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  1. The art work can definitely use some seems like it's come down to a conflict of design between consoles. The PS5 really wants to go with squares (for some reason), and they just didn't bother with some kind of dynamic imaging system that converted the PS4 tiles to a 4:3 format. Just your usual poor coding my Sony. But when it comes to the new Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum icons...I actually really like the new ones. I love that Plat seems to have a glow to it, really making it stand out and look important. And I like that they're different heights. Only complaint is the Silver's color is a bit dull, it's not silver enough. On a slightly unrelated...yet still sorta related...note. I don't like how there's so much disconnect between consoles now. I don't like that the PS4 can't show PS5 games on it's trophy list, or won't even show PS3 users online anymore. PSN should work as a whole regardless of what you're playing on, showing us ALL that information in unison. I mean, I get it...the PS3 is old news, Sony is clearly moving on and this generation could see it's full demise...but it's not a decision I like.
  2. Your cloud save should be in your Load menu. They removed it from the Save List so you wouldn't accidentally overwrite it.
  3. No clue. I've been playing every day, all day since release and I'm nowhere close to the Platinum. Nowhere close to even finishing the game. I'll be surprised if we get through December and I have the Plat.
  4. It should still be there in your load list. But they removed it from the save list so you wouldn't accidentally overwrite it. If you have the disc version, then you'll have to delete the game and reinstall it. When it starts installing the 1.04 patch, pause the download. If it's Digital then no...Digital versions are always patched to the latest version.
  5. What console are you on? I'm on PS4 and none of what you listed affected me with 1.04. Maybe PS5 problems?
  6. So I managed to get Overdesign II to pop with God Mode completely on a whim. I honestly have no idea what I did. So I decided to test and see if God Mode even worked anymore after today's patch, and it does. So I figured I'd give the trophy one last go...if it didn't work, I'd just do it legit later on. So using the same village in PowerPyx's video. I scoped the area out more to find 6 of those Shield Guards I could kill, giving me 2 different approaches to this if I needed it. So I weakened all six of them to a sliver of health and took my shot. Caught a house on fire where I could get all three at once and killed them with my Light trophy. So for the other three, I decided to take a slightly different approach. This time no bow (the arrows were catching fire too, and I was wondering if that was doing it). So I decided to catch myself on fire, run over to one and stab with my Dagger than try to run back to the fire before it ran out. But the fire ran out due to one of the long kill animations. So I was pretty much done with this before I remembered people saying they didn't need to be on fire for all three kills at once. So I figured what the hell? Caught myself on fire one last time and killed another guard with my dagger...then BOOM, trophy popped. Still had one guard to go. No idea exactly what I did, or why it popped after 5 of the 6 guards were killed (or why it worked with 2 of the 3 being killed by my dagger). But it managed to work with God Mode and I don't need to worry about this trophy anymore. People can say this was the "easy way", but I sure had a hell of a time with it lol.
  7. The missing wealth in East Anglia happened to me too and it was in the exact same spot. So thanks for pointing that out.
  8. I've got 80 hours in on the PS4 version (with a ton of exploration and very little story complete) and the game hasn't crashed on me at all. But there have been a plethora of small, annoying glitches. Mostly things like getting stuck in scenery, or NPC's not following you or moving to their correct locations, or button prompts to move missions along not appearing. Nothing serious though...loving the game. Only thing I don't care for is the combat...but that's just preference. If you love this series like I do...then I say get it. The first patch can't be too far off now anyways. If you're lukewarm on it or didn't care for Origins and/or Odyssey...then might as well wait.
  9. Yeah I don't know...I tried again a few times earlier today and still nothing. If people are getting it with God Mode then there must be something minor I'm missing here, one little thing I'm doing wrong that I don't see.
  10. Right, I get what you're supposed to do. But it's not working in God Mode. I don't understand how you managed it in God Mode when the enemies have no idea you're actually they're never aggroed. If they don't aggro then a fight is never initiated. For me when I attack these guys, they just go back to standing in their's not like they're walking around defending themselves. I even set a house on fire so I had a far better vantage point and killed 4 of those shield guys while staying on fire the whole time and still nothing.
  11. This is what I do as well. It's not fail proof...but like you said, never more than twice...and when I lose it's usually because of a careless mistake on my part. To the OP, when you roll the dice, you'll notice some of them have an orange outline around them. ALWAYS select these and only these, don't worry about if they're attack or shield based, just select them. The orange outline is what gives you a token in the Resolution phase. So the more outline dice you have the more tokens you'll get. Also always choose the dice with the hand icon that steals a token from your opponent (if you get the hand icon with the orange outline, that's 2 tokens). You want to focus on this method the first 2-4 rolls and just build your tokens up then use the God Favor called Thor's Wrath (I think?) it's one of the first ones you get, and with 12 tokens you can do 8 damage. Just rinse and repeat. If need be, you'll get a God Favor eventually that will allow you heal yourself, you can use this if your opponent is putting the hurt on. Just start making it a point to count how many tokens you're going to get and strategize that way. Keep in mind to subtract your total if you opponent has the hand dice. There's still a little RNG luck involved...but this usually allows me to beat the opponent in one go.
  12. Did anyone else get this to work? Overdesign II is not popping with PowerPyx's method + God Mode. I can kill 3 guys while on fire...but since they never attack you, they're never aggroed, which means you're not fulfilling the trophy requirements. I'm confused how people said they got it this way.
  13. #206 The Walking Dead: The Final Season The Final Season This was a decent final act, but I feel it could have been a lot better. I think Telltale knew what was coming and it was probably hard to focus. I was expecting the most obvious ending possible that everyone and their grandmother predicted would happen just to call back to Season 1...and they made it seem like that's what happened, but the very end had a nice least, the choices I made lead to this swerve, I don't know if the obvious outcome could actually happen or not. The missables weren't nearly as bad as people were making them seem though. I remember people complaining about the Fishing and Rabbit hunting mini games in episode 1 like they were were completely detrimental to this trophy list. I only had to reload my save once for the fishing and did the rabbits on my first try. Great series overall though. Let's hope the new Telltale can bring the same level of quality (or better) in future games. Still waiting on some more news about The Wolf Among Us 2.
  14. Definitely planning on making the jump to PS5 eventually. But probably not until around 2022. I got both my PS4's on sale at eBay, so I'll be looking for a similar deal for a PS5 eventually (new system, disc based, under $400). As for games...I've honestly enjoyed gaming MORE, in my adult life these last 2 generations then I ever did as a kid, and I've been gaming for over 30 years. Yeah a lot of AAA games tend to borrow features from one another, so it ends up feeling like things blend together...but...that doesn't really bother me. I tend to look at HOW these devs are implementing these borrowed features based on their games direction and most of these big titles have been grand slams for me. However, I am in the camp of gaming getting too expensive...though I've been saying this since Gen 7 started and games jumped to $ they're even more expensive. Which is why I haven't purchased a game at full price since 2012 (I actually went through my purchase histories recently...last game I bought at full price was DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi. What a waste of money that was!). It's a solution, and paying what I feel is right for any given game makes me feel better about the money I'm spending...but sometimes I really hate having to wait. There's franchises and developers I'd love to support all the way...but I just can't support the full price model. I'm a cheapskate...I'm able to admit this, I'll stretch a dollar as far as I possibly can before it rips.
  15. #205 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Platinum After 7 Years 4 Months...I finally have this Plat! Got the Plat in Mankind Divided recently and figured I'd give this one another shot since I was in that Deus Ex groove. So I played this originally when we got it on PS+ back in 2013, and I had restarted the game 4 times at different parts because I just wasn't satisfied with what I was doing, knowing that Foxiest of the Hounds and Pacifist trophy were hanging over my head. I wasn't used to games like this back on the final restart I made sure to keep my head down and pay attention to everything I was doing. Got to the end of the game, knowing 4 trophies were supposed to pop in quick succession...and after all was said and done...everything but Foxiest of the Hounds had popped. I was honestly about as heart broken as you could be at a video game. I couldn't do it anymore, I couldn't go again...I gave it up. Considering HR the "Plat that got away". This time, I used a walkthrough for heavy stealth sections, used every save slot, and saved in them at any point I felt like I had to if a mistake could be made...if I made a mistake, even a slight one, I reloaded that save. Feels good to finally have it.