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  1. I don't know for sure, but I've been in plenty of relationships where I had my suspicions. However I have cheated on an ex once. I really have no other excuse other than, my girlfriend wasn't giving me any, so I found it elsewhere. It was one time, I was 20 years old, a very different person then, and always felt bad about an extent. While I really liked my girlfriend at the time, I always thought I cheated up. The girl I slept with was WAY out of my league. So I always felt like I regret cheating on her...just not who I cheated on her with. I know that makes me sound like a shitty person, but I'm just being honest...that girl was an accomplishment lol.
  2. I had a pretty rough party life in my early 20's. Cigarettes, Weed, drinking, popping pills, you name it. All day every day...had a few years there where I was only really sober when I woke up. Stopped smoking cigarettes in 2011 and obviously don't do anything like popping pills anymore. I do still drink on occasion, but nothing like I used to. And the only reason I don't smoke weed anymore, it's only medicinally legal here in Maryland (I don't have health insurance to get a Doctor recommendation anyways) and I don't know anyone who sells anymore. Weed was always my go to and it's the only thing I kinda miss.
  3. Gone a little ham on buying Switch games since I got one...stopping here for now though, these aren't cheap in comparison to the sales we get on PlayStation.
  4. I did at the time. I didn't pay attention to Milestones until around the time I was at 75 Plats, and I only did because I noticed my First, 25th and 50th Platinums were WWE games (and I didn't plan that). So I figured 75 and 100 should also be WWE games. I kinda stopped worrying about Milestones after that, until 200 came along and I made it another WWE game. 1st = WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 25th = WWE 2K14 50th = WWE 2K15 75th = WWE 2K16 100th = WWE Legends of WrestleMania 200th = WWE 2K20 I was working on 2K17 for 100...but once it took 100 hours to finish career mode and I realized I still had another 100 hours to play the Online to get the Plat, I gave up on it. Itwasn't worth the boredom. But I still wanted that 100 to be a WWE game so I bought Legends of WrestleMania just for that occasion. Didn't Plat another WWE game until 2K20...and that's only because no one was playing it, so the online was super easy to boost. Nowadays I'm at 272 as of writing this and have taken a break from playing WWE 2K22. I do want to make it Plat 300...but not only will 300 likely not come until next year, what I have left to do in 2K22 I just don't want to do, so there's a chance I won't Plat it and will likely have moved on by the time I get closer to 300. Buuuttttt there is the new AEW game coming...I could very well make that one 300 and slightly break tradition. One of those things that will have more planning once I'm closer to the goal.
  5. SWITCHING to Xbox? No. Sony would have to royally fuck up to the point where it feels morally wrong to support them anymore, for me to straight up switch to Xbox. I've been here with PlayStation since 1996, since then it's just been the brand thats felt....right. There's some brand loyalty sprinkled in there, but I'm loyal because PlayStation has always felt like home. In 2005 all my friends got a 360...straight up defecting from PlayStation after being avid PS2 players. And I just never understood how can you be so loyal to one brand and then just turn your brain to the competitor like that JUST because their console came out a year earlier? Now sure we all know the story of the PS3 launch at this point...but they didn't know that yet then. I was the one hold out that had absolutely no desire to get a 360 (had a lot to do with no really enjoying anything on the OG Xbox) and wanted nothing other than a PS3. This is the big transition that solidified me as a single player gamer...I had played a TINY bit of Online on the PS2 with SOCOM 2 (I had the Network adapter for some reason, used it like a three times), but it wasn't something that made me say "OMG! I have to keep doing this!". But I was solidified because...I had nobody to play with. It actually got to the point though around 2011/2012 where I convinced them to get PS3's because they were so curious why I never jumped ship. Played with them online a few times, but the Single Player damage was done at that point. However, like the OP I have a small percentage of me now that wants a Series X. But it's due to Xbox waving their dicks around and buying up studios with IPs I want to play, that I won't be able to play unless I get an Xbox (or shell out for overpriced PC). But, I did recently just buy a Switch, I got it brand new (Open Box) for under $200, so the price is what convinced me even though it's probably a terrible time to buy one as that announcement of a Switch Pro/Switch 2 has to be right around the corner. This is the first Nintendo console I've had extensive time with since the N64 (my Step Dad had a Wii, but I wasn't a fan of it so I didn't play it very much). So I got it for the same reason I want a Series X...the Nintendo exclusives. I only plan on playing games on it I can't get for PS5 as anything third party, I'd rather get trophies for (with the exception of NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered, it came with the Switch). It's a cool alternative machine to have, but games are egregiously over priced, even sellers on places like eBay or OfferUp are stingy on prices. And it's never going to take precedence over my PS5. But it has the benefit of unique games that are unlike anything on PlayStation and Xbox, so even having a SMALL desire to own a Series X, the Switch feels like a better investment in that regard. Wanting one or not, I wouldn't pay anywhere close to full price for it (granted I didn't want to pay retail for my PS5, but it was better and smarter than paying scalpers), so it likely won't happen anyways.
  6. Pretty much this. I've personally taken a break from the game...I just can't with Proving Grounds, there's not a fiber in my being right now, that wants to deal with that mode. I haven't even finished my first playthrough of MyRise because I just don't want to play a MITB match to progress. At this point, I'm not sure I'm getting the Plat.
  7. I typed out a whole thing but decided to hold my tongue. It's just going to cause unneeded shit and derailment of this thread. But it really has nothing to do with it being a kids show.
  8. This is still, by far, the weirdest fandom (consisting mainly of adults) I've ever seen.
  9. Been playing some Breath of the Wild...the main reason I got a Switch. Beautiful game, I have a long road ahead of me (I'm only at Kakariko Village), and I enjoy it. But I can see why people say the combat and stamina system can be annoying.
  10. AKI made the N64 games, Yukes was the devs for Smackdown 1 all the way up to WWE 2K19 (and partially for 2K20). This game just has Hideyuki Iwashita who was the director on No Mercy at the time.
  11. I'm okay with a can only go so far forward in time before the Mafia is less meaningful. Now I had the (apparent) luxury of playing Mafia III when it was on PS Plus rather than the definitive edition release. So I didn't have to bother with the problems people had with it crashing and needing more than 2 playthroughs. But Mafia III still had a serious issue even then. The world, the story, the characters...all fantastic. But the HORRIBLE gameplay loop can not return for 4. You literally did the same thing over and over the entire game. If they can get away from that...I'm on board.
  12. The idea is to go at full speed while not missing anything. I know that seems obvious, but there's not much room for error. I think the issue is that depending one where you are in space when you start the race can determine where you're looking when it gets going, so sometimes you're completely turned around and you have to waste valuable seconds. Honestly though, it's a vast improvement over past LEGO games. As much as I love the first LEGO Marvel Super Heroes...the flying controls in that game are abysmal.
  13. All LEGO games have at least one character that does more than the rest. Like LEGO Batman games...Superman is the broken character. He has the laser eyes to destroy gold objects, can fly and run fast, and is invulnerable to damage and can freeze people.
  14. Meh, I'll gladly be the outlier in this thread and say that I prefer that games have gotten easier. Not EZPZ's...but your average AAA title. I just never shared the sentiment with people that Challenging = Fun/Rewarding. Challenging = a headache and frustration and making me feel like I'm wasting my time putting myself through that, and then once I have the Plat I never feel like I earned's just more of a sigh of relief that the pain over with. Don't get me wrong, I loved the PS3 days. But I definitely prefer not having to play most games on the hardest difficulty now, or even having to play a game 3+ times to unlock the hardest difficulty, or not having to get to max rank online. I have a mere 16 games left on my PS3 backlog and I keep putting them off because they all require multiple playthroughs or hardest difficulties. I have to be in the mood for that...which doesn't come often. I like that trophy lists now are more streamlined and focused on you just having fun. That's what gaming is supposed to be me...a relaxing fun hobby. Not something you have to challenge yourself over to feel good about yourself. Life's hard enough...I don't want it out of my escape from reality.
  15. Nah, All Stars had a bulky, larger than life, over exaggerated approach to the graphics. These have a stylistic approach but are by all intents and purposes realistic looking. Statlander looks like something in particular...not even a video game. I think she almost reminds me of Skeeter from Doug with the long, lanky, rounded limbs and fingers lol.