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  1. #189 RAGE 2 Post-Post-Apocalyptic Poster Child Man, this game gets a bad wrap...and I'm really not sure why. I had an absolute blast playing this!Now granted, the game does nothing new, it borrows a TON of things from other open world games, all things we've played before...but that's not exactly a bad thing, what it does at least makes it fun. Biggest issue I probably have is the story is EXTREMELY short and very lackluster. It's only like 10 short missions spend far more time doing everything else.However, the true highlight of this game...its absolute saving grace, is its gun play. Combat was made by DOOM's Id Software and while not quite as fast paced and frantic as DOOM, it's just as satisfying. The guns are meaty and feel like they have weight, and no single gun fight ever felt boring. There was one Bandit Den I replayed over and over to get a couple trophies and never once felt like I was grinding because the combat is just so satisfying. Add in the fact that you get powers as well...just means you could really string up some fun combos. The driving mechanics were okay (which you pretty much live in your vehicle in this game). But there were times it feels like your wheels lock up on you and it won't turn right. Plus, they put quite a few different vehicles in, but the only one really worth a damn is the one you start the game with, and since a few lengthy trophies require you to use that vehicle for pretty much the entire game, having the others in felt rather pointless. Still have the DLC to do...which means I have to support Microtransactions because some genius at Avalanche decided to make it so that you can't just buy the Terrormania DLC off the PS have to buy Rage Coins then buy it off of the in game store. Then will be attempting an Ultra Nightmare run...and if at that point I'm not totally sick of this game, I'll do a third playthrough in an Iron Man run (Permadeath).
  2. I wasn't going to worry about another NFS game until Heat got a little cheaper...but Payback for $4? I might have to bite on that.
  3. #188 LEGO DC Super-Villains Here's to Mischief ' I've probably said this for last 3 or 4 LEGO game plats. But I'm reeeallly feeling the LEGO fatigue. This is one I was pretty excited about. I'm a super hero having a game centered around DC villains sounded too good to pass up. And ultimately...I was disappointed. The game is fun in the usual all LEGO games are fun sort of way...but the story had an opportunity to do something new and original, and instead opted to go the Suicide Squad route. Instead of playing a game from a villains point of view...they introduce more villainous villains, so our main crew of villains have to play the heroes even though they're reluctant to do so. Ball = dropped. The overall LEGO's not broken, but it needs SOMETHING. I get that these games are geared at kids, but even children would get tired of the same old thing over and over again. These are are still good if you want a quick and simple Platinum, which I was looking for after the headache that was AC Brotherhood. But like half way through Free Play the "I've been here before" feeling really kicked into over drive. I still own several more LEGO games, but it becomes increasingly more dubious to start them up. Plus in my mind I'm REALLY excited for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga...but I fear that too will just be more of the same. OH! And over the years we've talked about how bad the flying controls were in the original LEGO Marvel Super Heroes...and over time it felt like they were improving. Well TT fucked it up again...because holy hell balls Batman are the flying controls atrocious in this game. I've never felt like TT Games has become so complacent until I played this. They're really just churning out licenses at this point rather than innovating. Plus this is probably one of the least polished LEGO games I played...from various glitches to it freezing 4 times while going for one of the Gold bricks in LexCorp (I was worried I couldn't get it), to the game crashing on me several times. I really want these games to be better...because this formula works so well. But after awhile it all becomes the same, and now I feel TT are getting lazy and the games are feeling sloppy outside of the presentation.
  4. I really hope they get this right. We had Tony Hawk HD a few years back, which was supposed to be THPS 1 and 2 (and a little of 3) mixed into one and that game was just boring. Tony Hawk just hasn't been the same without let's hope this delivers.
  5. #187 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Remastered Julius Caesar So this was an AC game I always held in high regard...whenever I rank AC games this was top while I knew this game was going to feel dated, especially considering I love Origins and Odyssey so much...I was excited to replay it. Now, in the PS3 days, because of the online requirements I didn't even attempt the in turn, I didn't bother with the Il Principe trophy (full syncing everything). So this time. my goal was obviously to Plat it. And I have to say...the full sync requirements absolutely RUINED this game for me...just an absolutely frustrating, unenjoyable experience.I heard in passing over the years how much the full syncs annoyed people...and now I get it. They completely go against the grain of what the gameplay is about...freedom of doing things your way. I get that the full sync is supposed to be this in-universe way of explaining that Desmond needs to do things exactly like Ezio...but I don't like it at all. Mostly because the requirements are all the WORST of the gameplay elements...tail, escort, don't get hit, don't get detected. I could see this being a thing every now and then...but almost every mission had one of those. It just got to the point where I was looking forward to a "Kill only with the hidden blade" or "Use your recruits" as those were the only ones that were ever fun.Then we have the dreaded Tank and Flying Machine 2.0 missions. I actually managed Flying Machine on my second try surprisingly enough. I desynced a few times when losing the carriages and messenger. But second attempt didn't get hit. Tank wasn't "hard" either per se (I was using the glitch), just cheap hits by the cannons. It's really the having to start the entire memory over again, that's annoying about them. If you're going to remaster games...fix your problems from before. It couldn't have been that hard to add a restart checkpoint's still AC and I love it. But this really made it so I miss the new games so much. This game shows me how far the series has really come, and that I'm really not part of the group of people that "misses the old games". This experience has likely made it so that I won't be playing Revelations any time soon because I know that's more of the same headache. Bring on Valhalla!
  6. So what's the deal with RDR2? I've had it installed on my PS4 for awhile now and I'm starting to get the urge to finally play it. However I've seen a lot of people all over the net say it's one of the best games they've ever played, but at the same time hated the Platinum experience? Aside from the obvious of looking at a guide. What in the world am I in for that makes the game great and lousy at the same time?

    1. Deluziion90



      - Story, side quests, the characters the open world is really alive. It feels "real"



      The trophies.

      It's an insane grind. Finding all animals, skinning them all. Doing a ton of challanges which involve rng and a lot of searching/guides. MP felt boring for me which also was a stupid grind. 

      Misc trophies also take a lot of time.



    2. ihadalifeb4this


      The only thing i found seriously lacking quality is multiplayer. If anything it made me wonder if MP was delayed cause it would effect review scores. I personally didn't have troble doing what trophy list asked, but i'm  completionist for over 20 years and what i find fun could be obnoxious chore for someone else.


  7. I haven't paid any attention to any of the leaks. Other than knowing people are upset about them...I have no idea what's in them. However, I'm also not the biggest fan of the first game. I didn't hate it...I just don't think it's the pure masterpiece everyone made it out to be. So I already planned on getting Part II much later down the line when it was cheaper. It was on the radar, but I was never in any hurry.
  8. Yeah, hardly anyone seems to have found ME2 difficult. Most people consider it a push over of a game. But for some reason it beat me down...I have the Platinum but the road to get there was just a nightmare. ME1 was simple. I did all three playthroughs as the Soldier, even on Insanity the game was a cake walk with the skill that makes you nearly invulnerable (and by the time it wore off, it was ready to be used again). So I was expecting more of the same from ME2. I did 2 playthroughs in that game...the first playthrough on Veteran difficulty and thought even that was WAY harder than anything I had to do in the first Insanity lived up to it's name for me. It was just failure after failure, changing approach after approach and getting through it was mostly luck. ME3 was a breeze after that (except for Marauder Shields...that mo fo did my head in). But yeah...ME2 just wasn't a fun experience for me. Most people consider it the best of the series...but it's hard for me to agree because I spent my time just fighting against the game and being pissed off.
  9. No thanks. I love this trilogy...hell I loved Andromeda too, I don't care what anyone says, that game was great. But I just couldn't go through ME2 again...still to this day I consider it the hardest Platinum I have, and that game in-sighted the gamer rage in me unlike anything else I ever played. Love this series...will be right there to play a brand new game if it ever comes. But I couldn't do this Remaster.
  10. So the next PPV in game is Money in the Bank...does anyone know if, for the Main Event trophy...we'll have to play and win a Money in the Bank ladder match? If so, I'm skipping this PPV and will just wait until next month for that one.
  11. Absolutely can't wait for this. I'm currently playing through the remaster of Brotherhood and I'm just not having a great time with it. The full sync requirements (something I didn't go for back in the PS3 days) just ruin the game for me and I realize how much I love Origins and Odyssey and how spoiled I am by them. So I can't wait to dive back into the new style of games and that trailer alone sold me...everything we've found out since then is just icing on the cake. Ghost of Tsushima was going to be my pre-order for the year...but that has now changed.
  12. Okay seriously...where are the PS+ Discounts? I swear, outside of the recent Double Discounts sale and a random game or two thrown in here and there...they've been non-existent since September. I swear Sony has silently killed one of the perks that we pay of the big reasons to even have PS+. Nothing for me here...everything worth it to me is too over priced because we're not receiving our added discounts anymore. I wholeheartedly fear that once the PS5 gets here Sony is going to tell us that there are no added perks with PS+ anymore and it'll end up being a $60 a year subscription to play online, only.
  13. So I'm (re)playing the Remaster of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood right now. I remember really enjoying this game on the PS3 years ago, I didn't think it was better than AC2 but was a solid entry at the time. But I also didn't attempt the Platinum as I didn't care to play the Multiplayer, so in turn I never bothered full syncing everything. Now that I am attempting the Plat here on PS4...I honestly made the right call all those years ago. These full sync objectives make this game seriously tedious at all times...and I really don't remember there being soooooo many tailing/escort/don't get detected missions back to back I'm seriously only having fun when NOT in a mission. Doing this is really souring my opinion of this game...and I hate that it's doing that.

    I mean, I get it...I'm pretty spoiled by the new style of games (Origins and Odyssey)...but if anything this game is just reassuring my opinion of how much better the series has gotten now. I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea...but I definitely prefer them to this. And I still have the Remasters of Revelations and AC3 to play (the other two I never Platted) definitely won't be happening right after this. 

  14. #186 RiME The End is a New Beginning I decided to play this just to get a Plat in April as I wasn't going to Plat DQ11 or ACB in time, and hate going a whole month without at least one.Overall this was a fun little game that told a powerful story about the 5 stages of grief with a nice twist ending...and did all of this with ZERO dialogue. It's just...with games like this, it's hard for me to have any emotional attachment to it because I'm in it for the trophies rather than the it's not something I thought was this profound experience, especially because it's one of those games you would consider more Art than video game. But if you're into indie games that are meant to move you...this should do the trick.
  15. What would be really interesting is if they remake the first game. Make it just as visceral, cinematic and modern like Vii Remake. Since the original was a very old school style top down 8-bit would be literally like a whole new game and would be unlike any remake yet.