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  1. No thanks. So few games are worth $60, I'm much happier just waiting awhile and getting the game in the $20 price range ($30 if I REALLY want it), than breaking the bank at launch. I don't mind supporting the devs, but stretching my dollar as far as it can go is just more important to me. Besides, I've been practicing this for over a decade now...and plenty of games have gotten sequels. You aren't missing my money that much. Not to mention not even knowing if I'll want said sequel until I play it...therefore waiting to pay less only makes that much more sense. Sony is the one who canceled this sequels...I don't see why the blame is being put on us now.
  2. #226 Metro: Last Light Redux Platinum Trophy Another fun Metro game, though it felt a little easier and less tedious trophy wise than 2033. However story wise, it didn't feel quite as impactful. I've had this sitting on the PS4 for years now as I played 2033 back in 2018, but bought Metro: Exodus in a recent sale so I figured it was time to get to this one. I mentioned the trophy with 2033 your first playthrough (the one you're going to get the bulk of the trophies in) you spend a lot of time worrying about Moral points (which are specific tasks you need to do in each level to get an untrackable sound and visual effect that gets you to the "good" ending, these are never obvious things though) and making sure you don't miss a level specific 2033 felt like you didn't have a lot of time to focus on just playing the game because every time you turn around there's something trophy wise you had to pay attention to. Last Light is the same...but it doesn't feel as cluttered in that regard, there's more time to enjoy what you're playing. First playthrough (which was my stealth playthrough) was pretty long though...there's 30 missions to do, so stealthing your way through can take awhile. The second, Survival/Guns blazing playthrough was a bit more fun because you can just kill everyone. This Plat did require playing through the DLC missions though...and most of those were rather annoying. This is the kind of DLC I probably wouldn't have bothered with, had I needed to buy it.
  3. I wonder if the free version of Subnautica they just gave us through Play at Home is eligible for the Free Upgrade?
  4. Both of these are good news. A new engine is needed...LEGO games are enjoyable, but after you play a few, you realize they're just the same game over and over again with a different license plastered on it. But they're also easy plats and make good games for moments where I'm not sure what else I want to play. If this game can actually provide a new experience then it'll be worth it.
  5. Don't mind the delay, I never buy LEGO games until they get a deep price cut in a sale (still waiting on LEGO Incredibles to fall below $15), so even if this was out now, I'd probably still be waiting on it. I just want a definitive answer on what this game is. I've seen some reports say each movie is a brand new made from the ground up, whereas I've seen contrasting articles state that Episodes I-VII are just remasters of the previous games, and only The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker are legit new content.
  6. I don't want to play another Uncharted game without Nate. Lost Legacy was fine as an expansion, but I don't want a full on game without THE character that made them, it just wouldn't be the same. So I'd rather Naughty Dog move on and give us a new IP for the PS5 instead.
  7. I'd be honestly disappointed if this is only one trophy list. I don't want to play three games to acquire one Platinum. Part of revisiting games in forms of remasters are to get trophies again. I mean what are we going to do? Play all three games on Insanity difficulty to get a single Insanity trophy? Or do they remove the difficulty trophies altogether? Which still feels like it cheapens the experience. In terms of trophies that span every can get 250 kills in the first game alone, that's such a strange trophy. I was expecting changes to happen, such as not having to play ME1 3 times to Plat it, letting us jump into Insanity right from the start if you want. Or the lack of online for ME3. But going one trophy list doesn't sit right for me. 😞
  8. Oh, pfft...I'm worried for nothing then. Would rather unlock them anyways.
  9. It comes with the T.R.A.C.K. suit and the Into the Spider-Verse suit and a gadget. Those are already in the game?
  10. So I bought this for PS4, Used, off of eBay, and while it's the Launch Edition, it unfortunately doesn't come with the Launch Edition DLC (the listing didn't state whether it did or not, I should have asked first). I can buy JUST the DLC off of eBay right now, but the listing is showing the paper sleeve from the PS5 version. Does anyone know if that matters? If I buy that, can I still use it on the PS4 version? Thanks.
  11. It's kind of crazy to me how this whole PS5 upgrade thing turned out. When we found out this was going to be a thing I figured only a small handful of the top titles were going to get this luxury...but it feels like, every time we turn around, another game is getting the PS5 upgrade treatment. I'm really wondering how the process works at this point because it seems like devs have literally remastered their games in a fraction of the time we've seen from the last 2 generations alone. I have Death Stranding sitting on my shelf ready to play. We'll see if I have a PS5 by the time I'm ready to play it.
  12. I'm not paying more than $15 for the second season pass. Getting it 50% off at least means you're getting one whole DLC for free.
  13. None. I have a small backlog of PS3 games, but none of them need me to purchase DLC.
  14. Guess I should have looked around here a bit...bought the Ultimate Edition a few weeks back. I held off on buying this game for so long because Fallout 3 and Skyrim were just hard to enjoy on the PS3 back in the day...the bugs these versions had are why I don't have an affinity and appreciation of those games like a lot of people do...and i just decided that I didn't want to go through that again with New Vegas. But over the years I've just heard time and time again how great NV is compared to FO3 and FO4 (I'm one of the oddballs that prefers FO4), so I finally just decided to get it and figured getting all the DLC with it made the most sense. I figured, while the bugs in FO3 and Skyrim were annoying...I would just put up with them for NV, just to get the experience. But damn....if it's even worse off than FO3 and Skyrim to the point where people are saying it's unplayable, maybe I'll just keep it in my collection and never actually touch it. Luckily I didn't pay much for it ($11).
  15. #225 Destroy All Humans! 2 Make War, Not Love Another classic PS2 title on PS4 I was happy to jump into as I never got to play this one, it came out a few months after my PS2 was stolen out of my apartment, I never got another PS2 after that...and it wasn't until 2009 that I got a PS3. The first game was a pure nostalgia trip, I loved much so, I bought the remake. Played this to get it out of the way to play the remake soon. much as I enjoyed the first game. This one bored me to tears! They way they centered the gameplay around you having to be disguised at all times (you don't HAVE to be, but you'll be under fire and gaining a wanted level if you don't), and how you couldn't start most mission unless you disguised as something specific...just made it a chore. I paid hardly any attention to the story because it gave me no reason to care...all I know is that there wasn't much "killing all humans" going on, and even the game references this at the end. Most of it was just Crypto hitting on a blonde Russian chick the entire game. None of the humor even landed for me...a point which the first game does well. The weapon and ship upgrades feel so insignificant, the combat just feels lazy and uninspired. And even for a PS2 game the graphics are muddy and lacking any kind of textures. And even the collectables, a feature I usually don't mind, was just a slog of a grind. I was very disappointed in this game, just didn't have any fun with it. And apparently there's rumors of a Remake for this coming soon...I have a hard time believing prettier graphics will save this one for me....I think THQNordic should take the time to to add some things to it and experiment with it a bit.