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  1. These are just my physical games. I have a nearly 1000 games total if I included all my digital games and games from PS+. Also there's a shelf a little lower with a stack of PS1 games I couldn't quite get in the shot. But you can check here for everything:
  2. Little Adventure on the Prairie - I don't know why this ever got green lit and went gold enough to make it to the public....but it hardly qualifies as a game. . Drowning - I get the message about depression it was trying to tell...but god was I bored to tears with this one . Riptide GP2 - A decent idea at heart completely ruined by some of the worst rubber banding AI I've ever seen. WRC 5 - WRC 4 was what I was wanting at the time that I bought it. A piss easy arcade racing game, where I could smoke my competition with little issue. So with 5 I expected more of the same, but with slightly better graphics and controls since it was on PS4 and not PS3. But it was some of the worst driving mechanics I've ever played with...learning how to play wasn't an issue, you had to learn to outsmart the games own programming to get through to the Platinum. My dumbass bought the PS3 and PS4 versions at the same I ended up going through that nightmare twice...and it was even worse on PS3. Haven't played the series since.
  3. I'd far and wide prefer Bully 2 over GTA VI. I'm already sick of this GTA ---> RDR ---> GTA ----> RDR ---> GTA trend they have going. I want them to give some love to their other IP's, or hell create something brand new! GTA is going to sell no matter when it comes out...they can take the time to give us something else for a change.
  4. Oddly enough my Platinum and Silver pass are still up there (I finished all 12 Golds). I was under the impression that these would just disappear on the 7th...but mine are still there. So it would be pretty great if we can still finish the ones that were already in progress before the 7th, but that seems almost too good to be true.
  5. Mass Effect 2. I realize for most people this was like a 5/10, an average Platinum...and maybe it is. But for was an absolute nightmare of an experience I didn't expect to run into after having a rather easy time in ME1 (I was a Soldier all three playthroughs, so having that shield made it a cinch). But ME2 was an entirely different beast. I did 2 playthroughs, my Paragon run was on Veteran difficulty and my Renegade was on Insanity...I don't remember the classes I chose, but I don't think that matters. Veteran for me was harder than anything I had to do on Insanity in Insanity in ME2 was just a rage inducing shitfest of an experience. There was even a point during the mission against the Collectors that I got so ridiculously pissed off that I pulled out a small chunk of my hair. This is a large reason why I can't join everyone else in considering ME2 the best game in the franchise (I give that medal to ME1)...because I spent the whole time loathing my experience with it. I tried to have my eyes open for the story...which in it of itself was great...but the actual playthrough was just hell. I didn't enjoy myself at all. Because of this, ME2 really showed me what I DON'T want out of my video games...that I just can't handle games that are ridiculously difficult, that I prefer to have a more relaxing time. This is also why, I would likely never purchase a remaster. I love the series as a whole...but I never want to deal with ME2 again.
  6. I only have one, and it's for Mass Effect: Andromeda. I pre-ordered the Deluxe edition from Best Buy and a few days later it said it came with a free extra, which turned out to be the Steel Book case...which wasn't advertised on their page at the time. So it was a happy accident. I really like Steel Books...but I'm a stickler about price. So I'll usually go the cheapest route I can on something (I didn't pay full price for ME:A), so that usually means passing on the steel book. I have the Steel Book for Dragon Ball Super: Broly as well. But that's not a game so....
  7. Everything or Nothing is a good of the most underrated Bond games out there. Probably my second favorite Bond game behind Goldeneye (with The World is Not Enough in close third).
  8. I wouldn't mind the Crysis trilogy if they remove the online portion from 2 and 3. I have them on PS3, but after disabling the servers for 2 and 3 and making them unobtainable Plats I lost any will I had to play them. So it would be that much better if we got remasters without any online at all. As much as I love all 4 Mass Effect games...I'd pass on those. There's not a fiber in my being that ever wants to go through ME2 on Insanity again.
  9. #176 Days Gone One Percenter This game probably had one of the worst opening few hours I've ever played in a game that was such a promising AAA title. But then one day something clicked...I went from hating this absolutely LOVING IT! I went from not wanting to play it anymore to being completely addicted.The game has a great way of instilling fear in you as well. Not so much like a classic survival horror game...but just like you're watching this really good action horror film and you don't see something coming.I had this moment about mid way through the game, where I decided to drive my bike from one corner of the map to the other, no fast travel. I'm riding a long, and I accidentally crash my bike. As Deacon is making his way to his feet and you're waiting for that animation to end, I hear something, so I pan the camera around and there's a horde...RIGHT THERE IN MY FACE! I'm not talking across the street and I need to prepare myself...I'm talking, if I didn't pan that camera I would have been dead. I had to leave my bike, there was no time to pick it up and I hauled ass. At this point in the game, you're not equipped to deal with hordes yet. I ran in one direction for a good 7 minutes straight, I could hear the horde dying down, I knew I finally outran them...and then I accidentally fall off of a small cliff, not enough to kill me, but I was a few HP away from death, I turn around and THE FUCKING HORDE REFORMED! I probably ran another 5 minutes at that point before I finally got away.It was moments like that that made this game soooooooo goddamn amazing. From the adrenaline pumping in your veins, to the fear of possibly not getting away, to the music that plays in game during this moment. It was just an amalgamation of awesome shit I haven't experienced in a game in a long time.Once you get passed the opening few hours, the game really comes alive. The story is a bit contrived, but it has it's moments of greatness and Deacon is a great character as well. They even make him mumble to himself a lot while you're out doing stuff, as it shows that he's probably not all there anymore living in this world this long, and I thought it was a nice touch. The Bike takes a little getting used to, but you'll learn to love it too...I can't recall a game where your vehicle is just as important of a character as you are, and you'll really find yourself taking care of it as you upgrade it. After awhile you even start to admire having to repair it and keeping an eye on your gas tank. Most games I would just fast travel in as much as possible...but I really enjoyed riding in this one.Highly recommend this to people, I feel like it's getting a bad rap I said, the opening few hours are tedious, mind numbing and not much fun at all...but if you can stick with it, it gets so much better, and I'm willing to say this is one of the brightest stars of the PS4 era.
  10. Wasn't going to get it until it was cheap anyways. So no big deal.
  11. Watch Dogs: Legion is the only one I'n interested in...but it wasn't Pre-Order status, so no big deal.
  12. I'd be down for a Mafia 4, but it's not something I'm clamoring for. I never played the original. And didn't play the second game until last while I thought the story was good, the gameplay was very flat to me, mainly because open world mechanics have improved so much by the time I played it. And Mafia III I played earlier this year. Another great story...but it lacked even more in the gameplay and structuring was just the same repetitive task over and over. So it's one of those things, where I think the Mafia games have very strong stories, and well rounded characters, so in that regard I'm interested to see what they would do with 4...but they need to do something about the gameplay, It's the one thing I think holds it back from being the major heavy hitter the series could be. As for remasters...I'd probably get the first one, just to say I've played it. But I don't have much desire to replay 2.
  13. Sony FINALLY gave every Android user Remote Play. But apparently you can't use a controller AT ALL if you're using something below Android 10 (I have a Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0). The way they worded it was Android 10 was getting Bluetooth capabilities...but little did I know that meant I can't use a controller at all. 

    So they pretty much released this great feature that locks out an entire portion of their user base that wanted this. Not everyone has the latest and greatest phones on the market. I don't care if I would have to keep my controller plugged into my phone...but if they actually expected to people to play games with shoddy touch controls, they've lost their damn minds. 

    1. PooPooBlast


      Not defending sony or anything but catering to a smaller audience vs a larger one isn't something a company wants to purposefully

      do from a business perspective.


      My guess is that you need one of the latest versions which is only available in newer phones to be able to run that feature smoothly without any issues.  Do who knows they might be able to further optimize it to include some older versions



      Isn't something a company wants to purposefully do*

    2. KingGuy420


      I was confused by this in general. I've been using my DS4 on my android device through Bluetooth for years. 

    3. DaivRules


      If more Android handset makers would support the OS on their phones for more than a couple months (if that), it wouldn't be an issue.


      Sony only supports iOS 12.1 or higher for remote play and only supports DS4s on iOS 13 or higher, but at least my four year old phone can update to iOS 13.

  14. #175 Borderlands 3 Ultimate Vault Hunter This game is life right now. One of the few games in existence that I will continue playing after the Plat. If you're a Borderlands fan, you'll love this game.
  15. I didn't love the first game as much as most people do...I'm an Uncharted guy, so I always felt the first game was a bit overrated. But I can't deny that this game looks good. That Naughty Dog quality is truly unmatched. Not a game I'll pre-order though...I'll get it in a sale eventually.