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  1. Welp, got my 4000 points from Sony Rewards, and got $50 off this pre-order: September can't get here soon enough!
  2. If I was missing THAT much, I would have called again. But I was missing 250 for a Gold Pass, 30 Points for buying Borderlands Remastered, 2 Points for Drowning, and the 25 Points they scabbed from me on my last Gold Pass (they gave me 225 instead of 250). So 307 Points. But I got tired of waiting. I was 512 Points short to 4000...so I just paid the $5.12 for the rest of the points. Got my 2 $20 PSN cards, and Pre-Ordered Borderlands 3. I'm done worrying about this shit now. I'll pay a little attention again when I'm ready for the next Platinum Pass (which I'm half way to the next one), but my points can just do whatever at this point. Such a great idea...but they can't manage this system for nothing.
  3. Didn't really have one this year. My goal since 2012 has always been to top myself in the number of Plats I get, year after year...and I've done that. 2010 - 1 2011 - 1 2012 - 9 2013 - 10 2014 - 11 2015 - 21 2016 - 26 2017 - 32 2018 - 36 2019 - 13 (so far) But this year I wasn't really worried about.it. Getting to 32 and 36 the last couple years was tough, only because of how long it takes me to Plat most games on average...so getting any higher than that is unlikely. It's why it's always mesmerized me when people get 36 Platinums in a single MONTH, much less the entire year. I told myself I was going to play more RPG's this year...which usually take somewhere in the 100 hour mark, which means more time will have passed in-between Platinums. That didn't really happen either...as much as I enjoy RPG's, I can only really take one at a time, and then need to play something shorter and more focused.
  4. Yes the PS4/Pro both accept any 2.5" SATA drive. You can even use an SSD if you want to shell out the money for it. I only have an OG PS4...but I put a 2TB drive in it back in 2015 and never looked back.
  5. Meh, I have probably 3 games on my entire list I'd want to delete and they're all under 5%. Street Fighter IV and Max Payne 3...only because I hate being reminded of how absolutely god awful I was at those games. And Free Realms...only because that was a game you had to have a paid monthly subscription in to earn trophies. So I decided to play it for Free and see what it was about and somehow managed to earn a single trophy in it...a game I never intended to earn trophies in, is forever stuck at 1%. If I got the choice of one...it would be Free Realms. But other than that, I'm fine with it. Like some people said, it's your gaming history too...sometimes I like going to the bottom of my list and working my way up to see how much I've progressed as a trophy hunter. I was pretty terrible in the early days.
  6. They did discontinue them, but you can keep earning passes until November of this year...or until you hit 12 passes complete on each. Points wise, everything was going good for the first 2 days after the App launched...now it's back to doing nothing for me for like a week now. I even went ahead and used PSNP to count trophies and make sure everything was lined up. While I am missing 2 Plats and 4 Silvers, they're still okay based on the last set of trophies they're tracking. But my Golds are all screwed up. According to the App I'm at 22/25 trophies on Gold Pass 10, with the most recent Gold they're tracking is May 7th...which is United We Stand from Borderlands. But if I count them...that should be 24/25, with my next Gold (which is from Spyro 2) being the 25th that gives me those 250 points, which is from May 13th. But if the App is to be believed then by the time they track May 13th...it would only be 23/25 to them. Even though, according to PSNP, I'm already 4 Golds in to Gold Pass 11. Some how, Sony Rewards is behind on 7 Gold trophies. Really not trying to call them for a third time...the customer service is completely oblivious to these trophy passes...they barely know they exist. I had the guy asking ME how these things worked. I wouldn't care so much, if I wasn't trying to use these points to get $40 to put towards my Borderlands 3 pre-order, add that with the $10 currently in my PSN wallet...and I'll be able to get the Super Deluxe Edition for half off.
  7. Doesn't really bother me. Back when it was originally revealed, it just looked like they made a game completely centered around the Naval combat from Assassin's Creed IV. It literally looked like they ripped it right out of the game and made it it's own thing. So, while I enjoyed the naval combat in AC4, being able to get away from it and do other things is part of what made AC4 so great. The idea of a game that's ONLY AC Naval combat isn't all that appealing to me.
  8. I'm not even sure what to tell you here. I completed this mission in playthrough 2 without issue. Now, I don't know this for sure. But the bug might happen because the game recognizes that you already have a Shield equipped. So try removing your shield then buying the one from the vending machine. Either way that shouldn't be an issue because all you're doing is purchasing a shield. which is a normal game mechanic. But I really don't know...it's the first I've heard of this one.
  9. #160 Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Ripto's Remorse How a game can be so much fun, and so damn infuriating at the same time is beyond me. Just like the first one, this game sent me into some serious fits of gamer rage. Looking to make Spyro 3 Plat 170. Also the Spitball trophy was trophy 10,000 for me!
  10. Keep in mind you can try again with Sledge as all the bosses except The Destroyer respawn if you back out and reload the game as bosses are made to be farmable. I managed to get the United We Stand trophy through Sledge. Was in split screen, had the second player stand at the entrance to Headstone Mine while I ran ahead and killed Sledge on my own, the trophy popped for both accounts as soon as I got the killing blow on him. The only different variable here is I was connected to the internet at the time.
  11. It happened to me over a week ago. And like the above, I had to re-agree to the Online TOS and all my settings were reset. I put a support ticket in with Gearbox and they gave me 75 back.
  12. Like has been said, Borderlands is all about the loot. It's all about switching up your weapons for something better. However, unlike Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel. BL1 wasn't quite as balanced, so you can find guns that last you for quite awhile. Such as for me, I found a Legendary (Orange) Shotgun around level 18...and it lasted me until I was level 40 before it started feeling useless. But I can offer a potential quick solution. Borderlands 2 introduced the SHiFT system and the Golden Loot Chest, which offered up Purple weapons that scaled to your level...and you could find some really great gun in there...but it kind of hurt the drop rates for good weapons. But the PS4 version of BL1 has added the Golden Chest as well...this time with ability to get Legendaries (and Blue weapons for some reason). So you can use this site: http://orcz.com/Borderlands:_Golden_Key to input those SHiFT codes to get 25 Golden Keys for the Golden Loot Chest (found in Fyrestone and New Haven)...this can at least give you the opportunity to really get something worthwhile. Now I say "potential" solution because the Golden Loot Chest is completely RNG based, so you may not get much. But with 25 keys to use, you should be fine.
  13. Yeah I did what you did too and it didn't work. You have to be in the Split Screen game when the killing blow is landed on the boss. I did it on Sledge in Playthrough 2...and when the exploit didn't work, I reloaded the game in Split Screen and killed him again. It's not a big deal other than the fact that Borderlands has always scaled it's difficulty when you add more people to the mix...so you will be one man fighting against Bandits and a boss that's stronger because he's meant for 2 people. But it's perfectly doable.
  14. Hmmm, well I guess that's pretty promising then. I guess we'll see eventually. Maybe in the 7.00 Firmware.
  15. Who is Tidux though? This all sounds too good to be true...but I'd be all for it. Especially trophy progression, Xbox has had it for Achievements for years now.