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  1. Currently at 4 Gym Badges, 3 Titans down and 2 Team Star Members beaten. Haven't seen a single shiny or even an egg yet lol.
  2. Been with PlayStation since 1996, been buying my own stuff since the early PS3 days. You combine all the consoles, controllers, PS+ Subs since 2012, and the near 1400 games I have access to a lot of which have DLC's for them. Plus games I lost years ago. I'd probably be pretty well off financially if I could somehow get all that money back.
  3. Well I managed to surpass this. Made it a duty to do so when I saw it. Currently at 39 days. Still nothing impressive, but I'm going to try and keep it going...think what I'll do is start an EZPZ game and just earn 1 trophy a day if I'm in a situation where I can't earn one in something else.
  4. As in playing against randoms? Not really. It's more co-op focused than anything. I mean you have to set up a link code and you could post it somewhere and see if anyone shows up...but other than that there's no real competitive MP if you don't have friends to link up with.
  5. I've also heard really good things about these controllers: They also have versions for retro consoles as well.
  6. Honestly, Scarlet has all the performance issues that are being talked about. When you look at NPC's walking in the distance, they look they're in stop motion, it's pretty bad and I think it's fine that people are complaining about it, Game Freak NEEDS to know and they need to patch it ASAP. But the game itself isn't that bad. I think I already enjoy it more than Sword. Sword was my first Pokemon game back since the Gold and Silver days when I was a teenager, and I got 3 gym badges...and just never went back to it. But with Scarlet I played it for a solid 6 hours on night 1, and have been going back and forth with my PS5 since. I've seen people say the ending is great, so I want to actually finish this one.
  7. I don't know why, but I totally read this in the DBZ narrators voice.
  8. I just try to do a little bit of everything as I go, as I don't like focusing on one aspect of the game for too long. Like I'm playing Saints Row 2022 right now, which is your every day open world game...typical as typical gets. Your story missions are there whenever you want, then your map is littered with activities for you to do. So I tend to do a story mission or two, then I run around the map for awhile completing different tasks (which doubles as the exploration), then I go back to another story mission when I feel like things needs to advance. Every once in awhile I get lost just messing around...finding jumps, shooting pedestrians so cops come, just creating mayhem. With RPG's it's a little different. I tend to do a story mission or two, then I want to do every side quest I possibly can until they stop showing up, then just repeat the process. I don't tend to play around a lot in RPG's because they already take 100+ hours to complete anyways, and I'm usually playing games longer than your average there's not much random exploring on my part unless collectables are a thing.
  9. Okay so, I've already run into several glitches, such as the Empire map being gone whenever I look at it now, or the black bar for subtitles comes back every time I turn the game back I know these exist. But when it comes to car paint whenever I turn the glossiness all the way up, then go to save whatever scheme I made, it's like it takes that all away and make the paint lighter than what I wanted. Here's a couple shots. Me setting it to Candy Paint with Glossiness at 100: Then this happens once I save it: I want the first color, but it never saves that. Is this yet another glitch, or something intended and I'm doing something wrong?
  10. Game is looking really good, but I am wondering just how different it plays from the original considering it's not Techland making it anymore. I didn't care for the first game (and still haven't played Riptide), It wasn't a bad game, I just found it boring. It was just a bunch of fetch quests that had you going back and forth from locations so you could fight the same horde of zombies over and over. But I felt like Techland really upped their game with Dying Light, which was essentially the same thing but the faster pace and verticality really added something to the formula that made the game exciting. And even with the changes to Dying Light have that signature Techland feel to the game. So I wonder how this game is going to feel, sharing the name but being made by someone else entirely...I'm hoping they've done enough different to not feel at all derivative.
  11. PS5 Physical usually. There's exceptions like, I bought the PS4 version of Horizon: Forbidden West because it was cheaper...but used the Free PS5 upgrade to play it. I won't play the PS4 version if the PS5 version is available (I want the best experience). And if I buy a game digitally, it just means PSN had a good sale. And the physical PS5 copies do sometimes give you the PS4 version as well. I have the physical PS5 version of WWE 2K22, but it gave me the digital PS4 version as well.
  12. Not a lot I want in Black Friday sales this year, I either have what I want right now or the deals just aren't that great. But I picked this bad boy up for $25 from Best Buy. It's the physical Steel Book edition too, and the fact that this is cheaper than the standard edition on the PS Store right now is quite sad. But another Steel book is always nice.
  13. I think Scarlet and Violet are proof that the Switch is in dire need of a hardware enhancement. I'm sure future patches are going to fix the game up...but I mean even the graphics are showing its limitations with the amount of low quality textures being used everywhere.
  14. I bought Scarlet as several of my friends are all getting Violet so I figured one of us needed Scarlet for trading purposes. And I too am starting with Fuecoco. I always go Fire starter first. Hopefully this game can really hold my interest...I only got through 3 Gyms in Sword.
  15. The Bloodlines DLC for Legion is all about Aiden and is kind of a sequel of sorts...and is better than the main game. GreedFall 2: The Dying World was announced not too long ago, but they said not to expect it until about 2024.
  16. WWF No Mercy. There was a sequel slated and it had ONE preview shown off in a Magazine back in the day calling it WWF Backlash. But it was canceled due to Nintendo deciding to move on from the N64. No Mercy still being one of the greatest wrestling games of all time, it's crazy to think what could have been with even more improvements to the amazing AKI Engine. I'm holding out hope that AEW: Fight Forever is the spiritual successor we've been waiting for.
  17. 25%? That's horrible. That means Essential will be $45...which is more expensive than what they usually do ($40)...which already didn't feel like much of a deal. With all this news of PS+ losing like 2 Million subs, you'd think they go at least 50% off to entice people to come back. And sites like CDKeys or Eneba aren't doing so hot with selling PS+ for cheap anymore either.
  18. :platinum: #293 - Cat Quest II


    Both of these games were highlights of 2022 for me. Simplistic in nature...but so much fun. Highly recommend. 

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      Congrats. Hoping they show Cat Quest III soon.

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      Catriffic job! Cat Quest is a goty. 

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  19. #293 Cat Quest II Pawlatinum Barktastic! Very much the same as the first game, so the fun is still there...NOW WITH DOG PUNS! I'll say right off the bat, that I liked the first game just little bit more. I think it had a better story, and felt a little more self-contained. The first game mentions Dogs are a part of this world but you never see one...this game not only adds the dogs in as the Cats and Dogs are at War, but you even get an AI Dog companion with you through the entire game (or you can play Co-Op this time). I'd say this game ever so slightly harder than the first, you didn't level up as fast and because you have a companion they had to mire the difficulty to compensate for 2 characters fighting. However the map is twice the size and there's more content, so while there's still a trophy for hitting level 99...I was level 115 by the time the Plat popped, so there's plenty to do. You can switch between the two characters anytime you want, and you're encouraged to make one a Mage and the other a Tank. The Mage takes a 50% hit on their Health, but they get wands that can do damage from a distance, plus the deeper Mana pool. Whereas the Tank, of course, focuses on up close damage. In the first game you had 7 powers to choose from, but could only attach 4 at a time...this game has 12 powers, and each character can assign 4, for 8 total. Though honestly, the powers that were the most useful in the first game...still are here. The first game ends in such a way that definitely made you think they were setting up for this game. But early on it almost seemed like they abandoned that altogether. Thankfully that's not the case, they just decided to have a time skip and give you a whole new character with call backs to the first games story. So yeah preferred the first game a little bit more, but you can't go wrong with this one either. Apparently there's a third game coming, so I'll be down to check that out when it lands.
  20. Only thing I could find was this...assuming it's not the same game. But also weirdly, I went to PST to look it up and the game is listed there...but there's no subforum for it. I even found the direct link for it on Google and it just brings back an error page on the PS Store. However the game is apparently available on the Switch for $2.99. I think delisted is about right. EDIT: I found it on the UK store.
  21. Did it actually help? I'm probably going to start on this soon, so it'd be nice to know it runs better.
  22. Wow that went from getting no information to dropping next month. We still need the question of how this update works, answered though. There was info awhile back that said you get the whole Complete Edition for free even if you don't have the DLC on PS4. That just seems too good to be true.
  23. :platinum: #292 - Dying Light 2: Stay Human 

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  24. #292 Dying Light 2: Stay Human (PS5) Pilgrim's Path After trying for nearly 2 weeks to get a boosting session together, I finally got this out of the way. Wanted to make this a Halloween plat, but there's a couple grindy trophies in this game that just didn't make that possible. One in particular is called "Ultramarathon", where....for whatever have to travel a total of 960km. Once I finished everything else in the game, I was only at 433km. So there was several DAYS there where I had to rubber band my controller to get Aiden to just walk in circles. So if you're someone who has the Plat for Grid, this might give you War flashbacks. So when this game was announced I got super hyped. With the first game I put it off because I didn't really care much for Dead Island, so I figured it'd just be more of that...and it kind of was, but for some reason the verticality of it all just worked better and I LOVED the first game. So this was a no brainer (heh, brainer? Get it? Classic.). But then, all the issues with game breaking glitches popped up so I decided to not to play this until there were some patches. Which thankfully I did as I had no issues with trophies and a lot of the missable collectables are now obtainable after certain story missions are complete, but people that had glitched trophies form the start are still experiencing issues. Overall while there's some quality of life improvements in this game over the first (grappling hook, the glider, the parkour elements added to the world when you side with the Survivors)...I just didn't enjoy it as much. That's not to say it's a bad game. I just came away from the first wanting more...but with this I'm kinda glad its over (minus the DLC). Aiden wasn't as interesting of a character as Kyle Crane, the story felt like one we've seen a million times with a twist ending that just made me shrug my shoulders. And Villedor, while MORE vertical and dense, still felt less interesting than Harran or even the Countryside from The Following DLC. There's also less emphasis on modding your weapons, you obviously can...but since you have to prioritize upgrading other things, the items you need to accumulate to upgrade the blue prints for mods, are just something you won't put much focus into, and then having the Deluxe Edition you're giving this Hammer weapon that's FAR stronger than anything else I was picking up and it's strength increases as I level using modded weapons wasn't really something I worried about much anymore. And this leads to the weapon system not feeling as fleshes out as it was in DL1. It was a fun game, just not a better sequel IMO. Either way I look forward to a future third game.