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  1. I'm not too keen on the white...but the green is nice. I've been waiting for a sale on controllers. I've been waiting on the Steel Black, Sunset Orange or Crystal Red to hit a good price...I guess I'll add this one to the radar as well. Which ever one can hit $40 first, I'll grab it.
  2. Fallout 3 is my longest Platinum AND 100%! Platinum at 4 Years 4 Months, and 100% 8 Years 3 Months! I started it in 2010, played for a while, but ultimately I didn't like it, so I put it down. Went back to it 4 years later, and found it fun enough to Plat it. DLC is mainly just how long it took to buy it. I think there was even a year in between starting the DLC's and finishing them. This is the main reason I wouldn't buy a Fallout 3 Remaster. 😝
  3. Can't wait! Borderlands is one of my top franchises...I'm an absolute I've been waiting a long time for this. This will be insta-pre-ordered.
  4. Pre-ordered this bad boy...I got the Steelbook edition though (artwork hasn't been revealed yet)
  5. There's a 20% Discount Code floating around?
  6. Legendary means the background of the icons are gold. If all of them are gold, you should have gotten the trophy. Ubisoft changed the requirements of the trophy in the latest patch. Since they added a new upgrade slot to everything, they made sure to mention that you only needed to hit Legendary NOT fully upgrade the Adrestia. So, why the trophy didn't pop I'm not sure.
  7. See...I refuse to call this a theme. It's just a wallpaper. A theme means they put the work in to change the icons, sound effects and system I couldn't bring myself to use this, it just feels lazy.
  8. We were getting 2-3 a month, but it's since slowed down. There's no real timetable...they just release when Ubisoft feels it's time. If I had to guess...I'd say March 19th would be the next one. That way it gives people time to digest Legacy of the First Blade Episode 3 for a couple weeks.
  9. PlayStation 20th Anniversary theme. Probably changing it soon though.
  10. Bought Gravity Rush: Remastered from the Critics Choice sale. I also bought Red Dead Redemption II off of eBay for an insanely low price...but I think it's a scam. So need to give it a few days to see if it's legit or not.
  11. I had no spare ability points...but I did lose a lot of XP. I'm Level 70, but I had enough XP to where I'd only have to do a couple weekly bounty board missions to hit 71 once we got this update. But I was down to being at 70 but the XP bar was empty like I just hit it.
  12. The graphics and stealth elements remind me A LOT of Dishonored, like it took direct inspiration from it. Look interesting though...I might keep my eye on it, get it when it goes on sale.
  13. #152 Far Cry 3: Classic Edition Mastered the Jungle It was great to relive this game. There's just something about this game, this charm it has that each Far Cry since hasn't been able to recapture. The series is still fun, but this is the real gem of the franchise. I just don't remember the fall damage being so bad, and they could have touched up the driving mechanics...but it was worth playing again.
  14. Working on Far Cry 3: Classic Edition and Heavy Rain - Remastered.
  15. I can fully see their being more Lost Tales of Greece missions than we see in the trophy list right now. I wouldn't be surprised to see like 5-10 more "blank" trophy tiles pop up in the future. And if the above schedule reigns true, then June is basically DLC free as of now...and since there's already a rumor of something coming in June...I would assume that would be the Greece version of the Discovery Tour from Origins...which had a few trophies of it's own. There's also the rumor of an expansion coming in the Fall. So a steady stream of DLC coming for the rest of the year is very possible.