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  1. I'm convinced devs do shit like this so that they can give the 60FPS update later on and get praised for it like they were listening to people.
  2. NFS used to be one of my favorite series, but I honestly think it's been missing something since Carbon. While I still have Payback and Heat to play right now, my lack of enthusiasm to jump into them has a lot to do with just not feeling it anymore. And while Criterion are a talented team (I still want a Burnout Paradise 2), their NFS games have to be some of my least favorite in the franchise...their games felt like something else entirely, not at all like NFS. I really didn't like Hot Pursuit, and Most Wanted was a joke compared to the 2005 masterpiece...didn't even touch Rivals. So hearing that they're back at it with this new one doesn't get me excited at all. I'm not going to completely write it off, a lot can change in developmental ideas in this time frame, but I'm cautious about this one.
  3. #287 Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Perfectionist Holy's finally (almost) over! I say almost because I need to play the new Fatesworn DLC now, but at least the big chunk of it is done. Talk about going into a game you once enjoyed, but the remaster long over stays its welcome. I loved this game on PS3. It's the game I give credit to for getting me out of my comfort zone and getting me into RPG's. We got it on PS+ back in 2013 and I had a blast with it, always wanted a sequel. So when the remaster came out, with new DLC announced it was one of those few times I was actually hyped for a remaster. And it was all well and good for awhile...but there's something fundamentally different about's soooo much longer and drawn out some how that isn't completely apparent. I THINK it might because there's some kind of new enemy system in place, where enemies sync close to your level as you go (even though going back to early areas you can one-shot things), and then the game constantly throws hoards of enemies at you and I don't remember if this was in the original or not. You can't travel very far without being in another fight and this happened constantly and the farther you get in the game the more the map is littered with enemies, the more enemies just spawn out of nowhere and the more the game throws at you every time it realizes you're not in danger anymore. It honestly getting insanely tiering and quite infuriating at just want to get from point A to point B in peace, but you have to fight something over and over as you go, and just running from battles isn't always that simple because enemies chase you and most are faster than you are, and as soon you get away you run into something else. It was too much. I think the game took that much longer because you're fighting something that more often often. I Platted the OG in 16 days and this one almost took me 32 days, and I was playing constantly and that was 29 days of just the main game, that's not counting the original 2 DLC's for this game are now required for the Platinum. Loaded up the PS3 version and my time stamp stamp said 109 hours, thats with the DLC done. Time Stamp here is at 227 Hours (PS5 says 188 Hours, which feel more accurate), and I still have a DLC to go. Other than that, it's still a fun game though I think I made a mistake going down a single skill tree this time. Originally I was a Jack of All Trades as I usually do in RPG's. But this time I wanted something more focused, so I went the Rogue route and focused on Daggers and a Bow. Which may have also contributed to the long Plat time, with Daggers you give up power for speed, so you do more hits for less it may have literally taken me longer to kill enemies. Eventually my Bow became the stronger weapon...getting full powered up pulls melted enemies. So once I got the Level 6 Rogue card, I respecced into Finesse and Might trees so I could have the strong bow and use a Sword instead...which feels more my style. Overall, it's still an enjoyable game...but it's very long and drawn out unlike it's PS3 counterpart. Might need a break from it before starting Fatesworn.
  4. Boy, I can't wait for the PS6 and the entire library ends up being just remastered PS5 games....which are just remastered PS4 games....that remastered PS3 games.
  5. It's not about never playing video games again, it's just that I miss the days when I had more going on than JUST sitting at home starring at a TV. It's not like I don't love video games, but I had a lot of great times back in my teen years and early 20's. My life definitely didn't turn out like I planned it.
  6. Not sure regret is the right word. It's's all I do now. I'm edging into my 40's, and I have no life anymore. I'm not married, no kids, all my friends live in other states and have their own lives going on. Gaming is all I really have. I'd say I regret past choices that lead to this being my life now more so than gaming in general.
  7. There might be a point I'm forgetting off the top of my head, but probably the 5 months I was in jail 2011. Other than that, gaming been a constant since I started, other than from ages 11-15, when my Dad got remarried, me and my Step Mom butted heads a lot, she was very strict about things like doing literally anything other than playing video games. Nowadays I might have a few days where I don't feel like playing anything...but that always subsides.
  8. lol of course it is. I finally buy it a little while back after waiting so long, BECAUSE it hadn't been on sale in forever, and I figured It might never be again.
  9. It's hard to say, I haven't played NFS since the 2015 reboot and didn't care for that one. I do have Payback and Heat to play eventually though. But NFS just isn't the game it used to be...the PS2 days were incredible. I played the PS2 version of Most Wanted (probably my favorite racing game of all time) a few months back and had an absolute blast with it like it was 2005 all over again. I personally think NFS lost something after Carbon. However I know a lot of people really like Hot Pursuit Remastered. I have the original PS3 version and hated that game, but it's one people rave about so you might want to check it out.
  10. I don't know...Sony had to have some issue with the game. It was delisted from the NA store, got its name change, but was never relisted on the NA store (you can't buy an NA version of Slyde). The problems didn't even start until someone brought up that the devs basically posted a Platinum guide on Facebook showing exactly how to complete it. There was definitely more odd controversy there than just the weird title.
  11. Going current gen is fine...but I'm so over DBZ games getting all this DLC AFTER the DLC they said they were going to get. Xenoverse 2 being the worst of the bunch. I miss getting sequels and those having the new content we didn't get before. Just give me Xenoverse 3, give me Kakarot 2...and give me Tenkaichi 4! That has nothing to do with this, I've just waited long enough.
  12. I've never done many MP grinds, I've always tried to avoid them as best as I can. So there is one big one that will forever haunt me and that was the grind for WWE '13. Whether you did it legit or with a boosting partner, it was going to take you a ridiculous amount of time to get it done. So what you had to do was simply get to max rank in Ranked matches. When you first start it doesn't even seem that bad...max rank is level 14? Not 50, not 100, just 14? No big deal...but what you find out is that you have these stars you have to fill up that act as sort of an XP meter...but as you level up, that level ends up having more and more stars you have to fill up....but in a deceiving kind of way. So once you hit level 10, you'll have a set of Bronze stars to fill, then you get silver, then Gold, then platinum...and you have to do that...before even hitting level 11, and then it do all over again. And these stars don't raise quickly either. So where the grind really comes into play. Is you find out that if you enter a match and just cause a DQ thinking you're going to breeze through these could do that, but you'll also get crumbs when it comes to actual XP. So the community at the time figured out if your match goes at least 4 minutes and you get a lot of specific types of offense in, you'll get a ton of XP once it's you do this and trade victories with your boosting partner. The issue is...each of you, needs about 1000+ wins under your belt, all of which required about a 4 minute match of your doing certain sequences over...and over....and over...and over, 2000 times. All the while, you were at HEAVY risk of the servers just resetting your happened to A LOT of people. I hit level 10 after weeks of doing this almost every day, and I gave up because my boosting partner got reset and I just couldn't do it anymore. It wasn't worth it...I wasn't having fun, I was bored, annoyed, my partner was just so disheartened by what happened. I eventually when back over a year later when THQ was talking about closing the servers, I even got the Platinum in WWE 2K14 in that time frame, I got back on realized I never got reset so I figured picking up boosting from level 10 couldn't be that bad. It still took almost just as long to hit level 14 from level 10 as it took to get to level 10 in the first place. But we finished it and I never touched that game again.
  13. Yeah, if I remember correctly it wasn't delisted right away, it took a few days. So it was still plenty of time for anyone who had it already to get the Plat in it.
  14. Don't do this much with the PS5 with it's limited storage space. But with the PS4 (I had a 2TB HDD in it), I'd usually install a game over night with the intention of playing it the next day...then I changed my mind and install something else. But at that point it's like "well, it's installed already...might as well leave it there, I'll play it eventually".
  15. Had to check, sure don't. My B-Day is February 15th...I oddly have 2 Valentines Day Plats and one time got it on the 16th. Might have to change that for next year.