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  1. This makes a lot of sense now. I just finished the stuff with Rhys and killing Katagawa Jr a little while ago....and it popped up in Sanctuary. It was just weird to me because Demonskaggon was like Level 4 when I'm level 23, so he took absolutely zero effort to kill. But you are right. I do remember Gearbox saying this was the case. These are enemies that will spawn at random for you, and if you kill them, then your friends will be sent the opportunity to do so. Would be nice if they told us which friend it was coming from.
  2. I haven't gotten the trophy yet...but the manufacturer seems to send you a weapon every 100 kills. I have this awesome Torgue Legendary Pistol called the "Packin' Devastator" that I've been shredding enemies with...and Torgue has sent me at least 4 weapons so far.
  3. This. Proving Grounds and Circles of Slaughter are endgame content. You'd be better off waiting like a week and they'll probably be flooded with players.
  4. Right, but then you lose the ability to ping easily (you have to hold down Options, which just isn't convenient) and you can no longer cycle missions the quick way (which is a feature I really like). You have to lose something good to gain something good...neither way is ideal. So I've just been trying to get used to swapping with . As for the OP...I love the maps so far. Lectra City (the area with Killavolt) is my favorite so far. A lot of verticality, so the platforming really comes into play.
  5. No...but then, there's no reason they would need to be used.
  6. I got everything except the Legendary Maliwan gun from the VIP site. But apparently it's a wide spread issue.
  7. #174 Goodbye Deponia Platinum Chalice Mainly played these to pass time until Borderlands 3. It was a decent trilogy of games...probably made more awkward by the fact that this felt like the end and they went ahead and made a fourth game (which I'll play eventually). If you're in to point and click adventure games...give this series a go. However, when it comes to trophies you WILL need a guide. I don't understand how people figure these games out in a timely manner considering the descriptions for the trophies are just jokes, they give you nothing in terms of what to do, and a lot of the puzzles would require so much trial and error that doing this legit would be an epic chore.
  8. Agreed. After seeing the achievement list I was really wondering what the hell they were thinking. But these trophy tiles are miles better. Still think the list overall is lacking though.
  9. This actually concerns me. In the previous games you weren't going to see much past level 35 on Normal Mode, and that was with doing ALL of the side quests. Then you needed to do TVHM and most of the side quests to hit 50. You were able to hit 40 on Normal and didn't even finish everything? So am I to take it that this game doesn't function the same way as previous games? Where TVHM is an absolute must for the Platinum? In fact where TVHM is where the real game actually begins? Or did you have a developer copy? With there being a 900% increase on Mayhem 3 for you....Gearbox said those numbers were just place holders and wouldn't be the real numbers on release copies. So I'm wondering if you managed the way you did because of a developer copy and things will be different for us now?
  10. Honestly...while I'm insanely excited for this game. This list is disappointing. It feels so weird to me. Since when does Xbox get a Platinum equivalent? It's like they gave up on achievements right at the end of the list and just said "screw it" and threw that one in so it would equal to 1000GS. And the most disappointing part of all...if that is our Platinum. It's not named "Borderlands Defender Round 3". I just feel like no care or focus went into this list at all.
  11. #173 Chaos on Deponia Platinum Chalice Not much to say, mainly played this to hold me over for Borderlands 3. Honestly story wise, the first game was better. The comedy is very hit and miss for me because of the way the voice actor for Rufus delivers his lines, there's just times it feels kind of forced and like it's being read directly from a script. Otherwise these are decent point and click games.
  12. #172 Coffin Dodgers Retirement I don't know why but I was expecting this to take longer than 5 hours to Plat. I'm in such a gaming bind right now...with a week to go until Borderlands 3 gets here, I'm not trying to start on anything big and extremely engaging because ALL my focus will be on BL3, and I don't want to end up having to push something I've been trying to find something that will last me about a week. I thought FFXV was going to take longer...but that only took a few days once I hit Chapter 9 and everything became linear. This I expected at least to have to play for a couple days....but it was extremely quick and easy.Overall with this...I feel like they had a cool idea wrapped in an EZPZ execution. It's a very simple and bare bones kart racer. It's fun, but there's not much to it. And like I said, it's super super there's no real challenge.Guess instead of trying to play something within 6 days, I'll just focus on 2 more shorter games, that way I can probably Milestone BL3 at Plat 175.
  13. #171 Final Fantasy XV The World Wanderer Well...this was my first real dive into a Final Fantasy game. I played one when I was like 4 or 5 years old on the NES, never had a clue what I was doing at the time, and played VII for like an hour on PC back in the year 2000 at a friends house...but I hardly count those. So I decided my first REAL taste of the series might as well start with the latest installment. I heard the outcry of negativity and disappointment over the last few years...but sometimes you just have to see for yourself. And...everyone was right. This was a game I was okay with when I started it...and the more I played the more and more disappointed with it, I got. There's nothing really redeeming about this game outside of some cool combat moments and a nice soundtrack. The characters, outside maybe Noctis, are extremely annoying (I hate Prompto!), the voice acting sounds like the worst anime dubs you can think a matter of fact, the voice acting for the NPC's is borderline offensive. Everyone's made to sound like a white trash redneck...and it really makes no sense why. The overworld game mechanics...felt like Square Enix wanted to make this epic open world game...but chose all of the WORST open world mechanics to use. Such as the entire exploration is very "go around your ass, to get to you elbow". That your mission marker right there? Well too bad, there's this fence here and you have to walk for 15 minutes in the other direction to get back to this same point on the other side....this was the WHOLE game! The driving is either you driving manually completely on rails, or watching the car drive itself on screen for however long it might take to get your destination. There's fast travel...but you have to pay for it! The day/night (or should I say night/barely ever day light) cycle has something to do with the story...but but it's very annoying early on when you feel like you get 5 minutes of play time then have to camp because Daemons are too much for you to handle and pop up every 30 seconds. The story is also a clusterfuck, a lot of it is you having to fill in the blanks, because shit just happens for the hell of it...or is told more in the Episode DLC. They basically made it so you have to pay for parts of the story that should have been there. If I can give this game ONE major kudos. Best hair physics in the industry! Wooo hooo! Overall...I wasn't impressed. This isn't going to make me jump for joy when Final Fantasy XVI is announced. Maybe the Remake of VII will change my mind. I was an idiot and wasted money on the season pass...and I don't even think I want to bother with the DLC.
  14. #170 Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Party Like it's 2024 Well that's the Spyro trilogy done. Made Plat 150 the first game, 160 was the naturally you see where 3 needed to land. Honestly, I don't know if it's just because I wasn't really in the mood to play this game (I did so because it was time for Plat 170), or because I just don't care about any other game right now, I'm so beyond ready to play Borderlands 3. But I didn't like this game much. The first game was a nice treat. I never played these on PS1, so I didn't have nostalgia going in completely fresh I liked the collectathon platformer aspect. Then the second game stepped it up a notch, it had a little variety better world layouts, the story was more engaging. But this game...I don't know, I was bored most of the time. It really felt like every world was just the same blueprint over and over. The side characters missions were a nice idea, but fell flat for me. The skateboarding was annoying. Sparx's missions were even more annoying. They tried to make everything so....uniform, and I feel like it hurt what they did so well in Spyro 2. Though when it comes down to it...I'm having the most fun when it's JUST a collectathon platformer. I don't need all the fluff that tries to make it into something than more than it
  15. Okay so I defended this game pretty hard after E3...I honestly thought it looked fantastic. So much so, it ended up right a long side Cyperpunk 2077 as a game I might pre-order next year. Buuuuut....after seeing the gameplay. I still don't think it looks bad, but I'm a little less interested now. I think the E3 trailer gave me a very different impression. The gameplay is very linear, slow and clunky. Also, Spider-Man PS4 really set a new precedence when comes to voice acting in a game like this, where Yuri recorded the same lines in a few different ways depending on the situation, you (the player) were possibly going to be in when the lines needed to be delivered. If you were standing around, he would be calm, if you were swinging around the city he would be a bit winded and strained, if you were fighting a group of thugs he would sound stressed, and beaten at times. So hear them come off as just recording in a booth without much emotion, takes me out of the moment a bit and it's something I didn't know would affect me until I heard it. Spider-Man really spoiled us in that regard. This is still a game I want to play, it still looks fun and I'm interested to see where they're going with this whole Captain America death thing, but it's no longer pre-order status.