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  1. Man, been playing through Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning...a game I played back in 2013 when we got it on PS+. I LOVED this game back then...but, it's starting to feel like a chore now. Not because it's a bad game or anything...I'm just getting sick of the gameplay loop, the endless side quests, walking 2 feet and having more enemies to fight, the loot drops being absolute trash for my build (went down the Finesse path), I don't remember feeling this way 9 years ago. 


    Perhaps whats more baffling I feel like I've had more collective time to play this now, yet it says I Platted the original in 2 Weeks 2 Days and 21 Hours. I'm already more than 3 weeks into playing this and I've not even crossed the ocean to the second part of the map yet...much less started the DLC which is now needed for the Platinum (and have the new DLC to play after that). 


    I was so psyched to play this again...but I really just not having the same fun I had years ago. 

    1. ObsiEez


      I know how you feel. I remember playing the game on release back in the day & absolutely loved the game even though I never finished it. Went back & played it once the remastered dropped & while I still loved the game, it really did start to feel like a chore after awhile. Even to the point where I stopped doing side quests altogether after earning the 50 persuasions trophy. Kingdoms of Amalur is a great game in smaller doses, but it really isn't a binge worthy RPG title sadly