calling up Sony and asking if they could send them official controllers...but they apparently charge out the ass for them as you're paying a premium for convenience Personally I don't want to pay that price, so I just went with batteries...but it's worth a shot Now, more than ever, you have to take care of those DS3's the best you can.
  10. A FEW people? People like me and you are in the drastic minority right now. This game has garnered a serious outrage across the entire internet for no reason at all. And considering we've seen shit like this happen before...we know where it leads. You can't go 2 clicks without seeing someone shit on this game for it's graphics or character models...which aren't even bad! The fact that people are comparing the graphics to a PS2 game is mind boggling. I want the PS2 games they were playing! It's just hard to ignore...and people's negativity towards this makes it impossible to enjoy.
  11. I was sold on the E3 trailer. I have no issues with the character models, nor do I have any weird issue with linking them to the MCU. The gameplay only made it better. But the negativity surrounding this game has made it impossible to enjoy because I know what this leads to. It's a damn shame that so many people have such an unreasonable problem that's wholly unimportant that its lead to this outrage. The game will flop because of this, and it sucks.
  12. Best Flash Sale in quite some time. I picked up Chaos on Deponia, Revenant Saga and Psychonauts. I was contemplating Persona 5 and MXGP 3...but I have so much on my backlog plate as it is, so I'll just wait a bit longer both of those will go on sale for even lower prices.
  13. Quite a few: Borderlands - PS3 & PS4 Borderlands 2 - PS3 & PS4 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - PS3 & PS4 Tales from the Borderlands - PS3 & PS4 Saints Row IV - PS3 & PS4 Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell - PS3 & PS4 GTA III - PS2 & PS4 Far Cry 3 - PS3 & PS4 South Park: The Stick of Truth - PS3 & PS4 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS3 & PS4 (Got the Plat on PS4, but never finished Crushing on PS3) Sleeping Dogs - PS3 & PS4 WRC 5 - PS3 & PS4 (I absolutely HATE this game...but I bought both versions at the same time, so I figured I'd just finish them both) Assassin's Creed II - PS3 & PS4 The Walking Dead: Season 1 - PS3 & PS4 Destroy All Humans! - PS2 & PS4 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - PS3 & PS4 The Wolf Among Us - PS3 & PS4 Back to the Future - PS3 & PS4' Max Payne - PS2 & PS4 This list would be bigger if we include everything I re-bought and haven't even started playing yet.
  14. For anyone like me, who was looking into those KEMCO JRPG's. Revenant Saga is currently on sale for $7.49 in the NA Flash Sale. Why it's the only one of the lot on sale, I don't know...but it's better than nothing.